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Leather OR Textile?
We’ve all been there – one mate swears by their trusty leather jacket that they’ve had since they were 17 and the other is constantly showing off how dry they are under their state-of-the-art laminated textile coat. But which is right for you? Only y
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Who is Maja?
In 2016 Maja passed her motorcycle test, bought her first motorcycle, and plenty of miles in the UK and further afield followed. She also joined Blood Bikes Wales and became their first female rider in Wrexham. More recently, Maja set up her motorcyc
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Test fleet: Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin
With around 4000 miles on the Africa Twin in 12 months, I had to say I was disappointed to not get out that bit more – but we know why that didn’t happen… A trip to Spain was cancelled, early Spring runs out were discouraged from March and the end-of
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Raising Funds
Richard made this trip to raise funds for the Downs Syndrome Association and for Woolgrove School, Special Needs Academy, in memory of his son Tom, who had Downs and died aged seven. A short video of the adventure can be found on the Tom Mouse websit
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Vaccine Passports
The UK’s vaccine programme is one of the most advanced in the world and promises that the UK will return to some form of normality after around 18 months of restrictions. While this means that we may soon all return to the saddle and maybe even get a
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The Sporty Side Of SCOOTING
Yamaha invented the maxi-scooter class with its TMAX back in 2001. The biggest capacity scooter ever made, it was aimed at anyone who needed all the convenience and flexibility of a scooter, combined with the performance of a more conventional middle
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Motorcycle Giants Join Forces To Create Swappable Battery System
Yamaha, Honda, KTM and Piaggio have signed an agreement to create a Swappable Batteries Consortium for Motorcycles and light Electric Vehicles – in essence this means that the industry heavyweights want to create a standardised swappable battery syst
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Perfect Excuse For A (long) Ride
Any reason to ride that gives a significant amount of seat time – and covers a decent mileage across several countries – is good enough for us. So, with the Moto Guzzi factory having their open weekend in September 2019, I saw a perfect opportunity t
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I Own One
Chris Hope is amazed he’s become a fan of the TMAX. After dismissing them for years, he’s now had two of them and really likes what the scooter has to offer. “Just like everyone, I was a total doubting Thomas when it came to scooters. The big ones se
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Making Oil Behave
Today we are spoiled by how obedient engine oil is in recent designs. At long last, oil is carried far below all rotating parts, preventing them from losing energy in whipping oil around. Deep ‘dagger sumps’ on sportbikes ensure that maximum lower-ge
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Crossing the border into the EU when you are riding your bike is one thing. Crossing the same border if you go on a fly and ride holiday on your own bike (i.e. you and your bike travel separately) is a different matter. We will take a closer look at
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Test fleet: Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT
As some miles had to be clocked up on my V-Strom for bike and kit assessment, a ride of some sort was a must do. But I needed a photographer to capture the experience. Mate Will was chosen, even if he didn’t know it! The meet led to an enjoyable, pro
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Test fleet: Yamaha Ténéré 700
If you’re anything like me you see a bike owner’s manual as something that’s using up space under the seat. It’s usually consigned to a random drawer somewhere, so when you do need it, you can’t find it and have to download one. Usefully for me Yamah
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I Sell Them
Jonathan King of Yamaha Premier dealer Tamworth Yamaha knows and very much likes TMAXs. “The UK attitude to them hasn’t always been positive, but anyone who rides one soon realises just how well they perform and how useful they are. “Owners are usual
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Who is Andrew?
Andrew Prendergast is a Managing Partner at White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors ( You can pick pretty much any motorcycle-related legal issue – he’s been there, done that, and got the answer to share with MSL readers. If you hav
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Join The Party!
The Moto Guzzi factory is smack bang in the middle of Mandello del Lario. Esentially, Mandello is the factory, and the factory is Mandello. The Open House offers people a chance to look around the factory with guided tours and talks taking place, and
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Other Bikes To Consider
Another hugely versatile two-wheeler, the Silver Wing is as happy and capable taking you to Turin as it is to Tesco. Speedy, comfortable, and with plenty of carrying capacity, the Honda is very easy to ride and live with. Linked brakes and suspension
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Yamaha Mt-09, 2021
Price: £8999 Engine: 889cc inline triple, DOHC, liquid cooled, 4v per cylinder Power: 117bhp (87.5kW) @ 10,000rpm Torque: 68.6lb-ft (93Nm) @ 7000rpm Frame: Die cast aluminium twin spar Wheelbase: 1430mm Brakes: 298mm front discs with four-pisto
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Where Mustangs Flew
Like so many in 2020, my plans were well and truly scuppered by the awful disease which seemed to dominate every headline. Initial plans to ride the Adriatic Highway, continue south to Athens and sip a cold Mykos at the foot of the Acropolis evaporat
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Refining The Motorcycle
Peter Gripton’s article was a challenge to manufacturers to provide consumers with relevant and current riding machines. There have a number of attempts to provide new ideas over the years – three- wheelers, Maxi scooters, etc. However, for me the be
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Working-class Hero
Euro 5 environmental rules meant the MT-09 was always due an update for 2021, but Yamaha have gone much further – this may be recognisably an MT-09, but it's more or less a completely new bike. Starting with the engine, an extra 3mm on the stroke tak
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London to Everest PART TWO
Crossing into Uzbekistan, it immediately felt more open, the people more welcoming and engaging than the at times stifling Turkmenistan. Currency exchange in Uzbekistan was fun with approximately 10,000 Som to the pound. The bill for one team meal (a
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Other Items To Consider…
Made from heavy-duty MaxTex, the jacket features a breathable fixed SinAqua waterproof lining and a fixed mesh lining which, when all combined, offer waterproofing and breathability. The protection afforded by this CE-level AA jacket is enhanced by t
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Closest Rival
Triumph’s Speed Triple 1050 is probably the natural competitor for the MT, dynamically at least, thanks to the two bikes sharing that three-cylinder architecture and grunty delivery. The Triumph is more powerful, as you might expect from its extra 16
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Harley-davidson Street Glide Special
Price: Vivid Black £22,895, Colour £23,245, Custom Two-Tone £24,035 Engine: Milwaukee-Eight 114ci (1,868cc), air/oil-cooled V-twin; 8-valve Transmission: 6-speed Torque: 163Nm @ 3000rpm Power: 89hp/66kW @ 5020rpm Frame: Steel Suspension: (F) 49
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If everything has gone to plan in the UK, by the time you read this there’s a good chance that we are allowed out on our bikes again. The lockdown is slowly easing, and with a bit of luck life will soon resemble something that we used to call normal.
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Adrian Morton Renaissance Man
It’s a dull winter’s day in San Marino but Adrian Morton is in good spirits. He takes his laptop to the window to demonstrate his office’s spectacular view towards Rimini and the Adriatic Sea (we’re talking via Zoom, obviously), then pulls out his ph
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Cover Your Eyes
March issue’s front cover caused a bit of a stir when it arrived! My postman gave me a quizzical look as he handed it over, and when my wife saw ‘Big, Bad & Bare Naked’ on the cover she insisted on going through it page by page to find out exactly wh
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Ideal Bike
MSL readers have been talking about the spec that an ideal motorcycle should have. The conversation started with the question from Jon Kempster about a suitable bike (see his letter below), and moved on to more generic terms. Have a look at these let
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Why Does It Feel So Good?
As Steve McQueen said: “Every time I start thinking the world is all bad, then I start seeing people out there having a good time on motorcycles and it makes me take another look.” But what is it that makes us love bikes and riding? In October you po
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