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Fish For Compliments
FRESHLY FROZEN HAKE FILLETS These skinless, deboned portions are individually wrapped for convenience and, a great stand-by for everything from tacos to fish cakes. R139.99 for 600 g FROZEN UNCOOKED WHOLE MUSSELS These local full-shell mussels are de
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Woolworths TASTE
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Best-laid Plans
As Wednesday Addams might say, resolutions are the empty promises of hapless attention-seekers who feel it necessary to fill our social media feeds with their life-affirming clichés. Pah. Resolutions will not change your life, we know this, but I'm h
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82 Words On…
In a jug, combine 4 T Aperol, 4 T water, 1 T orange liqueur (we used Cointreau) and 6 T prosecco or sparkling white wine. Stir, pour into an ice tray and freeze overnight. When you're ready for cocktail hour, place the ice cubes in a blender and blit
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Neil Roake is a former Durban design legend — the Durban bit is critical to understanding Neil — and the founder of Modern Museum agency. He's also the original food nerd and has published several award-winning cookbooks, contributed food content to
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At Your Service
As an Eat Out Restaurant Awards judge, I was treated to many lovely meals and met many wonderful waiters, but there were two meals that stood out for me as examples of socially significant, truly superb service. These existed at opposite ends of the
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WOOLWORTHS FOOD HERO Pièce de résistance
The backstory: The baked cheesecake was born in 2013 as the love child of the bakers at WCafé and Woolies' product developers. Nine years later, it's the café's bestseller, with over 6 000 slices sold every month. The ingredients: The team describes
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Fast Facts
Quinoa is a member of the Chenopodiaceae family and is classified as a pseudocereal. It's also related to beetroot and spinach. Peru and Bolivia are the world's largest producers of quinoa – a key staple of these countries. In ancient times, Incan so
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Morogo Magic
Nothing says veggie heaven to me like having access to an abundance of morogo because it is in season now. This means I get these leafy greens at a good price and at the peak of their nutritional value. Growing up with a granny who had her own veg ga
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Home Truths
IT'S MONDAY AND FOOD I LOVE YOU KITCHEN IS CLOSED TO CUSTOMERS, SO MPHO PHALANE IS HOSTING SOME of her favourite people for lunch. “Technicolor” by Sunni Colon plays softly through the Marshall speaker mingling with the chatter, laughter and gentle g
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At Last Word Intimate Hotels & Safari Camps, local is luxury. This proudly South African collection of intimate hotels embraces a homegrown, award-winning style of “beyond boutique” hospitality. Last Word Franschhoek is the best hotel in Franschhoek
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What Are You Looking Forward To Eating This Summer?
Mangoes are my absolute favourite fruit and it's just too mean that they're only available for a short time! I make a simple pudding with masses of fresh mango, Woolies' coconut yoghurt, lime zest and a sprinkling of coconut sugar for crunch. – Katha
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Bird Is The Word
“Discovering xigugu has been one of the most exciting encounters I've had with southern African ingredients. I took a page out of producer Praising Mabunda's book and made this slow-and-steady chicken with little more than xigugu, coconut milk and sa
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WINE 10 Great Budget Finds
DMZ Pinot Noir, R109.99 Made by De Morgenzon in Stellenbosch, this wood-matured wine is an inexpensive find for lovers of Pinot Noir. It's a vibrant, fruity wine – expect ripe strawberries and characteristic savoury aromas, with berry flavours and si
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HOMEWARE Take It Outside
All prices correct at time of press. Stock subject to availability. PHOTOGRAPH JAN RAS PRODUCTION BIANCA STRYDOM AND MARTIN JACOBS ■
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Winging It?
