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TRAIL SAVVY: Off-road Driving Tips, Skills & Practices
When it comes to adding drive to the rear axles of most soft-roaders, there is plenty of jargon out there, but it often boils down to another fancy acronym for much the same thing. It’s easy to be confused by the multiple names used for the same syst
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NO Mu-Xing About
Much has been said about Isuzu’s 7-seat SUV. Locally, it’s slotted in as the direct replacement for the Chevrolet Trailblazer, but it’s widely regarded to be a far better vehicle, both inside and out. In our April 2019 issue, Andrew Middleton called
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Many overlanders are tinkers by nature, and it’s important to have the correct tools on hand to ensure your vehicle is running at 100%. This 6-piece Automotive Tester Kit from Mac-Afric includes an electronic stethoscope, infrared thermometer, tyre p
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I know what you re thinking: “Man, that kidney grille is massive!” Yes, it is, and it’s also exactly as big as BMW wants it to be. The X7 is the Bavarian marque’s all-new flagship ‘Sports Activity Vehicle’, and it aims to be the most imposing, regal
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XTREME Chilling
Every year during the Easter weekend, Land Rover specialists LR Xtreme hosts a trip for their clients and friends. A different location and organiser is chosen each year, and for 2019 the trip leader was Ben van Dyk, who planned an unforgettable trip
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Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSAF) has expanded its bakkie offering with the addition of an exclusive new flagship model aimed at avid off-roaders, professionals who need to travel to inaccessible places, and city dwellers looking to make a bold state
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Gonarezhou National Park
Venue: Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe Date: 28 September – 06 October 2019 Cost: R11 000 per person sharing Includes: Camping & Park fees, Dinner Excludes: Fuel, Lunch, Drinks, VHF radio hire Gonarezhou National Park, in Zimbabwe’s South-East
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I last graced wonderful Namibia during my military service in the early 80s and that stay was confined to the northern towns of Oshakati and Ondangwa. Besides firing numerous 12.7mm Browning anti-aircraft rounds at no-one in particular, from the vant
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The Perfect Storm
As fate would have it, I happened to take the all-new Q8 on an adventure at the same time that the Cape was preparing for one of the worst storms of the year. Back in Cape Town, businesses were sending staff home early, and doors and windows were bei
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Prepare yourself for the 2019 edition of Zambia’s crazy off-road event, in which teams of up to six people traverse the wilds of Zambia’s bush through 10 checkpoints – not in the shortest time, but via the shortest distance. The madness has been goin
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Safe Bush Food
In any survival situation there are priorities which have to be made according to the situation you find yourself in. Food is often regarded as a top priority, but in most situations it is, in reality, quite low on the list, as you carry enough fat o
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Wild Addo
Having received the invite, it didn’t take long for office battles to ensue as to who would attend the 2019 Cape edition of the Defender Trophy. Held at a new and every year, together an eclectic mix of characters, terrains and Defenders of every des
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Ed’s Letter
Strong words were spoken. Not quite fists drawn, because we are civilised here, and there was sobriety. The occasion was deciding on our Images competition. Out of more than 1 500 entries on Instagram, we narrowed the best down to 35 images – with qu
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I will be installing a National Luna battery box to run the fridge on an everyday basis in my Ford Everest. I will run a 16mm cable with an in-line fuse from the battery to the back. My predicament is that I will need to have a point to connect to th
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I read the article about BMW X3s tackling the dunes of Namibia in the July 2019 edition with a medley of mild amusement, concern and pity for the untutored in off-road matters, who might be confused by the article. A professor of mine once said that
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There is a long-running debate, not just in our offices, on which is the toughest, meanest off-road event in the world. The US has King of the Hammers, Mexico hosts the Baja 1000, South America is the adopted home of the Dakar Rally, and Australia ho
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Overlander’s Code
In response to a growing number of complaints about how we conduct ourselves in the wilderness, we decided to draw up and promote a code of conduct for overlanders. We’d like to include your input, comments and debate, so please send your suggestions
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Tech Tricks
Extreme mud requires meaty tyres with cavernous tread voids, as well as a means to extricate your vehicle when you get stuck. The most common tyre choices at the RFC are the Simex Centipede, Interco Super Swamper Bogger, and Maxxis Mud Trepador. Grou
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Antelope Of The Sun
The kalahari is one of those special places that captures our imagination beauty. s an ancient landscape of rolling, windblown dunes that form the largest continuous expanse of sand on earth. A semi-desert – it receives more annual rainfall than the
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SA4x4’s Instagram photo competition@ SA4X4 # SA4X4 Overlandimages @SA4x4 #SA4x4OverlandImages
This is a very well-constructed photo leading the eyes from the tough vehicle over the rocky road into the barren and beautiful solitude. An impeccably balanced composition that speaks volumes of the immersion into pure nature made possible by 4x4 of
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Tankwa Time Out
A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of once again travelling to the Tankwa Karoo. The Tankwa is a very special place for us. It’s where my fiancé Simon and I had one of our first Rolbos Overland adventures, which led to me penning our first blog a
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