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Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch
I have been shedding some excess weight recently with the help of the awesome trainers at DadBods in Richmond, NSW. Yes, DadBods — the best name for a gym! I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed data — reading lap times, heart rate, tracking rides
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Swm Superdual X
The SWM immediately felt cramped for me. I’m about 180 centimetres tall and the ‘bars were too close to my knees, which felt too high. It had me enough out of whack that it made me keep the pace down until I could acclimatise to the feel. I noticed t
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10 Tips To Enjoy Your First Race
Rolling into an event with things still to do to your bike is stressful. Remembering to put in the fresh air filter, change a wheel or prepare your goggles adds to the stress early in the day of a race. Spend the days and weeks before ensuring that y
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It’s Evolution Baby
KTM gave us all brand-new bikes just three years ago. That model line-up still stands up well against the competition, which, let’s face it, on a bike-to-bike ratio is basically just Husqvarna, Sherco and a couple of Yamahas. Beta will get in there t
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Let’s Go Racing
I get asked multiple times a week what I think of the Honda. My answer is a big call, so let’s put this in print. This is the best project bike I have ever had. Now, that’s not to say the other bikes that I have had the privilege of riding and living
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True Blue Bolters
The 2020 Sherco launch felt more like a gathering than a traditional launch. The bikes aren’t entirely new models, so the company could be excused for rolling out the model line with explanations of the improvements made instead of inviting journalis
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Stage One
It has been a little over two months since we picked up the 2019 Suzuki RM-Z250. Although we as a media outlet didn’t hold a 250 MX shootout this year, the bike has received harsh criticism and has not fared well in any local or international media s
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Six Degrees Of Freedom
It was February of 2013. 6D Helmets founder Bob Weber sat watching the Arlington Supercross on a big screen surrounded by industry representatives. His helmet brand, 6D, had just launched. This was the first on-track outing for Geico Honda Team rider
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She’s A Ten
Let’s be honest, looks do matter and Yamaha clearly kept that in mind during the creation of the 2019 WR450F. Using the proven YZ450F design and styling as a base for the new-generation machine, Yamaha’s latest enduro star was off to a great start ri
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From Bob Weber, Founder, 6d Helmets
Was there a specific incident that triggered your need to design a change in the helmet market? Not so much a specific event, more an awareness that helmets could be better. I have had a number of concussions over my lifetime, and a few were severe
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Alpine Trekking
The inaugural Husqvarna 701 Enduro Trek was to have been run in February but a series of bushfires through the Victorian alpine region made the established route impossible. Determined to make it happen, Husky Australia gave Nick Selleck from Maschin
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Special Metal
Long gone are the days of open class two-strokes that rattle your teeth out, handle like shopping trolleys, throw you off the back when you crack the throttle, and fracture your leg every time you kick-start the things. A few geriatric, vintage-lovin
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David Walsh Wins The 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race
In his 12th attempt and in the box seat of a North Star Pastoral KTM factory ride, David Walsh has claimed victory in the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race. The local hero impressed on the KTM500EXC to claim victory from the Husqvarna duo of Jake Smith an
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Time Machines
Technology moves fast — you just need to look at your phone to understand that. The first mobile phones of the early 1990s were the size of a bike stand and had the battery life that barely lasted out a phone call. When Apple introduced the iPhone 3
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Yo, Japan… Where You At?
Having recently gone to the separate world launches of the 2020 KTM, Husqvarna and Sherco enduro ranges, I came away with two overriding thoughts. One was just how impressive the model ranges were and how good we have it right now in terms of the qua
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2019 Yamaha Yz125: Ride Impression
March 9, 2007, has an interesting importance for me. Aside from it being my 15th birthday, it was the day that I parked my 125 two-stroke in the shed for good and my dad surprised me with a brand-new KTM 250 SXF. The previous two years had been spent
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Ktm Purchases Ktm Australia And New Zealand
Automotive Holdings Group has sold the remaining 74 per cent of its motorcycle importing business to KTM. After purchasing 26 per cent of the business in 2017, KTM now takes full ownership of both KTM Group Australia and KTM Group New Zealand. “What
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Top Tips For The Yamaha Yz125
1 Jet it right. The motor is very sensitive to change and can slip to the lean side easily with any change. If you run any after-market pipe, silencer, reedblock or cylinder porting then you will need to make changes. Stock: 45 pilot / 43-73 needle o
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The Doctor’s Convention
We’re a relatively small team here at Suzuki Australia. Our total organisation is just shy of 100 employees, split between five departments: automobile, service, spare parts, finance and administration, and motorcycles. The motorcycle department cons
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2009 Honda Crf450r
What does it run like? Honda has always had a great 450 engine. It hasn’t been the most powerful, or the most aggressive, but it’s had a good spread of responsive, well-placed power across the entire rev range. For 2009, the EFI engine is more respon
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Scott 550 Hatch Ece Helmet
The Scott 550 Hatch ECE helmet came our way just before the Sherco launch in Italy. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to take either a brand-new helmet or boots away because if you end up hating them, there’s zero you can do about it. In this case, I’
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All That Glitters Is Orange
The 790 occupies an interesting space in the market. Classifying it on CCs shows it’s not really alone with BMW and Triumph both running engine sizes very similar, but the engine will only be a part of the story with the 790 — and not necessarily the
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Dan Milner
Dan Milner is one of the best enduro riders this country has ever produced — there is no question of this. He’s driven by a will to win and to prove any doubters wrong — although how anyone could doubt the guy’s ability is beyond us. He carries the b
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Red Rocket
After the introductory story on the long-term Honda CRF450R last issue, you could say things got a little out of control! This build has turned into a seriously epic beast and we aren’t done yet. From my initial days on the Honda CRF450R, I was compl
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