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Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation
The Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF), established in 2008 under the Artistic Directorship of Dr Gene Sherman AM, is a philanthropic enterprise dedicated to providing an innovative forum for contemporary visual practice and presenting work b
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The Tangible Presence of Light
My mother was a great gardener, and flowers have always been a source of joy and inspiration for me. They seem to be put on earth to lift our spirits with their pure, clear colours, lovely fragrances and intricate patterns. And they have the ability
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I grid both my reference photo and my watercolour paper into 16 rectangles and draw freehand with a Fine or H Staedtler Mars 780 thick lead mechanical pencil. The grid lines keep me from getting too far off base, and the slightly hard pencil won’t sm
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High-end Compact & Mirrorless Cameras
As the name mirrorless implies, there is no mirror in these cameras. The traditional layout of the DSLR with a mirror, prism and viewfinder has been altered, allowing the light to go through the lens directly onto the sensor. This saves on a lot of b
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Capturing Emptiness
Born in England, Sukhi received a traditional education in sculpture and life-drawing at City and Guilds Art School in London. Due to her naturally philosophical and curious nature, Sukhi had already traveled in India several times, where she felt an
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Works on Paper: Hikayat
Green Art Gallery, Dubai recently held Works on Paper: Hikayat, an exhibition that brings together more than 50 works on paper by Modern Arab artists including Khouzayma Alwani, Mahmoud Hammad, Adham Ismail, Jamil Molaeb, Fateh Moudarres, Nazir Nabaa
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It’s The Colours And Textures
I’ve travelled extensively, pursuing subject matter to capture and translate onto canvas. I’ve covered thousands of kilometres on foot and have slogged my way through the Barrios of Spain, the medinas of Morocco and across the provinces of France, Cu
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Mojito y Che
Travelling to exotic destinations has always provided me with inspiration for my work. Two months of travelling through Cuba, staying with families in Casa Particulares (private homes), has provided a wealth of subject matter. I wanted to tie in an A
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Toothed Paper for Soft Pastels
Certainly scratchboard done the way I do it also resembles drawing. I used to be an artist who plugged away at oils, acrylics, or even watercolours and never made any of them work properly for me. In fact, I have huge admiration for anyone who can us
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Believe in Yourself
Drawing has always been my favourite pastime, for as long as I can remember. By the end of primary school I had decided that art had to be a major part of my future. I won a local Art Competition in Year 8 which further solidified that determination,
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It’s All In The Detail
On a sheet of Bank paper (similar to copy paper) the same size as my intended painting, I do a simple line drawing. I trace the drawing lightly on to my watercolour paper. Tracing eliminates erasing any pencil lines on the watercolour paper, which ca
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Scones are On
I’m never quite sure what to expect when visiting a new studio, but often get a mental picture long before I get there, for while many studios these days are more than just places to set up an easel and shut out the world, the common denominator is o
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Birds Of A Feather
Born in 1965, Frances McMahon has been passionate about illustrating Australia’s native birds since age five. Indeed, it was at this tender age that one of her paintings was selected to be included in a children’s art exhibition that toured the world
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“Heatwave” was a commission for a client in Canada who happened to see a painting on my website of two Eastern Rosellas (“The Happy Couple”) and wanted a painting just like it. I have never repeated or copied a painting, but in this case I suggested
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With Camera in Hand
During my early years, my relationship with photography could be defined as rocky at best. Early cameras were of limited quality, though I did manage to capture some of the best reds and yellows that light pollution could muster. If memory serves me
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The Abstract Expressionist
Joanne Duffy She explains that the native flora and ancient landscapes are strong stimuli for investigating our senses’ response through colour, texture and movement, and it is these remnants of experience which provides the key for interpretation o
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Summer Breaks – Riding Down To The Cattle Grid
Joanne Duffy • Support Material: In general I find Belgian linen in a fine weave the most desirable. Generally a heavier 14oz cotton canvas stretched over a hardwood timber frame is used. Generally I used pre-primed canvas, but sometimes will add mo
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Our Craft Will Never Be Mastered
Ian was born in New Zealand and migrated to Brisbane in 1999. Exploring themes of impermanence and the decentralised self, he paints with a classical technique featuring meticulous detail and layers of luminous colour. I have always enjoyed being cre
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Rolling Out The Red Carpet
• Oil primed linen • Colour pencil (Burnt Umber) • Turpentine or odourless spirits • Linseed Oil (Mussini)• Liquin (Winsor & Newton) • 14 & 20 Flat Black Sable (Da Vinci) • 6 –12 Filbert Black Sable (Da Vinci) • 2 & 4 Flat Black Sable (Da Vinci) • 0
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The Fibreglass Brush Scratchboarding
BY PATRICK HEDGES Fortunately companies manufacture these. Lastly you need something to scratch the colour off to create an image. This reveals the white clay and is a bit like drawing in reverse – rather than adding the darks, you add the lights. T
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It Taught Me To Observe
Paul White Art has been a part of me for a long time. I enjoyed drawing and painting at a young age, and at high school one of my paintings was chosen to represent South Australian School Art with the ABC in Sydney. I also sold some of my paintings
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Multiple Exposure Challenge
By Daniel Smith The effect has been popular throughout the history of art and photography, and in the days before digital it was an effective way of creating an effect in camera. Originally a film technique, it has translated quite well into the rea
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My name is Marion Hughes and I would like to introduce you to gallery67, which officially opened on 19 September 2014 in Gladstone, Queensland. gallery67 aims to provide Gladstone’s artists and other local artists with a place to showcase their art.
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Instantly Addicted To Creating …
Joshua Miels I started my creative journey as a graphic designer in the field of fast moving consumer goods, designing supermarket and alcoholic based products for the domestic and international markets. After almost 10 years of working to the clien
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