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Tomac’s Beast
Testing bikes is hard. There are no bad bikes out on the market and it’s very hard to have a standout bike now. It’s easy to get caught up in the reviews and shootouts from America and think that that’s the best bike available after just one day of r
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Ricky Carmichael Goes Green
It started with a message that the great Ricky Carmichael was leaving Suzuki after 15 years with the brand — a blow to ‘Zuke after Travis Pastrana did the same recently. RC released this heartfelt statement calling the end: “To all of my fans and eve
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The Power Shot
The JGRMX/Suzuki pairing may not have brought a title — not through lack of trying or not hiring great riders. But there can be no doubt the guys built a stunning-looking machine. ■
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The Biggest Unit Of All
The Gloucester Tops/Barrington Tops is an area that has much to give for adventure riders. It takes me a couple of hours to get to the area, which was a good chance to give the 1290 a road run. As a big bike it’s not challenged by distance and freewa
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2007 Gas Gas Ec250
With the static photos out of the way it was time to gear up and ride. While Damien and Sam thumbed the electric starts on the four-strokes, I had the chance to prove my manliness by choosing a bike that needed a good kick to get started. The Gasser
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Monster Energy Wmx
New Zealand’s Courtney Duncan won the Women’s World Championships in an insane finale. She deserves every bit of glory that comes her way after that one. 01: Courtney Duncan - 207 Pts 02: N.Van De Ven - 207 Pts 03: L.Papenmeier - 200 Pts 04: K.Fontan
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Dirt Action Giant Motocross Of Nations Moto Quiz
01 What year did the Motocross of Nations begin? A - 1947 B - 1952 C - 1978 02 What was the original name of the MXoN? A - Chamberlain of Nations B - Motocross des Nations C - Motocross with Nations 03 What year did USA last win the MXoN? A - 2012 B
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Ktm Releases 890 Adventure R And Adventure R Rally
Interestingly, we come across more people using the WR250R as an adventure bike than a trail or commuter bike. Whack a big tank on it, throw on a luggage rack and windscreen and take off into the wide unknown. The formula is simple and the little two
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Endurogp World Championship
Beta Factory Racing’s Steve Holcombe won this year’s EnduroGP World Championship, bringing his world title tally to an amazing seven. The Brit had secured the E2 title on day one of competition, but fellow Beta rider Brad Freeman made it a tough day
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Dirt Ready Adv
The biggest adventure bike on the planet with a 21-inch front wheel, the 1290 is Kato’s way of offering bulk power in a package designed to stalk the back tracks. Arguably the 1290’s greatest attribute is that it’s so very good in the dirt for such a
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The Making Of Antonio Cairoli
It’s fair to say Antonio Cairoli’s career, as spectacularly successful as it has been, is all too often overlooked or underappreciated. It’s hard to know why this is; perhaps because MXGP doesn’t get the coverage AMA motocross does outside Europe giv
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Back On The Hunt
Roughly 400 kilometres into the 2020 Dakar rally, Toby Price’s rear tyre fell off. This isn’t something you’d want to happen at the best of times, but it’s especially inconvenient during a two-week rally raid through the harshest desert Saudi Arabia
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Yamaha Australian Offroad Racing Championship
While there were only three rounds held, champions were crowned in the 2020 AORC series with a lot of familiar names in the winners list. E1: Champion — Luke Styke (Yamaha Active8 Yamalube) E2: Champion — Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Racing Team) E3: Ch
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Waking A Beast
Honda’s CR500 is the big-bore banger that gets the blood pumping for most punters lusting for a vulgar display of power. This stands to reason given the incredible history of the model and the superheroes that rode it, including Australia’s own Jeff
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Small-bore Iron Butt
Riding a minimum of 1610km in less than 24 hours on gravel/dirt in the Iron Butt Association (IBA) world is called a Dusty Butt. If there’s any sealed road in the route it has to be subtracted from the kilometre count. High standards of proof are req
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Monster Energy Mxgp
Jed Beaton finished fourth overall in the MXGP MX2 class, which is an amazing feat, and he damn near got third. There will no doubt be more to come from Jed in the future. Jed Beaton: “It’s been great to end the year with a runner-up finish in the la
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Red Bull Imagination
CHRIS TEDESCO/RED BULL CONTENT POOL The new event, from the mind of Bereman himself and brought to life by course designer Jason Baker of Dream Traxx, marked a major step forward for the sport. A host of the sport’s top riders — including Cole Seely,
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5 Things We Love
01 The smell. If they could make an accurate cologne, we’d wear it. If they could make a premix air freshener, we’d use it. 02 It teaches you maths. Doing those oil ratio sums has stretched all our brains at times and maybe even caused a few argument
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The Parting Shot
We thought Chad Reed returning to a Suzuki would be the piece of the puzzle he needed to find top form again. He just looks so good on the RM-Z. If a team with the clout and internal structure like JGRMX can’t survive, the sport needs a holistic look
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Fim World Under-21 Speedway
Aussie Jaimon Lidsey was crowned FIM World Under-21 Speedway Champion. “I didn’t feel like I had won a World title until a few days later with people messaging me and when I looked back on the replay it sunk in. Now I know I’m a world champion so it’
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Ama Lucas Oil Pro Motocross
Jett Lawrence finished fourth overall on his CRF250R in the AMA Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series but won the battle for hearts and minds along the way. He and Hunter are without a doubt the two most popular riders in the field. 01: Zach Osborne, Abingd
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In a blow to the sport and a worrying sign for times to come, two major US teams have seen support from both sides of the fence pulled with Honda losing a major sponsor and JGRMX losing manufacturer support. Factory Connection Geico Honda, home of th
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Quarter Litre Kawi
Every time you rock up to the Sydney MX Dome you get a reminder of how insane this place is. The structure is massive and as I drove down the driveway, it was cool to see all the Kawasaki vehicles parked up. Being a bit of a nervous bloke, I was inti
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Ktm Updates The 690 Enduro R
KTM has given the 690 Enduro R and SMC R a host of updates to bring them into line with Euro 5 emission standards and sharpen an already stupidly-fun bike to ride. KTM has added improved ride mode functionality through the handlebar switch: Street mo
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The Power Shot
If this looks like your idea of fun, you might not be entirely normal. The 2020 Romaniacs was once again a test of man, machine and the sadism of event co-ordinators. ■
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Pro Motocross Resurrection Team
In order to resurrect the dead pro motocross series in Australia, Motorcycling Australia has introduced two separate bodies that aim to shape and secure the future of the sport. In its own words, “ProMX aims to raise the profile of the Australian Mot
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2021 New-wave Weaponry
» 125 2T Racing - $11,590 » 250 2T Racing - $12,390 » 300 2T Racing - $12,690 » 300 4T Racing - $13,690 » 450 4T Racing - $14,090 » 500 4T Racing - $14,290 » RR125 2T - $11,495 » RR200 2T - $12,295 » RR250 2T - $12,595 » RR300 2T - $13,095 » RR350 4T
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Sherco Electric Balance Bikes
Sherco Australia has introduced two electric balance bike models as part its commitment to nurturing Australia’s next generation of enduro riders and trail warriors. The Sherco EB12 and EB16 are specifically designed for children as they embark on th
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Red Bull Romaniacs
Finally, Manuel Lettenbichler beat a field full of the planet’s greatest offroad beasts to win a brutal Red Bull Romaniacs. Every bit of the race looked like hell. 01: Manuel Lettenbichler (GER), KTM, 20:27:11 02: Graham Jarvis (GBR), Husqvarna, 20:2
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