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Pl170 Vespa – Made In India
Andhra Pradesh Scooters Limited was an Indian state-owned and run factory that ran from 1974 to 1986. The government-backed factory initially produced the Allwyn Pushpak scooter, which was more or less a GP150 Lambretta with a few superficial changes
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Scootering Words & Sounds
For more than 30 years, the Do The Dog fanzine has been the ‘go to’ source for all things ska from around the world. Developing out of a band fanzine and becoming a record label that published recordings by some of the best cult bands on the scene ov
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Matthew ‘Tik’ Tester
The shocking and sad news of the death of Matthew ‘Tik’ Tester on April 22 has left a huge void in the scootering world. A devoted family man to his wife and children, there are no words that can describe how much he will be missed. A dedicated and l
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Scooterist Profile
Name: Alan Everall. Favourite scooter style: Most custom scooters – but not mad/keen on engraving. Scooters owned: 2015 Vespa GTS300 Touring bought new. I did buy another new one in December 2019, but it only did a few miles before the engine blew
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Hi Dan, Stu Owen’s article ‘The heart of the custom scooter....’ in December’s magazine (#414) inspired me to dig out a photo of one of my favourite custom scooters. I think that I took the photo at a custom car show held at Belle Vue, Manchester in
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Jock’s ‘Trombone’ Luggage Rack
With plenty of time on his hands during lockdown, Jock Dewars set about creating a solution to what has often bugged him when attending rallies – the problem of what luggage he could take with him. His solution – an extending ‘trombone’ style rear ra
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★ Star Letter ★
Can I share the following ‘advice’ for new scooterists or those that have never attempted any basic maintenance before? I’m no mechanic but at 66, I’ll have a go with simple maintenance (tinkering). I’ve owned my 1966 Li125 Special for almost six yea
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Back When We Had Hair
Hi Mau, Here are three photographs of S type Lambrettas: Craig Ellis Here’s a picture of me in Weston-super-Mare during the early 80s.... Carl Goff The Dinky Crowd setting off for a treasure hunt around 1966/7. Dave Richardson, Keith Jefferson, Fr
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Z-Design Custom Scooters
Aachen is a city located on the west side of Germany, close to the Belgian and Dutch border, home to custom scooter wizard… Michael Zinnen. This is his home town and from where he operates his business, Z-Design. In 2019, having spotted some pictures
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Take Me To Your Dealer…
I was looking through some old magazines a couple of weeks ago and there were names that are long gone but still fondly remembered. In my early days of playing scooters, I remember phoning up Rafferty Newman and getting details to send a cheque in th
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VCB Western Region Six Counties Ride 2021
When the VCB Western Region announced the Six Counties Ride, and that it would correspond with the lifting of restrictions, I couldn’t send my ticket money quickly enough! The idea was brilliantly simple. Sticking to groups of no more than half a doz
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The Lambretta History Series
The Lambretta history series is a group of books dedicated to the famous Italian scooter. Each one tells the story of a specific model, detailing its history, technical specification and production changes. Produced in A4 size, they are full of origi
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Owner Details
Name: Cheryl Ward. Job: Facilities support/receptionist. Scooter club & town: Chorley Scorpions Scooter Club. First interest in scooters: Age 14. First scooter: Black PK50 age 16. First ever rally: Morecambe 1985. Any funny stories: Midge drove
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Scooter Details
Scooter model: 1983 Vespa PL170 – Andhra Pradesh Scooters Limited (APSL) was a scooter manufacturer founded in 1974 and operated until 1986 in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It was owned by the government of Andhra Pradesh. In the early 1980s AP
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Craig Standeven
On April 25 it was announced that Craig Standeven had sadly passed away. Craig, a long-time scooterist, was a serving member of the Lambretta Club Great Britain committee and was the current BSM controller for the club. He was also a long-time member
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Hjc I30 – New For 2021
The improvements and developments introduced on the new I30 start with HJC’s next-generation face shield. The new Pinlock ready shield offers a wide distortion-free view and now has a reinforced frame around the lower edges to reduce wind turbulence.
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Perfectly Crafted
The development of this beautiful Lambretta hybrid came about after Paul Morrell-Knapton commissioned Claudio Cattaneo and his son Simone to build him an LD with a more powerful engine. In addition to this, he also wanted the scooter to be built arou
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Scooter Details
Name of scooter & reason: ‘What’s the matter with you?’ from the song by Oasis, ‘Stand by Me’. I went through a very, very dark time in my life and if it wasn’t for the people named on the scooter I would be dead, so I dedicated it to them. Scooter
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Janet and St George Elite SC
Looking back to the 1980s always draws a smile to my face. OMG! What fun I had and what adventures we took. I was in the St George Elite SC ,based in Northolt, London. We hung out in a pub called The Timber Carriage where we ‘owned’ the back room. La
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Owner Details
Name: Tony Parkinson. Job: Printer/Embroiderer. Scooter club & town: Bigots SC, Preston & District Scooter Alliance. First interest in scooters: In 1979 when I was leaving school and older friends had them. First scooter: Vespa 90. Favourite sco
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Lynbrook Insurance
If you were offered the ability to repair your own scooter or motorcycle after an accident and be PAID the cost of parts and be PAID for your own labour, how would you feel? A reduced cost for two or more of these, would that help? What if you never
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For Forks Sake
When we decided to celebrate Vespa’s 75th birthday by breathing life back into an unmolested, but somewhat neglected, Mk1 Vespa T5, all the signs were that it would be a quick and easy rebuild. Unfortunately, things haven’t turned out that way. My pl
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DAZ CAREY’S Accessorisation addiction
Love it or loathe it, accessorisation of our classic scooters is as old as the machines themselves; whether just a practical rack for Signora Ferrari to carry her drogheria back from the shops or right up to the over-the-top, very eye-catching Mod-st
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A T5 revived!
Baz Matthews is from Baddesley Ensor, an old ex-miners’ village in North Warwickshire. Baz, like so many (myself included), is a product of the tail-end of the Mod Revival years and owes his scootering passion to those 1980s beginnings. Baz got his
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Aftermarket Tuning Optionsns PART 5
There has never been a better time to source aftermarket tuning options for your Vespa or Lambretta scooter. In this series, we will take a look at some of the most popular choices, and see what each has to offer… In the final part of cylinder kit o
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Acid Jazz subsidiary label Fingier has a brand new release out from Argentinian producer Kevin Fingier. What’s more, it’s a genuine double-sider, with both sides showcasing the superb vocal talents of playwright, actress and singer Jo Ann Hamilton. J
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Afamily Of Favourites
There are now four exhausts in SIP’s ‘Box’ exhaust range, each with a specific application… A good, all-round exhaust with a broad spread of power that can be used with most engines, designed to give quick throttle response throughout the rev range
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Credited to Wigan's Chosen Few, Footsee was a hit single reaching No.9 on the UK Singles Chart. It is notable as being one of the first commercially successful remixes of a previously released recording that was originally a 1968 single by the obscur
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Feeling Exhausted
For the past couple of years my adventures have been almost entirely Lambretta based. This season I am determined to redress the balance and over the winter I’ve been working on my trusty PX. Although I say trusty, the dominance of Lambretta reportin
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Patrick Joynt And The Timple Of Dust!
There’s no doubt that at one point Scoot RS was one of the biggest names in scootering. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, and with the characterful Randall at its helm, the company was regarded as one of the few ‘good guys’ in the Asian scooter scene. In ad
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