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The Boat That Defined An Era
Some boats arrive with a fanfare before quietly fading into the background. Others maintain a much stronger presence, either because they’re marketed more successfully or because they offer something that people want and can’t find elsewhere. Tony Ca
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The ability for sailing boats to recover energy from a freewheeling propeller has met with variable success over the years, but companies such as Torqeedo, ePropulsion and Seadrive have made this hydro-regen more efficient. The main issue has been th
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Bluewater Seminar
Aspiring bluewater cruisers are invited to join the chat in a virtual cockpit with previous Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) skippers and industry experts, to help get their own adventure of a lifetime under way. The free online event will run over
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Unstoppable Tony Curphey Has A Rest
Solo sailor Tony Curphey has returned from a seven-month voyage to the Atlantic islands of Porto Santo, Madeira and St Helena. Both the Nicholson 32 Mk X, Nicola Deux, and the skipper are now enjoying some much needed rest. Four-time circumnavigator
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Ireland ‘Out Of Bounds’ For Owners With Pets On Board
Post-Brexit arrangements have left the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland effectively ‘out of bounds’ to UK cruising sailors with pets. As of 1 January 2021, British sailors are subject to the single issue Animal Health Certificate regime, whic
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Stornoway Port is doubling its yacht berths following £11m investment in Newton Basin/Goat Island development. A new 83-berth Newton Marina for locals will free up space in the Inner Harbour to accommodate more visiting yachts than ever. The existing
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Paddleboard Bible
For more on stand-up paddleboarding, including techniques, equipment, planning tours (including night paddling), look no further than The Paddle Board Bible by Dave Price, £18.99, published by Adlard Coles. Thanks to SUP Inflatables (Shark, Gladiator
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Summer Cruise Preparation
Sailing greater distances and spending longer periods than usual on board can trigger some of the breakdowns and breakages that are, to some extent, an inevitable part of boating. However, there’s much that can be done a few weeks in advance of a sum
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Azuree 33
From £75,000 This Turkish built brand, established in 2010, produces a range of three top quality fast performance cruisers from 33-46ft. The 33 was the company’s second model and combines fast sailing with a lot of space, in part thanks to a whoppin
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Fold An Arch Or Mast To Sail Inland, Says Dick Everitt
Many harbours in Europe and the US connect to interesting inland waterway systems. These can be explored if your draught isn’t too great and you can reduce the height of your vessel to duck under bridges. That’s why folding radar arches and masts are
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Choosing a SUP
Your choice of board will depend on your weight, what you plan to use it for (touring, racing or surfing) whether you’re taking passengers (ie kids and dogs), and how much space you have for it (particularly if it’s going to live on a boat). If you’r
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Buying A Tug Called Con
My real life with boats began when I met my husband in 1976, although I’d been involved with boats previously in a lesser way. A friend had an old fishing boat and we used to fish in the Thames Estuary in the days when there seemed to be plenty of fi
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Paper Pilotage: Nifty Tools That Save Time And Money
There are many transferable skills between sailing and flying and I have always wondered why sailing folk have never cottoned on to a marvellous little gadget used by pilots for generations: the ‘whizz wheel’, more correctly known as the Pooley’s Fli
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Salona 34 and 35
From £70,000 INTERNATIONAL USED BOATS � EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN J&J Design quickly became one of the world’s most prolific and successful naval architect firms, having been founded by brothers Japec and Jernej Jakopin in 1983. The office claims an amaz
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Kayaker Andrew Morton explains the QuickTide
When you are on the sea, in any kind of boat, it’s worth knowing a little about the tides for two reasons: ■ If you choose the tide correctly it’ll help you on your way in a totally green way – free energy ■ If you choose your tide incorrectly, and t
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Broken Halyard Lasso
If a halyard snaps and there’s someone prepared to climb the mast safely, retrieval is not too much of an issue. For the rest of us, perhaps this device might help. Fix one end of a wire loop to a snap shackle eye and the other end to a control line
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All Dressed Up
Marsali Taylor sails an Offshore 8M, Karima S. She’s a dinghy instructor and author of The Shetland Sailing Mysteries starring liveaboard sleuth, Cass Lynch. Tidying up a file of photos on my desktop, I found a beautiful one of the sort of fun we use
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Copper On Steel
Q I was wondering about maybe going down the Coppercoat antifouling route for my 32ft steel Wylo ll. Is this a practical proposition for a steel boat? From the electrolysis point of view, when I get to the berth, will I just find a hole in the water
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The People’s Boatbuilder
Sam Llewellyn sails a 30ft ketch he rescued from dereliction Back in the water again, and there are boats everywhere. There are the usual blacksailed rockets, weather rails crowded with eager speedfreaks, cranked up to an earthshattering 8.3 or even
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Organised Crime Links To Small Boats
An alert has been issued that organised crime groups may target small boats for use for people smuggling. The National Crime Agency has warned that the number of migrants attempting to enter the UK using small boats has increased significantly since
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Discover The Universe EXPLORATION SOLAR SYSTEM DEEP SPACE FUTURE TECH ASTRONOMY Print and digital subscriptions available at /AllAboutSpaceMagazine @spaceanswers ■
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Uffa Fox 2022 Regatta
A regatta for Uffa Fox-designed boats will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of dinghy and yacht designer, naval architect and all-round legendary sailor. The Royal London Yacht Club (RLYC) and Cowes Classic Boat Museum, with support from the At
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A Quick Reminder On Tides
At their simplest, tides come in and out twice a day, regressing about 50 minutes each day. In other words, if high tide is at noon one day, the next day it will be high tide around 1250. If you’re good at maths, you’ll see that in 14 days’ time, you
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South Coast And Channel Islands
Send us your local news stories. Email PBO news editor Laura Hodgetts at, tel: 0330 390 6467, or write to the address on page 5 Vessels abandoned around Jersey’s harbours and marinas will now be offered for sale. Around 10 boats are
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Requiring Some Thrust
Got a question? Email Here’s just a selection of the latest questions from PBO readers. Email or write to the address on page 5 and our experts will answer your queries Q I have a Vancouver 32 and I’m considering fitting a bow thrus
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COVID-free Sail To The Bahamas
We pay for your published cruising stories and harbour updates. Email or write to the address at the top of page 5 Our three-month visas for Antigua and Barbuda were up and our next destination needed to be strategic, rather than ‘r
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Catastrophic Shaft Seal Leak
While reading the article ‘Stay Safe on the Water’ in the winter 2020 RYA Magazine, I felt a chill go down my spine when I read ‘sinking’. I commented to my wife, Diana, this could so easily have been us! The article I was reading analysed the reason
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SAVE MONEY on the shop price YOU’RE IN CONTROL manage your subscription online via our dedicated self service site NEVER MISS AN ISSUE A premium London Dry Gin, born by the ocean, classically juniper led with subtle notes of pink grapefruit & rosemar
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SSB Receiver Antenna Installation
Q I recently bought a NASA Target HF3 SSB receiver. The manual that came with it is OK but the instructions for the antenna includes a diagram of a house and a wire tied to a nearby tree – not helpful for marine instruments! There is also a diagram o
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Rim Drives
Developed from commercial shipping applications, the rim drive uses the outer part of the tunnel as the stator, and the inner section as the rotor. Basically, this gives just a single moving part, with all the electrical components ‘potted’ in resin
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