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How Using A Wedge Can Fix Your Stroke
Confidently controlling the putter face can mean the difference between a par or a bogey. Keeping your hands quiet and creating a consistent movement with the putter head is key when it comes to control. Try this putting drill to help you train your
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Escaping A Mid-Range Trap
There are a great many shots in golf that puzzle even the best golfers, and this is one of them: the mid-range bunker shot (60 to 80 yards). Not every golfer can land their second shot on a par-5 safely on the green; some lay up. So many courses will
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How Do I Increase My On-Course Success?
As a teaching professional for 25-plus years, I’m often asked the following question: How do I increase my on-course success? Most of you have played golf for many years. Despite absorbing swing tips and taking all the lessons you can digest, you sti
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Skechers GO GOLF®
A fundamental ingredient to enhancing a golfer’s peak performance is being well-grounded in their shoes. That key element has been one of the driving forces for the success of Skechers Performance since entering the golf market in 2012. While you may
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Horseshoe Bay
IT’S TIME TO SAY IT. WHEN IT comes to nationally renowned golf destinations worth hopping on a plane and exploring for a few days, Horseshoe Bay Resort belongs firmly positioned in the conversation. For decades, Texans have known the charms of this 7
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Keeping Tabs On Your Yardage
The importance of knowing your distance with all of your clubs seems self-explanatory—or is it? As a teaching professional over the last 20 years, I am still surprised by the number of students who only vaguely know how far they hit their clubs. It s
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How To Avoid Chunking Your Wedge
We’ve all been there and done that, and we were never very happy about it. You stripe your tee ball down the middle 15 yards longer than your usual effort. Then you tug your second shot just a little, ending up 4 yards left of the putting surface. No
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Tapping Into The Zone
Just about every athlete in any sport has, at one time or another, experienced the powerful feeling of playing in “The Zone.” While many have tried to describe with words the often-indescribable feelings and sensations of it, several qualities seem t
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Ask The Doc
Welcome to our first-ever “Ask the Doc” column, where I answer real questions from real people regarding their golf game and the physical limitations that may impact their ability to perform. I am a board-certified doctor of physical therapy and golf
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The Reflection
As a teenage boy, I could not wait for the various golf magazines to come to the house. I would grab the magazine from the mailbox and immediately gravitate to the many swing sequences of the game’s greatest players, read the advice from golf’s most
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Nancy lopez
Nancy Lopez is truly the All-American golfer. Much like the men of her time, including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, she began with a successful amateur career before transitioning onto the professional stage. To say the least, Nancy
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Why You Still Have Pain…
When we think of the word “pain” or even say it out loud, it’s normal for us as humans to become triggered through a memory or personal experience where pain was present. Sometimes the mind is so powerful that you may even reproduce the same symptoms
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Chipping From A Tight Lie
Your ball is lying just off the green on a tightly mown fairway, leaving you feeling a bit nervous about your next shot. Set up with your weight mainly on your left side. Create the feeling of standing on a small seesaw, which will cause you to tilt
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Finding The Proper Pressure
We have all heard the comparisons when trying to describe the proper amount of grip pressure. “Hold it like a bird” or “like you’d squeeze a tube of toothpaste.” Well, these can have extremely different meanings to everyone, plus the fact that not ma
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The Pearl Of The Golden Isles
TO NO SURPRISE, my symptoms of an incurable travel bug only worsened during the last year, and my only cure was frequent doses of virtual wandering. Fortunately, long before that treatment even existed, I always relied on a lifetime curiosity about m
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Golf Milestones 2021 Part 3
Bunker Basics What’s the No. 1 priority of green-side bunker? GET OUT IN ONE SHOT! Why do you not get out in one shot? You’re trying to lift the ball out of the bunker versus swinging “through” the sand your ball rests upon. By using the existing “li
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The Five Old Wives’ Tales
The game of golf is one where no one will ever have the perfect game. He or she who misses it best without getting ticked off will always win. If you are a perfectionist, this is not the game for you. Since we all miss far more shots than we hit well
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Golf Is My Life: Glorifying God Through the Game
Are you looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas? Golf Tips Magazine Top 25 Instructor Jon Decker has written the book Golf Is My Life: Glorifying God Through the Game. If you enjoy reading his regular feature in the magazine, “Fairway
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PostureFit Bar
Posture is the foundation of golf. Without correct posture and posture awareness, you risk incorrect alignment, subpar thoracic rotation and instability in your mechanics. PostureFit solves that problem at the source. Instead of “band-aiding” the pro
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Editor/Publisher Ted J. Odorico | 850-238-6130 Senior Editors Byron Casper Pete McDaniel Cindy Miller Tim N. Kremer Jon Decker John Hughes Copy Editor Toni Fitzgerald Golf Advisory Staff Jon Decker PGA Instructor John Hughe
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MindTRAK Golf is a mental-fitness platform for golfers, coaches and instructors who want to acquire the proper thought-skills protocol to improve performance. The MindTRAK protocol has been proven in PGA competition and conditions the golfer to have
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“Is It Time We Move Forward?”
It’s safe to say, many would like to put 2020 behind them. A tough year? That would be an understatement. With a difficult economy and social distancing still the buzz phrase, it’s hard to know how to look ahead, let alone move forward. The golf indu
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Training Aids
This patented golf swing trainer teaches alignment, rotation, connection and swing plane. We all struggle to improve upon and maintain our golf swing fundamentals, regardless of skill level. The Swing Align swing trainer is here to help alleviate tha
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Hitting The Punch Shot
Learning the punch shot is a must have for every golfer. Keeping the ball low, can save strokes in windy conditions. You hit your pitching wedge pretty solidly, but it takes your best swing to get close to the pin. The longer the backswing, the less
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Garmin Approach Z82 Laser Range Finder With GPS
The Approach Z82 from Garmin has more than 41,000 preloaded courses, meaning that we have the one you play—and thousands of others. The hole can’t play hard to get with flag finder; lock in with a buzz. See distance to the front, middle and back of t
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Off The Tee
You practice on the range with your driver the most out of all of your clubs, but just when you start to feel confident about letting it fly, the ball pops straight up into the air. It’s embarrassing; it also goes nowhere. Sound familiar? If you’re s
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To those in the know, LIH is defined as “laugh in head” in the urban dictionary. In my lexicon, those three letters represent perhaps my most favorite airport code to have attached to my luggage. Next stop, Lihue on the Garden Island of Kaua’i, where
…Или откройте для себя что-то новое