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Autumn On The Howqua
• PastelsI use several brands of softpastels as well a couple of pastelpencils for the initial basicdrawing. I very rarely use pencilsafter that. – Schmincke: Yellows: Permanent Yellow Deep - 4-H,4-D & 2-0 for the Lights. Gold Ochre 14-D;Olive Ochre
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Woodland’s Gallery
Hi I am from Rockhampton Qld. I am a late starter to Art. Only enjoying this in my late 30’s. Being creative all my life I happened to see a girl on the side of the road in Byron Bay sketching and I thought what an amazing gift to give to yourself! T
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Opposites Under
I have been experimenting with a process where hard pastel is pushed into the paper with methylated spirits, and then the work is finished with pastel when that surface is dry. It is a fun process, as well as being one where the results can be visual
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Under Cover White-Cheeked Honeyeater
There is something magical about pastel. The luminescence, the immediacy, the vibrancy and the feeling of that small stick of pigment being an extension of the hand all contribute to pastel being my favourite medium. Pastel can be used in so many way
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Portraits in Pastels
Tricia Reust was born in Sydney. She attended the Newcastle Art School for more than two years, and holds a Basic Art Certificate from the Art Instruction School in Minnesota, USA. She is also a graduate with Distinction from the Open College of the
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Time For A Rest
I love the “Olden Days”! The horse and cart era has a special place in my heart. I loved the stories my Grandmother used to tell me about riding around in the cart and the fun of picnics when the family set off together. Then there was my uncle who h
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Devonport Regional Gallery
The collection is stored in a purpose-built facility with designated rooms for works on paper, textiles, black and white photographic negatives, ceramics, and paintings. Recently the Gallery presented a survey exhibition focusing on the past 40 years
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Solemn Pup
• Reference photos • Ruler (if using a grid) • Paper • Stonehenge White 245gsm • HB Pencil • Copy paper to rest your hand • Derwent eraser for use with graphic pencils • Faber Castell sharpener with large and small holes • National Art Materials Work
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Who Knows Where Art Can Take You?
When an art tutor opened a studio in the mid-1990s in the suburb where Gail Higgins lives, she enrolled in the pencil drawing lessons. Though leading a very busy life at the time she absolutely loved the classes and believes enrolling was one of the
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Perseverance. Perseverance. Perseverance.
Perseverance. My key word. If I can instil one word in anyone wanting to pursue art, it is to persevere. It doesn’t always work, it doesn’t always go your way, but keep at it, as good things can happen if you want them badly enough to work hard, and
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Give It A Go
I was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Melbourne on Port Phillip Bay. My parents built their house where there were mainly holiday homes at the time. I lived two streets away from the beach and spent many summers swimming as I grew up. We w
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• Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils– Walnut Brown– Cold Grey II– Burnt Ochre– Black– Caput Mortuum– Earth Green • Prismacolour pencils– Light Umber– Warm Grey 30%– Warm Grey 50%– Cloud Blue– Peach Biege– Sand– Eggshell– Kelp Green • Caran D’Ache Lumi
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My Never-Ending Childhood Passion
I have been painting for almost 50 years now, but still consider I have much to learn. Like life itself, the learning process is never-ending. I have always had a passion for art and painting, and during my childhood schooldays, I used to take freque
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Paper and Canvas Contributed
Oil Primed Linen was one of the first surfaces developed for ‘modern’ day painting. For hundreds of years, oil painters have recognised that traditionally prepared oil-primed Belgian linen is the ultimate support for their artwork. With the advent of
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Having had chickens to feed and collect eggs from when I was a child I have always loved the subject when it comes to painting! I love watching them as they scratch around and talk to each other! The backyard chicken coop has always created a world o
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• Koh-I-Noor Gioconda PastelPencils– Zinc White– Bone Black– Light Ochre– Gold Ochre– Indian Red– Sienna– English Red– Caput Mortuum Light– Van Dyke Brown– Pearl Grey– Mouse Grey– Light Orange– Dark Orange– Ice Blue– Dark Ultramarine– Ultramarine Med
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The Mule
• Faber Castell 9000 pencils 2B, 2H, 5B, 8B • Illustration board • Various sized stub pencils • Pliable eraser • Hard erasers cut into different shapes • Calculator • Sandpaper board • Cotton buds I always work from A4 photos, so once I have chosen t
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Portraits, Symbols and Story Telling
Whenever I create a portrait I first study the sitter, the person I’m doing the portrait of. Talking over a cuppa or perhaps eating and making conversation, I’m learning who the sitter is. I may take many photos of them during the study process; howe
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Beyond the Surface
I was born in Liverpool, England, and at an early age immersed myself in European comic books, fascinated by the amazingly detailed art. Most of my youth was spent copying my favourite artists hoping one day to become one myself. The first clue I had
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Across the Bridge
I came across a photograph of this wonderful old bridge when I was sorting through my “prospective paintings” files. This is a compilation of photos, sketches and other reference material that I refer to when I need fresh inspiration or a particular
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Norman Lindsay Museum & Gallery
Norman Lindsay was born on 22 February 1879, in Creswick in the Victorian goldfields, and died at Springwood, NSW at the age of ninety on 21 November, 1969. His family’s artistic talent came from his mother, a daughter of the Rev. Thomas Williams who
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The Craggy Old Gum Tree
Every year my family spends time at Halls Gap, which is located in the magnificent Grampians National Park, Victoria, and this is where I took the reference photograph I’m using for this demonstration. At the time, I was meandering alongside a massiv
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Pencils Are An Extension Of My Fingertips
Born and raised in Bendigo, Victoria, I couldn’t really say if there was a defining moment in my childhood when I decided I wanted to be an artist. What I do remember is that I have always loved to draw. I actually aspired to be a teacher but it seem
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Under The Apricot Tree
I have wonderful memories of growing up in a rural area of my hometown of Bendigo. Our backyard was full of fruit trees, plums, peaches, apples and apricots. We also had some chooks. I loved feeding them and collecting the eggs. This painting is a tr
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Ever Alert
• Paper: Mi Teintes Canson pastel paper. Steel grey 431. 160gsm • Generals Charcoal pencils: HB,2B, and 4B • White Charcoal • Willow Charcoal • Drawing board • Putty eraser • Blending stumps • Pencil sharpener (the best ones have a German made blade)
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Drawing From The Heart
I was born in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom in 1964, and spent the early part of my life wandering the fields and marshes around my home and the River Ribble, just soaking up nature. I sometimes did the odd sketch, but nothing really serious. O
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Draw Because You Love It
The eyes are the windows to the soul, or at least that is what I believe. I have been painting for as long as I can remember. My mother strongly believed that, if you had art, you would never be lonely or bored. She encouraged my siblings and me by l
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Never In My Wildest Dreams
As a small child, my earliest memories of art were: loving colouring-in books to colour in the drawings with pencils, although I wasn’t too keen on painting; my Grade 3 primary school teacher, Miss Toomey, putting one of my drawings on the wall in th
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My Art, My World
Born Brisbane Queensland in 1968, Nickolas Von Gentry grew up in the Bundaberg region of Queensland on a sugar cane farm. From an early age he was given a large box of crayons and, drawing on whatever he could find, including the walls, Gentry starte
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Just Too Cute!
Firstly, choose a suitable image. Make a line drawing of it, use moderate pressure and transfer the line drawing onto the scratchboard using the white graphite paper and stylus or biro. Beginning with the long hair on the left ear, use the craft knif
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