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BEST FOR Gourmands Stretching 70-plus kilometres through the sunken river valleys of Marlborough Sounds, the famed Queen Charlotte Track combines wilderness and comfort. Stay at the secluded Bay of Many Coves Resort while completing sections of the t
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Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel once famously quipped, “I only drink champagne on two occasions: when I am in love, and when I’m not.” She would be raising a glass to hear her life, and industry-shifting design career, are being celebrated at Melbourne’s Nat
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IRELAND Naturally Luxurious
When it comes to reputation, there are few destinations that live up to the hype like Ireland. From its wild Atlantic coast to its sandy surf beaches, the island of Ireland exceeds preconceptions exponentially. You may think you’re ready for the gree
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Aurora Expeditions
Australia’s Aurora Expeditions has been delivering perspective-altering journeys to some of the most remote, pristine and biodiverse destinations on the planet for 30 years. A champion of ‘sustainability in action’ and guided by its own Positive Impa
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Signature Luxury Travel & Style
CEO and Group Editor Cathy Wagstaff @cathywagstaff— signatureluxury Editor-at-Large Andrew Conway Sub-Editors Nikki Birrell, Natarsha Brown, Natasha Dragun, Julie Miller, Joanna Tovia Contributors Ann Brodie, Natar
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THE future’s BRIGHT
From lush mountain rainforests to limestone karst islands and white sandy beaches, there’s no denying the beauty of Thailand’s natural assets. But like many popular tourist destinations, the country’s resources for protecting this bounty have been st
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SAVING Our Endangered PLANET
We have been so fortunate to live in the Golden Age of travel. In the years before the pandemic, 1.2 billion people travelled internationally annually. There has been a whopping 300 per cent increase in passengers on planes since 1990. This wouldn’t
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There was a time not so long ago when sustainability in home building meant an off-the-grid, deep-in-the-woods log cabin with a rainwater tank, outside toilet, and hippie-style owners looking like Willie Nelson and Joni Mitchell. How times have chang
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The Signature Green Book
With the environmental impact of tourism in the spotlight, destinations prioritising green travel options are getting the attention they deserve. Scandinavia has set the benchmark for sustainability for decades, with Copenhagen on track to be carbon
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A sparkling STAY
I see my daughter lounging in a hammock. The balmy Byron Bay weather is soporific, but she still has a glass of champagne in her hand. As she should – after all, we’re at the world’s first Hotel Clicquot, a collaboration between the creative geniuses
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Almost any bar in Sydney can mix you up a boozy punch, but one mingled with plums and peaches destined for the bin? Now that’s something out of the ordinary. Located in the up-and-coming South Eveleigh precinct, newly opened Re, headed by Matt Whiley
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Time traveller
The year 1801 delivered some major milestones: Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as the third president of the United States; England and Scotland were joined with Ireland under the Acts of Union to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irela
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Jumping For Gold
In a sand arena, two elite athletes are defying gravity, taking on dizzying heights as lofty as 1.6 metres. James Arkins – at 29, one of Australia’s leading showjumpers – and his magnificent stallion, Eurostar, canter in harmony before sailing over a
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Social THE edit
The 2021 Monte-Carlo Gala was as star-studded as ever, with guests invited to the Princely Palace in Monaco for an unforgettable evening. The theme was the protection of the environment – raising awareness (and funds) for the three pillars of Prince
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Exploring the cultural heartland of Indonesia by rail takes guests past pea-green paddy fields, temples, mountain peaks and pristine beaches, all in spectacular style. Guests joining Aman’s new one-way 'Journey Through Java' enjoy a warm welcome in t
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Underwater Love
The Great Barrier Reef is vast. So big, in fact, that around 70 million football fields could fit into it. For a single organisation to survey the condition of every corner of the world’s largest living structure is an impossible feat – despite effor
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If ever there was time for sustainability, surely it is right now. With global climate change, rising ocean temperatures, melting ice-caps, coral bleaching, and ongoing threats to wildlife and the marine world, our planet is facing a clear and presen
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Australian writer Julietta Jameson has worked in LA, London and Australia. Her curiosity has taken her to live and write in remote places such as Australia’s Christmas Island, the NSW outback, and less-travelled parts of Italy, Greece and Ireland. St
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Tiers Of Joy
When the former mining town of Derby, nestled in Tasmania’s pristine north-eastern rainforest, was looking to its future and economic recovery, it found the solution in an unlikely bedfellow – mountain biking. In 2015, the town began construction of
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THE Women’s edit
Global fashion brands with a conscience? Shop the range at
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Out Of The Boardroom, Into The Wild
Close your eyes and picture a typical leadership and skill-development session for corporate execs.Chances are, you’re thinking of fluoro-lit conference rooms, whiteboards and bad coffee. First Boots Expeditions was created to break this tired mould.
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A quiet revolution is sweeping the global travel and tourism industry. With vaccination rates on the rise, international borders reopening, and the world adapting to the ‘new normal’, a growing number of travellers are questioning their relationship
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Ruinart has looked to preserve its ancestral savoir-faire since the first-ever Champagne House was established in 1729. Fast forward to its fourth century in business and Ruinart is taking an eco-conscious step forward with the innovation of their ‘s
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New Waves
The Viking motto is, “If you can’t do it excellently, don’t do it at all.” It’s not just a marketing gimmick for the Norwegian-flagged line – it’s taken seriously and enforced rigorously, from the experts employed across its fleet of small ocean and
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The World is Your Oyster
“Pearls are always appropriate,” Jackie Kennedy Onassis once quipped. The former first lady is not the only style bastion who has coveted (and raved about) these lustrous objects over the decades – Coco Chanel and Grace Kelly rarely left home without
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Archipelago ANEW
The resort is perfect. I sleep in a cloudlike bed, waves lapping at the pillions of my overwater villa, then wake to the hardest decision of my day: infinity pool or turtle-studded ocean? I sashay barefoot to breakfast in a Camilla kaftan, drink cham
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Northern Exposure
The rich legacy of history, architecture and art in Northern Europe has made it a perennial favourite destination for Seabourn guests. Seabourn introduces you to the region’s many charms on a series of ultra-luxury sailings with expedition-style flai
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Green machines
What do wine corks, plastic water bottles and fishing nets have in common? They’re all being used to create fresh and innovative materials for cars of the future. Whereas once the default for luxury cars was leather and wood with liberal lashings of
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