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The Wheat On The Chessboard
Long ago in India, there was a wise mathematician called Sessa. He invented a new game to amuse his friend, the king. He called it “chess.” The king loved chess and told Sessa to name anything he liked as his reward. Anything! The king enjoyed boasti
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What Are the Odds?
A die has six sides, so when you roll it, each number has the same chance—1 in 6— of landing face up. But with two dice, the odds change. That’s because there are more ways of making some numbers than others. Out of the 36 different ways the two dice
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You can call me Blockhead. Everyone else does. One day when I was just a boy, Maestro wrote out a math problem and gave us 10 minutes to solve it. I solved it in two seconds. That’s the way I am with numbers. I have loved them since I was very little
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Contest And Letters
In our January issue we asked you to imagine your perfect bed. Thanks to all you dreamy dozers for sharing your creations! Sweet dreams to all! Dear Whatson, Hi! How are you? I’m doing good. How many books do you read every day? What is your favorit
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The Best Number
Numbers are so clever, mysterious, and delicious. Do you have a special favorite? 11, because it’s so easy to multiply? 26, because it looks like a swan? For this month’s contest, celebrate your favorite wonderful number with a flattering portrait, p
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Math Tests for Animals
There are different ways scientists can test animals’ counting ability. Some set up tasks, like choosing the correct door based on the number of spots above it, or the number of bells they hear. Scientists also study whether animals (and babies) can
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Can Animals Count?
Unless you don’t like cookies, you’ll pick the plate with three—and so would a monkey, a bird, or a dog. Animals don’t have to know the words one, two, and three, or 1, 2, and 3, to know that three cookies are yummier than one. Being able to tell mo
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To prepare for this trick, announce that you can predict the future! With a mystical flourish, write the number 1089 on a piece of paper (but don’t show the audience what you’ve written). Seal it in an envelope and give it to someone to hold. Give a
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Who Needs NUMBERS?
Long ago, people didn’t need a lot of fancy numbers. After all, you know who your children are; why would you need to know that there are “4” of them? But when small villages grew into big cities, people started to need bigger numbers to count sacks
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Take 1 through 9. If you put them in a square grid in just the right way…. Every row, column, and diagonal adds up to 15! The order of the numbers matters. If two numbers trade places, it won’t work any more. Squares like this where the columns, ro
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Nosy News
Wild pandas are shy animals. There’s still a lot we don’t know about them. Including, why do they like to roll in horse poop? Scientists studying wild pandas first noticed this odd behavior many years ago. So they set up cameras in the woods to spy o
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The Best Bed
Ancient Egyptians slept under linen sheets on carved wood bed frames. The pillow was made of wood, too. It was more like a padded stand that held the back of the head. These wood pillows kept the head away from crawling insects, and didn’t mess up fa
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SHHHH! Animals Sleeping
Koalas are marsupials (mammals with a pouch, like kangaroos) that live in Australia. They eat only the leaves of eucalyptus trees. These leaves are hard to digest and don’t give much energy. So to save their strength, koalas spend most of the day (an
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Sleepy Pet Or Peppy Pet?
When you’re choosing a pet, how much will it sleep? Snake 16-20 hours Cat 15 hours (in naps) Hamster 14 hours Lizard 12 hours Bird 10 hours Dog 9 hours Guinea Pig 8 hours Rabbit 8 hours Fish 6 hours Tarantula some, we hope ■
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My Bad Dream Week
OK, I should not have watched Blood-Sucking Vampire Eels from Space right before bed. I just woke everyone up screaming, convinced that giant fanged space eels were crawling up all over my bed. Since my brother’s up anyway, I made him check under th
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The Big Sleep
In a wintry forest, snow lies thick on the ground. The trees are bare. There’s little to eat. But under the snow, a tiny dormouse is curled up in a ball in its nest. Its fluffy tail is wrapped around its body like a blanket. If you peek in, it won’t
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Time To...Estivate?
Hot, dry weather can also make food hard to find. Estivation is hibernation in a hot climate. Animals that estivate lower their breathing and heart rate and don’t eat, just like hibernators. In Australia, burrowing frogs estivate underground until th
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Winter Bees
It’s mostly warmblooded animals that hibernate, but some non-mammals do it too. A queen bumblebee spends the winter underground. Northern garter snakes sleep together in caves, in big piles of hundreds or thousands of snakes. Toads dig burrows. And a
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Living on Time Sun
When is bedtime? If you don’t have a phone or watch, don’t worry. Inside every living thing is a clock that follows the sun. For a long time, people assumed that daylight told animals when to go to sleep or wake up. See light, wake. See dark, sleep.
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Night Lights
Having an internal clock that sets itself by the sun is great—but what happens when someone invents electric lights? Sometimes, bright light at night can fool the internal clock into thinking it’s day. This can make it harder for people to fall aslee
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Contest And Letters
Breakfast Ice Cream Abigail L., age 9, California The Blue Angler Erik L., age 9, Massachusetts Stella K., age 9, Hawaii A girl drops her Bizarro Delight, which is three flavors: "Volcano Gelato," "Pizzalicious," and "Say Cheese." Luckily, the
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Dream Bed
All animals sleep, and they have all different kinds of beds. People also sleep in many different ways. So what’s your ideal bed? Do you dream of tucking up in a hammock, or a tree, or a castle in the clouds? For this month’s contest, draw us a pictu
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Nosy News
Bees do an important job. As they fly from flower to flower, they gather and spread pollen. This helps plants make fruit and seeds. But what if there aren’t enough bees? Researchers have found a new tool that could help: soap bubbles. The scientists
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MEET Marvin & Friends
Likes: Pranks, inventions, whoopee cushions Quote: I didn’t do it! Dreaming of: Playing the perfect prank Likes: Poetry, dictionaries, mirrors Quote: Brains AND beauty—I have both. Dreaming of: Starring in Beaks over Broadway Likes: Rule book
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Why Do We Sleep?
Sleep has puzzled people for a long time.Why do we lie down and zone out for hours every night? Isn’t sleep just a giant waste of time? Could we learn to do without it? Now scientists are beginning to answer some of those questions. They’ve discovere
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Some sleepers talk and even walk around when fast asleep. What’s going on? Sleepwalking and sleep talking can happen when the brain gets stuck halfway between sleep and waking. A sleepwalker’s body may think it’s still awake, while the brain is compl
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Will Soda Keep Me Up All Night?
You might have heard grown-ups say that you shouldn’t drink some kinds of soda or tea at night because they have caffeine. What is that, and what does it have to do with anything? Caffeine is a natural chemical found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and so
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Dream Discoveries
Many creative people have discovered the power of dreams, which Aristotle called "thinking while asleep." Dreams can spark creative connections that the waking brain overlooks. Often these are just weird. But once in a while, they are brilliant. In
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