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The Road From Inhot
JUST PRIOR TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, I traveled to Brazil to carry out research supported by the Deborah J. Norden Fund from the Architectural League of New York. I was interested in understanding how Inhotim, an ambitious contemporary outdoor art ce
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Writing Race In
How many landscape architects are aware of the role that the Olmsted firm played in developing restrictive covenants for suburban developments, including Palos Verdes Estates in Southern California and Guilford in Baltimore? Or that Warren Manning’s
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Books Of Interest
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Landscape Architecture
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▶ The virtual conference drew 3,048 registrants, including 600 students, and 49 exhibitors.▶ Exhibitor takeaways: insights from live conversations, very clean databases.▶ Adverse conditions sometimes breed new ways to connect. For landscape architect
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AMANDA SILVANA COEN, ASLA, (“The Road from Inhotim,” page 98) is a landscape designer and a recipient of the 2019 Deborah J. Norden Fund from the Architectural League of New York. You can follow her on Instagram @amandacoen. “The people I met through
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Weaving Place
Sourberry, red willow, redbud, sedge: These are some of the plants native to the meadows and creek sides of Mariposa County, at the mouth of California’s Yosemite Valley, where for thousands of years the women of the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation have
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Off The Books
Lately my mind keeps returning to a session I saw at reVISION ASLA 2020, “Perpetual Adaptation: The Design Business in 2020 and Lessons from the Great Recession.” The panelists—René Bihan, FASLA, of SWA Group; Molly Bourne, a principal at MNLA in New
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Mountain Time
When Susannah Drake, FASLA, first began splitting her time between Brooklyn, New York, and Denver, she was astounded by the amount of potential work for her firm, DLANDstudio. Outside of design-saturated New York City, there was less competition and
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A Monumental Task
In 2017, Karyn Olivier, a Philadelphia-based artist and associate professor of sculpture at Temple University, wrapped a 20-foot-high monument to a minor Revolutionary War battle in her neighborhood park in mirrored acrylic. It reflected back the ima
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Making The Best Of The Least
If all goes according to plan, over the next year a forest will spring up in South Central Los Angeles on what today looks more like a desolate traffic island than a buildable city lot. The woodland is a vital part of Isla Intersections, a 54-unit su
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Better Care For The Town Square
From its establishment in 1634, Boston Common has been at the core of life in Boston. What was centuries ago a site for grazing cows and military exercises is now a place for social gatherings, protests, public transit, and memorials. In a typical ye
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Thinking Outside The Street
Like many cities, in the early weeks of summer 2020, Philadelphia launched a program to help restaurants expand their outdoor seating. In the midst of COVID-19, the move was seen as vital to helping local businesses survive while also ensuring public
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A Resilient Renewal
In 2012, the East River swamped the New York University Langone Medical Center complex, four city blocks long, during Hurricane Sandy. People directly across FDR Drive saw massive waves cresting the river’s embankment. In short order, the lights went
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Ahead Of The Curve
On a sunny day in June, the euphonic notes of a grand piano were audible from the street. Visible in the large, curving window at the front of his house, Warren Stone sat on his piano bench, engrossed in playing a concert piece. Making room for a mus
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Hot Stuff
The versatile design of this smokeless fire pit makes it easy to cook and entertain outside year-round. When in use, the stainless steel rim serves as a built-in sear plate, and an additional grate attachment can convert the center to a wood-fired gr
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Reveal The River
As it snakes for 100 miles through sprawling metro Atlanta, the Chattahoochee River borders 19 municipalities in seven counties. It descends through landscapes that transition from wooded Appalachian foothills and manicured subdivisions into underser
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Mixed Media
GINA FORD, FASLA, wants me to know that she was asked to get on Twitter. It was early 2011, and the marketing team at Sasaki, where Ford was a principal at the time, felt that the firm needed to be more active on social media and also needed a fresh
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Paid Attention
Last year, the artist and writer Jenny Odell found herself the author of an unexpected best seller, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy. In that pre-pandemic moment when it seemed the least possible to do nothing, Odell identified the
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Books Of Interest
BY REUBEN M. RAINEY AND JC MILLER; ATHENS, GEORGIA: UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA PRESS; AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS: LIBRARY OF AMERICAN LANDSCAPE HISTORY, 2020; 288 PAGES, $26.95 The landscape architecture practice of Robert Royston (1918–2008) and its signific
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I loved reading your rendition of “New Roles” (Land Matters, October). I was just e-mailing Ian Bucacink, the archivist at ASLA, to see if they had a digital copy of the January 1980 issue, put out with Grady Clay as editor. I am obsessed with the co
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Providers: Join A Ppn
In times of pandemic and climate change, solutions from all quarters are welcome. Vendors offer a different point of expertise, broader experiences. Quick fixes from 2020 might become longer-term solutions in 2021. Perhaps the history books will tell
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A proposal by Mikyoung Kim Design reimagines Thomas Paine Plaza, a site of overpolicing and protests, in PLANNING, page 36. ■
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“It’s hard to tell the story of the L.A. River without flying through it,” says Michael Todoran, a landscape designer, lecturer, and podcast host. Along with his students at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, in January Todoran began fi
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Streets For Carryout
The neon green color of the boardwalk along 75th Street in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood came about through conversations between Ernie Wong, FASLA, and local business owners. They pointed at his lime green messenger bag and suggested
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A More Bird-friendly Blade
Each year, wind turbines kill as many as 328,000 birds in the United States. That’s according to research by the Oklahoma State University conservation biologist Scott Loss and his aptly named Loss Lab. Although this is a drop in the bucket compared
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The Carved Garden
When Alexandre Grivko first caught sight of Les Jardins d’Étretat in 2000, it was still a small, private estate on the coast of Normandy in France. The gardens were owned by an architect who kept a modest collection of orchids in honor of the site’s
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Copycats Wanted
A summer of collective soulsearching over the systemic nature of racism in America has spurred new investments in the education of young designers of color. Among them is the new Hollander Design Fellowship, a $4,000 annual academic scholarship avail
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Pained Plaza
Most of Philadelphia was still asleep when city workers pulled the nine-foot-high statue of Frank Rizzo off the concrete steps of the Municipal Services Building across from City Hall, loaded it into a truck, and carted it off to an undisclosed stora
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If The Trees Talked Back
If you could text a tree, what would you say? Imagine that this tree is also your neighbor, and you’re chatting at a time when everything, it seems, is falling apart. That’s the prompt people on the Detroit riverfront were presented with in September
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