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ARTIST Gregor Ruf SOFTWARE ZBrush, Maya, Mari, Marvelous Designer, Arnold, Photoshop Multimedia artist Gregor Ruf worked on this faithful recreation of Yoda in his spare time, taking him just over a month. When lighting this particular piece he was i
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Sam Passmore
Sam Passmore is creative director at Fire Without Smoke. His team loves games so much, they built a creative studio specifically to deliver the best content possible for the industry, from trailers to in-game cinematics and beyond. Recent projects wo
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3d City Night Scene
ARTIST Ümral Ismayilov SOFTWARE Blender 2D and 3D artist Ümral Ismayilov spent two days working on this stylised cityscape with the goal of exploring animation. Ismayilov chose to forgo any complex effects or simulations, modelling and using paid ass
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Technique Focus
Software Unreal Engine, SpeedTree, Megascans, Substance Designer Year made 2021 WORLD POSITION OFFSET SHADER One of the goals of this project was to mimic real wheat field wind via the World Position Offset shader. I separated the foliage movement in
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Is There A Way To Prevent Maya Crashing?
If nothing else, the release of Cyberpunk 2077 has opened the eyes of the world to just how frustrating software crashes are. You may have experienced it: you’ve spent the past hour doing reconnaissance on a factory before sneaking into it to steal s
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Work With Basic Polygon Tools In Blender
It can be a real challenge for someone new to modelling to know where to even begin. Do you start with sculpting, then retopologise your model? Do you begin with Boolean tools like Hard Ops or Box Cutter and use cutting tools to make your models look
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Bold New Style
“The look of this movie is so extraordinary and it’s so cinematic. The production teams were able to pull off a wholly unique look to the environments, cinematography and lighting – creating a bold and very different look for a Disney animated movie,
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Developing Future-facing Skills
Can you tell us about your journey through the VFX industry so far? I have been very lucky to have had a continuous 35-year career so far and have worked on wonderful projects and in great facilities. I have moved between films, commercials and TV pr
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How Can I Create A Cloth Simulation In Blender?
I will demonstrate a simple and powerful way to create a cloth simulation in Blender 2.92. The very first step is to create the model that will be part of the simulation (the cloth, flags, rag, etc). In this case I decided to create a simple flag, wh
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Mind Over Matter
BAFTA award-winning London animation studio Blue Zoo recently teamed up with Oculus and Facebook Reality Labs to create The Beast, the new VR short film for the Oculus Quest and Rift. The film is the first Blue Zoo has created entirely in Quill VR. A
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COVER ARTIST Diana David SOFTWARE Blender, Photoshop While many of us either enjoy a specific area of CG, or our job dictates that we spend more of our time on one task, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that a more holistic approach to our knowledg
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Challenges In Procedural Architecture
This is the first article focusing on ‘procedural cities’, in which we will dive into some of the general challenges of managing the creation of procedural architecture. There are multiple tools for the task out there, such as SideFX Houdini and ArcG
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Missing an issue of 3D World? Fill the gaps in your collection today! ISSUE 271 APRIL 2021 • The secrets behind the scientifically accurate VFX of The Expanse • We explore the rise of virtual production • How to use lighting techniques to create your
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The Fashion Show
Unless you’ve been holed up somewhere very, very remote, you’ll have noticed that the world is changing. Our ever-increasing awareness of environmental issues has put pressure on every industry to take steps towards sustainability and limit their pol
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The Art Of 3d Fashion
I received my education as a traditional painter and am fluent in oil painting, drawing and traditional sculpture. I have always tried to do things that surprise and amaze the public, and have always looked for tools that help me in this. Of course,
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ARTIST Cedric Seaut SOFTWARE ZBrush, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, Photoshop Keos Masons co-founder Cedric Seaut spent barely a week perfecting this piece. “I froze the ZBrush camera first to be able to sculpt only what is visible,” Seaut expl
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ARTIST Charly Amani SOFTWARE ZBrush, Maya, XGen, Mari, Photoshop This expressive piece took character artist Charly Amani around a week and a half to complete. The title Moon was a suggestion from his little sister. “What I enjoyed most about this wo
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The Immersive Power Of The Web
A year of living in a pandemic has undeniably altered how we use technology – and immersive technology in particular. How can we still travel, hold business meetings, connect with friends – or even just feel like we’re somewhere different – when we h
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Develop Your Skills
1. Observe and study the behavior of fabric in real life, as there is nothing more useful than observing a real object. This can be applied to all 3D graphics in general, and indeed to all types of art. Even if you have to make the most ordinary piec
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Free Resources
MODELS AND TEXTURES EVERY MONTH Download these models and textures to use in your own projects MODELS + TEXTURES Download a set of fantastic textures from and build your own asset library with these incredible free building models from in our monthly
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Memories Of Australia
ARTISTS Andrew Svanberg Hamilton SOFTWARE RealityCapture, Maya, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, After Effects Photogrammetry played a big part in this project by Embark Studios’ art director Andrew Svanberg Hamilton. He worked on the project over a few m
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Utilise Lighting To Enhance Your Character Renders
FOLLOW THE VIDEO http://bit.ly/3Dworld-fashion Something that took me quite a while to figure out during college is that a 3D image doesn’t need to be very complex, but it needs to look good. The very first time I applied this idea to my image, my wo
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There Be Dragons
Fantasy and reality are often never really far apart; one informs and inspires the other, and in the cultures of South East Asia the tradition of dragons is rich, wide and deep. Indeed, dragons have a longstanding place in movies and, in part, that’s
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Design-driven Virtual Production With Notch
Virtual production utilises real-time graphics to capture a blend of virtual and physical environments live in-camera. Used by the events, broadcast and film industries, these technologies and techniques create immersive experiences that blend perfor
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Hometown Hero
Liza Rhea worked as a Modeler on Raya and the Last Dragon, Liza began working at Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2017 as an apprentice modeler on Ralph Breaks the Internet. From there, she went on to work as an environment modeler on Frozen 2 and Ra
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What’s The Difference Between Dynamesh And Sculptris Pro Mode?
DynaMesh has been available in ZBrush since the mid 2000s and is a very well-established part of the digital sculpting process. Sculptris Pro on the other hand is a much more recent addition and was brought in as a new feature after the acquisition o
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3D World
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