Instead of making the chicken salad on page 121, grab a rotisserie chicken (R99.99) and shred it, mix with Woolworths' honey-mustard mayonnaise and pile onto seeded toast. Top with slices of avocado, balsamic seed sprinkle and fresh herb salad. For a
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Fresh spinach's superfood status diminishes on shelf, but remains high when frozen. Frozen prawns are always fresh and often cheaper, with the optional bonus of being deveined. nSummer berries. Clue's in the name. Blink and you'll miss them. ■
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Dinner PLANS
“Cook the cauliflower in the air-fryer at 180°C for 15 minutes.” Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 20 minutes Cooking: 20 minutes cauliflower florets 300 g olive oil 2 T lemon juice a squeeze corn taco shells 8 For the taco seasoning, mix: chill
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Word alert: SWICY
Spicy honey is being hailed as the new “it” condiment. To see what the fuss is about, bring 1 cup honey and 2 t chilli flakes to a simmer, remove from the heat, then stir in 1 T apple cider vinegar. Strain or bottle, then drizzle over everything from
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To Mayto T'o Mahto
“This should become a Sunday lunch regular with a simple green salad and a few spoonfuls of soft goat's cheese. The onion marmalade is my addition, but you could dollop over a soft cheese or basil pesto after baking instead.” Serves 8 to 10 A LITTLE
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The Sweet Life
“You need this cake in your repertoire if you want to impress. Using dried fruit to make the puree is genius - it adds natural sweetness and keeps the cake moist.” Serves 8 to 10 A LITTLE EFFORT GREAT VALUE Preparation: 20 minutes Baking: 45-50 minut
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Taste Woolworths Tube
The Lazy Makoti's strawberry curd biscuits Follow @wwtaste on Instagram to watch The Lazy Makoti make these easy strawberry sandwich biscuits this February. PHOTOGRAPH JAN RAS RECIPE AND PRODUCTION MOGAU SESHOENE FOOD ASSISTANT MIA WENTZEL ■
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Don't Be Chicken
“Just try it once. If you don' like it you won' have to eat it again,” I tell our son. “How do you know you don' like it if you don't try it?” I implore. “Remember how you used to feel about sushi?” I remind him. “Think of what you'll be missing if i
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Sweet Deals
DE VILLIERS COCONUT NO-SUGAR-ADDED NUT BUTTER BAR Made with ethically and sustainably Sourced ingredients, you can expect a deliciously Creamy base with lightly roasted coconut. R53.99 for 80g VANILLA SHORTBREAD This home-style afternoon-tea treat is
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A Simple Plan
On taste.co.za in January/February @WWTaste LUNCH FOR UNDER R35 PER PERSON DINNER FOR UNDER R45 PER PERSON Shopping on a budget needn't mean eating leftovers for days – turn vienna sausages into tacostyle hotdogs, transform boerewors into a pap-andbo
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Off the Menu
Food director and Eat Out chief judge, Abigail Donnelly, is calling it: the restaurant trend on her radar this year is a return to simplicity. Goodbye foams, gels and crumbled Hello, dishes such as Ouzeri's chickpea fries and tirokafteri – a moussa-t
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Grilled Mutton Chops With Roasted Aubergine, Tomatoes And Ricotta Yoghurt
For the chops: 8 mutton loin chops, thick cut salt & pepper, to taste 1 lemon, halved To serve: lemon wedges 2-3 tablespoons pine nuts, toasted (or almond flakes) a handful fresh mint leaves and/or fresh origanum leaves a drizzle of extra virgin oliv
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Have Your Say
FROM INSTAGRAM: “Mama Turilli's chocolate torte and drunken pears.” — Aneldi Grundling Well done on making our July/August cover star Aneldi! You win an Amanda-Jayne candle and home fragrance gift set comprising a luxury home fragrance and a classic
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Serve steaming hot with milk, butter and sugar, or combine with rolled oats and flax seeds, apple, cinnamon and oat milk for overnight “quinoats”. Go fresh with crunchy Tenderstem broccoli, flaked almonds and a citrus vinaigrette, or rich and hearty
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HAPPY HOUR Just Add Watermelon
It could be said that the essence of Summer is biting into a sweet slice of ice-cold, pink watermelon and letting the juice drip where it may. But here's a thought: have you tried using the juice as a drinks mixer? I'm here to tell you that freshly s
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