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In Love With Luminate
The Tastic Luminate premium range from IXL is very easy to fall in love with. This clever and effective suite of all-in-one heat/light/vent devices is efficient and stylish thanks to a sleek, streamlined design. The Tastic Luminate Single ($799.99) c
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Leighton — the owner of Wood, Marble & White — always dreamed of opening a beautiful showroom that showcased the very best in design, finishes, hardware, appliances, sinks and taps. As it happens, Wood, Marble & White’s showroom is now a superb examp
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Pantry Perfection
True or false: when you open your pantry you feel at peace. If this statement is not quite ringing true, it’s time to invest in some pantry storage from PEKA. This international brand is a market leader when it comes to organisation, with Australian
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Kitchens With Ease
Your build or renovation should be easy from start to finish — and if you employ a quality team like Kitchens by CJ, it well and truly will be. This highly experienced Melbourne-based kitchen company is owned and operated by former contestants of The
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Rural Magic
EXPERT TIP Take your bathroom inspiration from your kitchen joinery. This bathroom by Magic Kitchens & Furniture is a homage to timeless style. Located within a home in the countryside, it’s also simply magical. The brief for the room started in the
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Qld Design Profile: All Bathroom Gear
Paul and Tobi Farthing have been building and renovating homes in Brisbane’s inner city for more than 20 years. The Farthings had worked with the company’s previous owners, Henri and Maureen, so when it came time for them to retire, Paul and Tobi wer
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Timeless Appeal
A space such as this from Magic Kitchens & Furniture offers timeless appeal. This new room is not a slave to modern trends that rush in as quickly as they breeze out; instead, it’s a classic part of the house that the owners love as much today as the
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Stocks Designer Appliances & Bathrooms has been owned and operated by the Stock family since 1975. They were one of the first specialist premium appliance retailers in Brisbane. Since 1975, their knowledge, experience and range have made them a favou
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Cosentino has unveiled its new Cosentino City in the heart of Sydney, providing customers with a creative destination to imagine, create, experiment, and bring spaces to life. The new design destination, located at One30 Hyde Park, Elizabeth Street,
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From The Editor
Leaving the tumultuous times of 2020 behind us, we look forward to the creativity of a more design-centric 2021 as we work to improve our homes and adjust to a balanced lifestyle. With interior spaces still a major focus for many, the products and pr
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Coming Home
Step inside this light, bright kitchen and you’ll feel as if you’re coming home. This design from Nobby Kitchens is undeniably contemporary, yet it feels familiar and comfortable, helping to make this room the perfect place to congregate and share a
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The Perfect Storm
Enjoy uninterrupted indoor and outdoor living access with Stormtech’s threshold drain. This clever device makes moving from inside to out easy. The Stormtech threshold drain was designed to eliminate the “slip and trip” hazard caused by stepdown part
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Get Happy
Put a smile on your dial and get happy with an exciting new range of tapware. The HAPPY kitchen mixer by Gessi is new to our shores and it’s ready to lighten the mood in your kitchen. Made in Italy, the HAPPY kitchen mixer is high in quality and time
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Live Well For Longer
You want your new bathroom to be a space you’ll be happy in for years to come. The team at Hardware & General are here to help you achieve this with their expert staff whose mission it is to help you make the best choices for the long term. Living in
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What We Love
The Vivid Slimline collection from Phoenix Tapware offers a refined and slender profile that promises a sophisticated aesthetic. Available in a range of high-quality metals from brushed nickel to matt black and muted gold, the Slimline range features
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A Textural Delight
Employing different textures in the kitchen must be done with care. In this room from Immaculate Kitchens, the team has married multiple elements with outstanding results. The hero of the space is undoubtedly the hand-routered timber island. It simpl
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Hot Hex
Whitney and her partner, Roh, had a tired bathroom that needed new life, so they contacted All Bathroom Gear for help. It can be hard to know where to start with a single-room renovation; luckily, the team from All Bathroom Gear had a solution. “My f
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Blue Sky Dreaming
Looking at this room, it’s hard to believe that up until recently, it was a U-shaped kitchen that had been in place for 20 years. Now, thanks to the work of Smith & Smith Kitchens, it’s a dreamy space that the owners adore. The layout of the kitchen
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Qld Design Profile: Dana Kitchens
Greatness often stems from humble beginnings. In 1987, current owner and face of the business Bo Jensen was brought in to work for his father, Leif Jensen, in a supporting role. Thirty years later, the business has grown exponentially and Bo has beco
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Qld Design Profile: Alan Schull
Meet Alan Schull, the man behind Kitchen Shop Qld on the Sunshine Coast. With the creativity and knowledge to back it up, Alan has more than 40 years’ experience in the design industry and has spent the last 20 years making kitchen and bathroom renov
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Commercial Contacts
Scott Thomson P 0411 424 335 E Regan Hudson P 0411 424 356 E John Oliver P 0417 316 820 E Licia Salomone P 0412 080 600 E John Williams P 022 455 8821 E john@createcontent.
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Nature At Her Finest
This kitchen from Premier Kitchens is all about optimising the home’s striking surrounds. Nature is at her finest here and the Premier team were determined to show her off Prior to the renovation, the kitchen was dated and largely blocked the stunnin
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Retro Revolution
Living with a stylish (for its day) but totally outdated ‘70s kitchen, these homeowners wanted to upgrade to a space with a contemporary look and modern functionality, without completely losing the ‘70s-era aesthetic. Removing the pine laminate overl
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A Marriage Of Style
This grand kitchen is a marriage of open-plan living and smart design principles. The team at Cabinets4U Adelaide has created the perfect partnership between contemporary looks and a more relaxed Hamptons style, which perfectly suits the home’s Aldin
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Build Easy
Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, the process is simple with Kerlite Easy. This is the first antimicrobial porcelain floating system with matching top and vanity slab surfaces. Take one look at this product and you’ll be impressed.
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A Bathroom Symphony
Bathroom design should feel like a symphony, with each part working in harmony to create an overall masterpiece that is visually and experientially splendid. That is certainly the case in this room featuring products from Geelong Tiles & Bathware. Th
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Cook Like A Masterchef
MasterChef Australia is perhaps the most successful cooking show to hit our screens in recent years. It first aired back in 2009, when more than 7000 people auditioned to be a part of the show for the chance to be crowned Australia’s first MasterChef
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A Unique Range
When it comes to choosing your rangehood, it’s important to select one that marries functionality with quality, and a product that will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for something unique that meets this brief, you can’t go past Qasair®. Q
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Monochrome Magic
EXPERT TIP Use light cabinetry overhead to prevent the room from looking too dark This kitchen is a vision in black and white. Homeowner Andrew Karabetssos loves this new space created by Kitchen Art. The simplicity of the monochromatic colour scheme
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Inspirational Bathroom Designs
Operating since 1972, Cass Brothers is one of Sydney’s longest-serving bathroom companies and an authority on bathroom style, with exceptional customer service and technical bathroom product knowledge. Respected by architects, interior designers and
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