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Tie a Yellow Ribbon
BOOK | AUTOBIOGRAPHY It is not often that as you make your way through the pages of a book, threads of your own life start to interweave with the story you are reading. This is that rare book for me. It all starts with the abduction Stephen McGown by
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Ankle Roll First Aid
Physiotherapist and accomplished trail runner DAWN NUNES has her own ankle injury experience. That, paired with years of treating other runners, means she can prepare you for the inevitable. “You need to be careful as you will twist your ankle on the
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Sabrina Love Challenge
25-31 December 2020 Holidaymakers in Plettenberg Bay were grateful that Sabrina Love Challenge could go ahead at the end of 2020, with a safer format. A total of 688 people took on the 6km, 12km, and 21km routes at Kurland Estate, with sweeping mount
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Brooks Mens 7” 2-in-1 Short
R869 | As useful as cargo shorts… and much better-looking! This seveninch, two-in-one men’s running short has DriLayer® fabric and offers chafe-free comfort as it wicks away sweat to keep you comfortable and dry. Carry more than
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GroundLive GL100 Bed Sheet
R1 850 | Heal while you sleep, relax, and work on a GroundLive grounding product. The GL100 Bed Sheet (main pic) is 1m x 2.8m and spans across the bed, tucking in neatly under the mattress. It will remain secure in place while you sl
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13 Peaks Turtles
After her initial 13 Peaks Challenge Single-Day success in 2019, Karoline was inspired to make her next run even faster, and to really count for something. If you’re going to put yourself through all that pain, bloodshed and relentless elevation gain
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cover Matty Healy floats a glorious sunset on his favourite mountain top, Suther Peak, Cape Town. photo Kyle Quintao Publisher Deon Braun | Editorial Heloise | Advertising Deon | 082 377
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Backyard Ultra
20 February 2021 The backyard ultra format is new to South Africa, and no, it isn’t running around your pool for 45km or more… There’s a set loop of 6.7km to run every hour until you can’t anymore. Why 6.7km? It’s 100 divided by 24, so that after a f
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Far From The Crowd
TRAIL magazine @TRAILza • 26 November 2020 #TrailPoll: Do you run to escape people, meet new people, or bond with people?
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Kings Ultra 100
27-28 February 2021 An inaugural 100km, consisting of two 50km laps through a private game reserve: “This is no ordinary race” says third man Fernando Santos. Only four of the 22 runners who started, finished. Congratulations to Bennie Roux (20h57min
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First Ascent X-Trail Grid 1/4 Zip Fleece Top
R899 | Never miss a mountain run again with the new First Ascent X-Trail 1/4 Zip Fleece Top. It’s a technical trails-pecific run top that is race approved, so you know it will shine in our local conditions, whether training or racin
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Young & Fun
Nils runs to spend time with dog Mindo and his dad, and to be fit for other sports. He likes to run fast, and has a favourite 5km route near his home in Cape Town. "I love being on the mountain and having an adventure." Rone and Thari love mountain r
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71 Trail Events From April To June 2021
Karkloof Backyard Ultra. 6,706m laps. Karkloof Club. Run 6,706m every hour on the hour until you can no longer complete a lap within the required time. Start 2pm. Ostrich Crawl. 9km. Highgate Ostrich Show Farm. Run through vel
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Your 2021 entries
Exploring the trails of George by Driaan de Clercq A visual exploration of forests and mountains, with sweeping landscapes and beautiful details. Oppit with 13 Peaks by Grant Carelse Slideshow of 13 Peaks Challenge scenes, interspersed with clips of
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Save the West Coast
Will corporate greed rob us of the beauty and rich biodiversity of the West Coast? Runner and activist NAOMI BRAND urges you to do something. Let the wild stay wild. As trail runners, we are often referred to as mountain goats; but most of us have a
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A Valuable Snapshot
Imagine where humanity would be if we didn’t have people who dutifully recorded happenings – both big and small. Without a reliably recorded history, we’d have only a vague past to refer to, with fewer lessons from our predecessors to learn from. Zoo
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Enduren Nutrition Endurance
R15 (50g sachet), R235 (1kg tub), R410 (2kg foil refill) | If you want high performance and completely natural ingredients, put local brand Enduren on your shopping list. Its range of 12 products is designed for endurance athletes by en
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Roar At The Clutter
One of my fondest trail memories is one early Saturday morning run on the contour path of Table Mountain, in a wild storm with lashing wind and thunderous rain. I was out with Chris Sole, an early pioneer of SA mountain running, who was all quads and
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Tifosi Aethon Crystal Blue
R1 500 | We admire Tifosi for providing exceptional value for money and great quality (they back it with a lifetime warranty). The browband on the Aethon is removable, but will prevent sweat running down into your eyes if you leave
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Keep Moving!
A guide on how not to give up, no matter what your life and legs throw at you. Running movie buffs among you may recall Lickety Split in The Jericho Mile, a 1979 Emmy-award winning movie, set in Folsom prison and shot on location, using 28 convicts i
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Grootfontein GP
Fee R40 | Trails 4 | Best route 12km | Ascent 150m | Time 100min Difficulty Intermediate | Dogs No | Open Tue-Sun, 6:30am-5pm Forests! Downhills! Farmlands! And hills! The new Pretoria trail running park in is pure joy. I tested the trails with six f
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One Of You
It’s finally happened: I’m a junkie! After years of exercise being a chore, I feel robbed if I don’t get my daily sweat. All along, I thought you were exaggerating. I thought the idea of being addicted to exercise and needing it to feel normal was hy
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Brooks Cascadia 15
R2 599 | It’s no surprise that the Cascadia is Brooks' top-selling trail shoe. Now in its 15th iteration, it has provided its fans with a winning combination of cushioning, durable protection, and stability. Its built-in rock pl
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Advice For Pro Hopefuls
1 Find your Why. Figure out your reason for running, and then your reason for wanting to make it a career. I think that’s important, because often in training and races you're going to be asking yourself questions. Especially during ultra runs, you g
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Rock Protection
If you run on uneven rocky dirt trails you may find the soles of your feet getting bruised. This is a lot more painful that it sounds. While the outer sole or grip of the shoe reduces this, sometimes shoe designers include an additional layer of the
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Technical Descent
Otter record-holder TONI MCCANN knows a thing or two about descending. This young ASICS athlete has some sound advice for your next downhill. The one thing I learned racing post-injury, where my preparation included many hours on a Wattbike in a gym,
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Alexandria Trails FS
Fee R20 | Trails 3 | Best route 21km | Ascent 750m | Dogs Leash Time 3h | Difficulty Intermediate | Open Weekends, from 6am The central Free State is so flat, if you look carefully you can see the back of your own head. Right? Wrong. Barely an hour f
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Druid’s Garden Turkey Tail
R215 tincture | R235 capsules | R155 coffee | The turkey tail fungus (Trametes versicolor) contains a wide range of powerful antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, and other bioactive substances that can boost your immune system, combat c
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Brooks Drive Convertible Run Bra
R899 | If you like options, you'll probably love the Drive Convertible Run Bra. Its adjustable back straps allow you to switch between scoopback and racerback. It moves with your body, providing just the right amount of compress
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MY LIFE My Photos
Ingrid Minter felt inspired to surf the clouds during her 19.5km run from Silvermine to Constantiaberg via the Constantia Mast. So she did just that. She was one of five on a group training run for the THIRSTI AFRICANX (see page 38), and they all too
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