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The Lilly armchair, photographed against a dramatic natural backdrop, was designed by Democràcia Estudi for Diabla in homage to Lilly Reich, a brilliant modernist designer who was a professor at the Bauhaus, and is often unfairly forgotten despite he
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Design is everywhere: the trick is to track it down and make it your own. And remember to make sure your candle is dripless! ■
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6 Light Chamber
What might a Roger Ballen building look like? The legendary photographer’s work is known for its psychologically dark, surreal and disturbing qualities. He first found fame nearly four decades ago, documenting outsiders in small South African towns a
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Thing Can Be Just A Thing.
Pure functionality is its reason for being. Nothing wrong with that. But with some creative thought, the addition of considered aesthetics to basic useability transforms a thing into something more. That’s essentially what design is all about – and t
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16 Beyond Books
“Usually a library is a space for books,” says an enthusiastic Asher Marcus of Hubo Studio, “but we transformed the library into a space for readers.” He’s talking about the new Elements Library located at King David School in Sandton, Johannesburg –
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DAWN BREAKS AT XIGERA, IN THE HEART OF THE OKAVANGO DELTA. The velvety-black night sky fades to midnight blue, and the first bird calls – a laughing dove. It’s closely followed by the liquid notes of a coucal, in turn interrupted by the raucous alarm
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The Influencers’ Influences SUMAYYA VALLY
When the announcement was made by London’s Serpentine Gallery on 10 February 2020, the moment was unprecedented: not only was Counterspace Studio’s Sumayya Vally the first-ever South African architect commissioned to design the gallery’s annual pavil
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ON a blustery stretch of coastline three hours south of Melbourne, you’ll find this exquisitely crafted holiday home sitting pretty on the dunes. Both the property’s owner, Fiona Leahy, and her architect cousin, Patrick Kennedy of Melbourne-based fir
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Kraal Cool
THE VAST TRACTS OF PRIVATE LAND THAT FAN OUT FROM THE WITTE and Bastiaanskloof rivers in the Bainskloof Valley are home to the elusive Cape leopard and impressive birdlife. This is the Kerala Estate and reserve, and being here is a nature-lover’s ult
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19 Good Bones
“When selecting our top six projects – a ‘bone of contention’ in the studio because our designers all had different selections – what we love is that they are so vastly different in style and vision. We know that, just as each client has their own pe
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2 Into One
AS FAR AS GRAND DEBUTS GO, ARCHITECT JAMES MITCHELL’S FIRST SOLO VENTURE under the banner of his newly minted firm Abon Studio is a corker. Set against a backdrop of Llandudno’s beachfront, the show-stopping three-level residence’s façade is fragment
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Transform Your Kitchen
Call it a vision or a revelation. Either way, the new Samsung gas cooker turns what could be ordinary into something quite extraordinary. Get ready to cook up endless possibilities and transform your approach to cooking – without having to stop even
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11 Packing A Punch
These two labels from Cape Rock Wines – a farm located between Vredendal and Klawer in the Western Cape – feature striking, moody coastal scenes that appear to connect when placed next to one another. The idea of the two separate visuals correspondin
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1 Design Journey
This is the piece that started it all, and it remains part of our catalogue. We’ve always approached our designs with a narrative, combined with process and materiality. At the time, laser technology was reasonably new, expensive and not readily avai
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8 Found Bags
Now in its fifth incarnation, the Lady Dior Art project invites artists from around the world to create unique interpretations of the fashion brand’s iconic Lady Dior bag. And it was Chris Soal’s buzz-generating 2019 show in London that grabbed the a
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7 Give It Horns
Ceramic artist Zizipho Poswa’s large-scale sculptural works – which have long attracted strong interest from collectors around the world – explore her personal experience and heritage, and her first solo exhibition, “iLobola”, continues this focus. T
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14 Reading Up
Known for the sheer volume of its output while producing numerous award-winning designs, nendo is a Tokyo-based multidisciplinary studio founded by Japanese designer Oki Sato. Expect work in every medium imaginable, from paperclips to watches, shoes,
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Intense............................................................... Focus
With evocative and aggressive styling that hints at leading driving dynamics, the Lexus IS delivers a new level of luxury and innovative driver-assist technologies that push the limits of performance. From the new-design Lexus spindle grille to its m
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Home Is Where You Cry
I regularly rearrange my furniture. Just like my mother. The pandemic forced us all indoors and inwards, increasing the need to find peace in my space. Sometimes this is as simple as singing Joy’s Paradise Road alone in my flat at the top of my lungs
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9 Evolving Visions
Luke Radloff’s stylish home studio is located in Oxford Road – which also happens to be a key element in the Joburg-inspired debut campaign for his recently launched experimental label Public Forum. “The noise and the energy definitely influenced som
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5 Drawn To It
Shaun Gaylard’s love affair with architecture and drawing has been ticking on for many years. “As a child I was deeply interested in architecture. I’d wait for the monthly editions of magazines on architecture and interiors – although the fact that I
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Win This Home-entertainment System!
Thanks to home-automation and AV specialists Cinema Architects, we have this state-of-the-art system to give away. Listen to your favourite streaming service and get immersed in whatever you’re watching courtesy of the NAD C338 digital integrated amp
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Golden Girls
She first went pink to celebrate the end of World War I in 1918 – but these days, “The Nellie” has her own unique shade, fine-tuned to fade to an exact hue between paint jobs. In fact, there’s a lot about the old gal that’s one-of-a-kind. This includ
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13 Super Kawaii
Since Cape Town’s Tjing Tjing opened Torii in 2015, head of pastry Adri Morel has been focusing on Japanese treats and baked goods to complement the eatery’s menu. After extensive research and several trips to Japan, Adri developed her own style and
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SINCE HIS FIRST TRIP TO BUENOS AIRES 20 YEARS AGO, David Bell has returned to the Latin American city 65 times – mainly to source products (architectural artefacts, furniture and decorative items) that he sells in his Cape Town store Onsite Gallery,
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4 In The Clouds
“For a while now, we’ve been interested in more organic shapes,” says designer Tom Dixon, citing the UK brand’s recent Melt and Bash collections as good examples. Having started out as a metalworker, Tom has long been intrigued by the process of work
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Nesting And Flying
I tend to build nests of words to comfort me. Magpie-like, I have an eye for shiny words – luminous creatures that I can weave into shimmery, decorative sentences. Sometimes, though, I turn away from the sparkly trinket words, and find comfort in the
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Visi Reasons
“GREAT DESIGN is DISTINCTIVE, UNIQUE and SPECIAL, and filled with CHARACTER and PERSONALITY.” – Greg and Roche Dry, Egg Designs ■
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