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Take The Money And Run
Art activism and cultural boycotts have been with us for many years. In1968, the 34th Venice Biennale was marred in controversy. Police guarded the entrance as student protestors rushed to occupy several pavilions turning artworks to face the walls a
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REBIRTH IS NECESSARY Neither Without The Other
Jenn Nkiru’s REBIRTH IS NECESSARY, 2017, was exhibited in the group show TRANSFORMER: A Rebirth of Wonder at London’s 180 The Strand from October to December 2019. In those last months before shows shut down globally – that time which now feels so sw
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Primavera 2021
The Museum of Contemporary Art’s annual Primavera exhibition showcases the works of young, emerging artists who live and work in Australia. In Primavera 2021: Young Australian Artists, Aboriginal curator, Hannah Presley, introduced us to five artists
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Toba Khedoori Familiar Forms, Ringed in Silence
Encountering Toba Khedoori’s work can be a destabilising, albeit exhilarating, experience. Her monumentally sized works on paper show highly detailed renderings of everyday things: a window, a piece of rope, an architectural structure. Yet rather tha
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Kym Barrett Tethered to the Visible
Kym Barrett lives on the land of the Gubbi Gubbi people, on an acreage in Chatsworth, a resi-dential settlement, two and half hours north of Brisbane. The settlement is generally non-descript and sits amongst a backdrop of rolling hills and a well gr
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Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Free/State
The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, a project of the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA), is the nation’s longest-running curated survey of contemporary Australian art. The Biennial is part of the Adelaide Festival, and since its inception in
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The 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
First impressions can be deceiving. The impact of this tenth version of the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (the APT) was less of a bang and more of what initially seemed like a whimper. Where were the big names? Where were the familiar bi
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Andrew Cranston Ordinary Things that Glow
“I’m a quick worker and a slow thinker,” Andrew Cranston told me in his Glasgow studio. The evidence of this was all around us. It looked as though a tornado had whipped through an over-filled second-hand bookstore; or someone had gone mad searching
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You know, we know We know the pain feel the painsee the painhear, smell, fear itlive with itand at timeshave learnt to love it We follow it as it moves betweenthose that also see itand those that don’tyet sense it like the motionlessred eyes that pee
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Living In Queer Times
"Queer” is a complex and fluid term. Historically it meant “strange” or “peculiar,” but from the late nineteenth century it came to be used as a slur against people expressing same sex desires. The contemporary usage of queer as an umbrella term for
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Salvatore Zofrea Three Gods
Zofrea understood quite early in his development that music could nourish his creativity. He is as inspired by composers and performers as he is by painters from the early Renaissance to the modern. The language of symphonies and operas — not notes o
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Fertile Ground SALLY ROSS
Attracted to art’s mystery and magic from childhood, Sally Ross always wanted to be an artist and has dedicated her working life to looking at and thinking about painting. Thirty productive years on (and now a midcareer artist) she continues to be co
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George Tillianakis Heavy Petal
George Tillianakis is many things all at once: video artist, composer, musician, performer, curator, collaborator, educator, facilitator. Despite the collaborative energy vital to these pursuits, he is fiercely independent. A lone wolf with a singula
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Katie West Moments of Pause, Moments of Transformation
Pale, bottle green and grey Eucalyptus leaves are bundled into fabric and tightly bound. In the cool season, muhlu, the fabric is boiled in water for an hour, and in the hot season, garwarrn, when it is too warm for a fire, the bundle is placed in a
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Steve Lopes Encountered
Steve Lopes is an artist who finds himself at once both everywhere, and nowhere. An inveterate traveller since his youth, his insatiable curiosity for new experiences drives his art and desire to tell stories, connecting the threads of history and pl
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The Supers Craig Tuffin
While he may not be a household name, Craig Tuffin is a well-known identity in photography and teaching circles. Alongside two decades of practice as a commercial photographer, his work with nineteenth century photographic techniques and processes ha
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Into the Mystic
Hilma af Klint: The Secret Paintings opened at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on 12 June 2021 to incredible critical acclaim and fervent public interest. The escalating Delta crisis in Sydney led to the exhibition’s premature closure after just f
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Michael Fitzgerald Pietà
Pietà, 2021 is Michael Fitzgerald’s second novel. The Pacific Room, 2017, his first, disrupted time and place and played with intersecting narrative voices, and in Pietà he again employs this technique: Rumer Godden’s use of the device came to mind a
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LEE BETHEL There is a Light That Never Goes Out
Everyone remembers epiphanies. They’re epiphanies! Whether they hit you in the mind, or in the body (or spirit), they are undeniable moments, sustained or fleeting, of deep connection to everything at once: every cog clicks, every synapse sparks. Rev
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Zanny Begg and Graham Blondel Mindscapes and Feminist Utopias
A mindscape, by definition, is a panorama created within a person’s imagination. A mental landscape. But also importantly, it’s one that is capable of being viewed by someone else. This begins a convergence of two perspectives: the creator whose mind
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Fahy Bottrell The Original Original
Fahy Bottrell is one of the great originals of Australian art. There is little public evidence of her work – two major tapestries commissioned for the New South Wales Parliament House, a mural in the Consolidated Press building in Park Street – but t
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A Master’s Memories GARETH SANSOM
In a career spanning over six decades, Gareth Sansom has garnered a reputation for being something of an iconoclast. Despite the perception that has clung to him for much of his career, Sansom was never interested in being recognised as some sort of
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Dr. B. Marika AO
Dr. B. Marika was a very great Australian, a premier artist and fierce negotiator. She came from Yirrkala, North East Arnhem Land, the home of the Yolngu peoples. She pioneered Yolngu women’s art in many fields and by the time of her death in July 20
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The inimitable Helmut Newton was a consummately skilled photographer, but his images are compelling for more than their opulent carefully chosen models and locations. Sometimes lush, sometimes a window into extreme wealth, and sometimes vertigo induc
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Elizabeth Pulie Radical Questioning
I met with Pulie at a time of in-between: when our social lives were part-online and part-in-person, at the end of one year and the start of a new one. On Zoom, she shared the narrative of her artistic practice from its early conception up until now.
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Kate Scardifield, 07–Canis Major (wind instrument 2) 34°46’18.3”S 150°49’23.8”E Studies In Semaphore And Signalling, 2019, sailcloth, rip-stop nylon, repurposed parachute silk, thread, dimensions variable, photographed by Robin Hearfield, courtesy th
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Process Shammgods: The Work Of Being; Being As Work
Our practice plays with the changing nature of cultural capital by pitting the sacredness and precariousness of the “live” in performance against ways of commodifying it and creating surplus value through ongoing forms of paratextual presence, both o
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Chiharu Shiota
Chiharu Shiota was born in Osaka, Japan in 1972. Her parents came from the rural prefecture Kochi. In the summer they would take Shiota and her two brothers to her grandmother’s grave, which she would tend by removing the embedded weeds whose entangl
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