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Fancy A Day Out?
1 2nd Annual Hot Rods: Oldham Rugby Union, Manor Park, Byrth Road, Oldham OL8 2TJ. Tel. 07984 044142. Email 1 North West Classic Motorcycle Show: Cholmondeley Castle, nr Malpas, Cheshire SY14 8AH.
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Have Bike Will Travel
“YOU START IT,” SAYS ANDY, TICKLING THE NEW Amal carbs and putting a foot, clad in a Nike trainer, on the Vincent Rapide’s kick-start, “like a cement mixer.” Vincents have been compared to many things, but a cement mixer isn’t usually one of them. An
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CBG Buying guide
Would this cleverly manufactured bike be the answer to modern travel? This early unit twin is not just beautiful, but easy to live with. By this time, Honda were getting rather good at this motorcycle lark…. Speak to those in the know – clubs, own
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650 Bsa Spitfire 1958
HAVE YOU EVER GONE TO VIEW A motorcycle and then ended up looking at something completely different? I did that. I went along to Graham Horne’s to talk about the elusive, but mysterious, Ariel Square Four, but I spent most of the time talking about a
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Triumph TR6 Trophy
WHAT IS THE BEST TRIUMPH TWIN? WELL, it’s the 1968 unit-construction T120 Bonneville 650, isn’t it? Everybody knows that. That’s the Triumph that gets restored to within an inch of its life, wins all the prizes at shows and attracts the biggest crowd
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Regal And Purple An Ace Machine
THE TRIUMPH TR6 Trophy you can see here was supplied to the current owners by Triumph twin specialists Ace Classics of Lee in South London, who can build you a Steve McQueen replica Trophy to order. We spoke to Kev Rushworth at AC about Triumph’s b
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Frank Westworth
DID I MENTION THAT AS WELL AS A LIFELONG – well, from age maybe 15 onwards – bike enthusiast, I am also a lifelong – ditto – guitar torturer? It’s true. I may have worked my way through rather more bikes than guitars, but have rarely been without at
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Living With A Trophy
IF YOU DON’T LIKE PEOPLE, DON’T BUY AN OLD TRIUMPH. Park up, pull in for petrol; even stop at traffic lights and you’ll be recalled stories of how ‘they’ used to have one ‘just like that’. I’ve heard courting stories, been told horrendous detail abou
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The Year’s In Full Flow
FIRSTLY, WELCOME TO THIS MONTH’S Classic Bike Guide. With shows every weekend and weather tempting us all out, what more could we wish for? Well, more time would be good! The Beeza has been ever-faithful, so I treated it to a new rear tyre after the
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Velocette LE
PRODUCING A MASS-MARKET motorcycle for the Everyman has been the dream of many a manufacturer. Velocette’s best-selling motorcycle, which wildly outsold their high-quality postwar singles, was just such a machine. The LE was conceived during the Seco
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The Norton Model 99 Dominator
WHEN THE NORTON ‘DOMINATOR’ 99 WAS launched in 1957, Norton claimed it could reach 100mph. That was a lie. The 587cc machine could actually cruise at speeds up to 112mph, reaching 50mph in five seconds. So its name, ‘Model 99’ – which was intended to
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Distinguish Yourself On A Gentleman’s Ride
MORE THAN 125,000 classic and vintage styled motorcyclists around the world will suit-up in their smartest attire and unite for the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, with the aim of raising $7 million (£5.7m) for prostate cancer research and men
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Bike Shed Festival Is Go
AFTER THE CONTINUAL success of the Bike Shed show in London each year, the team have organised the new festival at Lydden Hill circuit, Kent, over the weekend of October 5/6. Last year Bike Shed tried the idea with the Café Racer Cup, held over one d
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Honda CB650
THE HONDA CB650 FOUR OF 1978 WAS THE LAST of an illustrious line, a swansong model with a new engine and frame, but partly thrown together using left over bits from older models. Launched in 1971, Honda’s CB500 Four and the later CB550 had been big
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Back In Business Thanks To Fowlers
A DISABLED VETERAN who restores motorcycles for charity is back in business, after thieves stole his toolkit, thanks to local motorcycle dealer Fowlers. Former Royal Navy Submariner Mark Hancock, who lost both his legs through illness, restores motor
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Sheene Meet Sees The Return Of Racing At Oliver’s Mount
AFTER ALMOST TWO years of waiting, action returned to Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough, in July, for the last remaining road race in England. The Barry Sheene Memorial Classic witnessed a historic moment as the famous track came alive to the sound of raci
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On The Road
I paid £450 for a CB650 in the mid-1990s. It was quite a pleasant ride in a restrained sort of a way, neither old nor young and a bit chubby round the middle. It was reasonably light and with a low, stepped seat was attractive to those shorter in sta
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Shed And Buried Goes Live For National Motorcycle Museum Open Day
THE NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE Museum hosts the sixth annual ‘Live’ open day on October 26, when the museum throws open its doors to all, free of charge, for the special event. There will be a host of free attractions including, new for 2019, Henry Cole’s S
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Steve Cooper
Steve talks of getting old and appreciating that much maligned of engine qualities – torque THERE’S A T-SHIRT SLOGAN THAT READS... “the older I am the faster I was”... and for a section of the classic community that’s not too far from the truth. Ros
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Eight Times World Champ To Take Star Role At Stafford
THE BIGGEST CLASSIC motorcycle show in the world will welcome the most successful sidecar racer of all time, Steve Webster, as guest of honour this autumn. Steve always attracted a large audience during his racing days, and now fans have the chance t
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Paul Miles
Paul shows us that what we think won’t happen, can… MY BIKE CAUGHT FIRE. YUP, PROPER FLAMES. IT was a Triumph of incandescence over reliability, so I should have known it would let me down in spectacular style. This isn’t the first time it’s happene
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Copdock Ready To Welcome All
THOUSANDS OF BIKERS are expected to gather at Trinity Park, Ipswich on Sunday, October 6, for the 28th Copdock Motorcycle Show – the event now regarded by many as the largest one-day motorcycle show of its kind in the UK. Each year the organisers try
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Paul D’orléans
Paul recalls how, and why, he ended up with one of Honda’s scramblers OF ALL THE THINGS CURIOUS ABOUT motorcycling, the magic roundabout retains the capacity to surprise. Which is to say, be careful what you didn’t know you wished for, because you’l
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Malle Mile 2019
Gather 500 bikes and riders of all different types and ages and let them all rip around a stately home’s garden. Am I in heaven? I CAN HONESTLY SAY I HAVEN’T ENJOYED, laughed at, and smiled at a motorcycle event as much for years. The Malle Mile rem
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Having just come back from my wife trying a new Royal Enfield Himalayan for size, we couldn’t believe your editorial piece in the last issue. The seat height is 30 inches and it is just too high for her 5ft 3in. She recently sold her Moto Guzzi Nevad
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