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Applying Yourself
We get about a hundred applications a year to be a Tour Leader with Motorrad Tours. We interview about 20, invite four or five to our annual training and assessment centre, send one or two on a training tour and, on average, over the last decade, we’
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Our Top Ten Products This Month…
£829.99 | Arai has long marked its commitment to the IoM TT by releasing a special version race helmet, with paintwork designed by Drudi Performance. Beautiful and extremely collectible, the Arai IoM TT Limited Edition 2023 design i
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Test fleet: Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT
With the weather being so cold through December, and the roads severely lacking in any kind of meaningful grip, now is the time to take advantage of the traction control systems that are built into so many of our bikes. The Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT comes
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Suzuki Bandit 600, From Road To Track
Okay, so I knew from the very start that there’d be some work to get done to the Bandit before it was ready for the track. And I knew that I’d have to do some paperwork and commit to a ‘schoolday’ or two to get my ACU licence, but that’s all easy stu
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Winter Wander-land
If you’re into riding bikes, this time of year can feel a bit grim. The days are shorter, the nights seem darker, and more often than not there’s rain falling from the sky. All that’s not exactly conducive to a good day’s riding, is it? But maybe it
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The Versatile Twin
It was hardly an appropriate scenario for a bike called Tuareg. I’m riding around the crowded M25 in a downpour on a stormy evening, two-up with son Freddie on the pillion. Visibility is horrendous, not least due to the spray being thrown up by the t
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This month’s Star Letter wins a pair of Weise Montana 150 gloves. These waterproof gloves provide maximum warmth and minimal bulk, thanks to the 150-gram Thinsulate Supreme lining, which is secured with mcFit Technology, so it won’t pull out. Find ou
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An American abroad…
It’s fair to say that in recent years my riding has been a solo activity – and I guess in some ways this has shown in my current pace on Britain’s roads. If I’m honest with myself, I’ve gotten slower as the years go by. I’d like to think ‘safer’, too
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Green Corner
On the face of it, a European startup firm specialising in building motocross machines should have very little to offer the Indian Royal Enfield firm. The crossover between full-on dirt race bikes and sensible retro-roadsters is minimal to say the le
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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure’s contributors...
Alan Cathcart has been writing about bikes for more than 30 years, and riding them for even longer. He’s regularly given the keys to factory prototypes, and being on first name terms with the bosses of bike companies around the world allows him to ba
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The Car-bike Revisited
I’ve just finished reading James Sheldon’s ‘The Veteran & Vintage Motor Cycle’, which reviews the evolution of the motorcycle through 1930, first published in 1961. The author makes it clear that he feels the motorcycle ought to have been better able
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Rajasthan Raider
Unveiled at last November’s EICMA Milan Show, and already in production at RE’s Chennai plant for global deliveries to commence in March, the Super Meteor 650 is available in two versions targeting different slices of the middleweight cruiser market.
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Keis Heated Kit
£179 | I’ll be honest, I never thought that I would be wearing heated trousers, but I must admit, I can now totally see their worth. I rarely suffer from my legs feeling cold, but having that little extra bit of warmth around you just
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Great Winter Ride The Lake District
The Lake District is a magical place to ride a motorcycle – in any weather, at any time of the year I have never had a bad ride in the Lake District. Not even when the weather has been poor, which could easily take the shine off many rides. In the La
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Re-engineered and reborn-the NORTON Commando 961 IS BACK
It may appear like an old Norton Commando, the one launched back in 2015 by the ‘old’ and now condemned Norton regime. But, in fact, a claimed 36 per cent of the bike is completely new, and over 300 components have been changed or redesigned. This is
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Test fleet: Honda NT1100 DCT
It’s here and it’s generally less pleasant. Yes, winter’s arrived again and though I don’t always like it, I have to lump it. I haven’t missed riding all-year round ever since I started on two wheels in 1976, and this one will be no different. Of cou
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Two Tips O’ The Hat
First, I want to thank those of you who have sent notes to Mikko about my work. And those of you who have merely thought about sending notes about my work. You can’t know how welcome those letters are. I’m so far away; I write in a similar, but diffe
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Honda UK Road Racing Team Announced For TT And NW200
Honda’s UK racing division was hot out of the blocks straight after New Year, announcing its international road racing rider line-up for 2023. The big H has signed up John McGuinness again to race on the CBR1000 RR Fireblade – and he’ll be joined by
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The Sporty Twin
If ever a ride could have been designed to show that you don’t need 200bhp to have fun on a sports bike, this is possibly it. The sun is out but the Midlands B-road is damp in places. It’s early and traffic is light, but the straights are bordered by
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Ducati Launches Limited Edition WSB And MotoGP Victory Models
Top marks to the Bologna massive at Ducati Corse – the firm cornered the market in blue riband world titles last year, snapping up both the 2022 MotoGP and WSBK championships with Pecco Bagnaia and Álvaro Bautista respectively. The firm also won the
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Test fleet: Moto Morini X-Cape 650
Thanks to the timing of the departure of the Kawasaki H2 SX SE and the arrival of this here Moto Morini, just before the last month’s deadline, I didn’t really get much chance to ride the X-Cape, but was hoping that over the Festive break I’d get out
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Test fleet: Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX
That’s it then. After putting it through its paces commuting, touring, B-road blasting and more, my time with Yamaha’s TMAX is over – and now it’s time to reflect on the last few months and dig a little bit deeper into what I love (and don’t love) ab
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Tested by: Maja Kenney | Jacket £599.99, Trousers £469.99 | For my trip to the Arctic Circle and Nordkapp last August, I chose Rukka’s ladies’ set, Comforina, a Gore-Tex jacket and trousers. As the name suggests, they are incredibly
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Legal Eagle
Q. Two years ago, I broke my leg after a truck ran into the side of me whilst I was riding my KTM390 (how he didn’t see me I will never know, it’s bright orange!). I needed four operations and couldn’t work (I run my own industrial cleaning company).
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Triumph E-fuel announcement
Batteries are one potential answer to cutting fossil fuel use. But there are serious hurdles for motorcycle use: size, weight and cost all count against them. One possible alternative is so-called e-fuels, or bio-fuels, where petrol is replaced by a
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Pitstop Over, The Race Continues With A New Rider
Firstly, in my first editorial column for MSL, I’d like to make a personal thank you to Mikko for all his hard work as editor of this periodical over the six years he was in the driving seat, and wish him the best of luck in his new position – he’s s
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100th Anniversary BMW R18 And R NineT
2023 is, of course, the 100th anniversary of BMW motorcycles. It was back in the autumn of 1923 at the Paris Motor Show that the fledgling bike firm showed off the R32, a 494cc air-cooled Boxer flat twin, complete with shaft drive. BMW’s main busines
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Back In The Day...
This one is from Motorcycle Sport, April 1964, two selections from the section called SCENE. As usual, I have not changed the punctuation of this following at all, but I have quadrupled the number of paragraph breaks. I love this bit of text and the
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The Guinness ride
During my recent trip to Hoxter in Germany, aboard my faithful ‘77 Z1000 A1, I discovered that my boots weren’t waterproof, the inners of my venerable Hein Gericke gloves were no longer attached to the fingers (making it impossible to put them on in
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