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Fast, Fishy and Good-Looking
Jimmy Buffett has impeccable taste in boats. Look no further than the 2018 launch of Surfari, his 48-foot sailboat with a unique, open-concept deck layout designed by naval architect Ted Fontaine and built by Pacific Seacraft. Other boats that have g
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Up In The Attic
A thin man with wispy white hair beckons me from the top of the steep attic stairs. “I’m up here,” Bill Beattie shouts. A Portuguese waterdog named Cruz barks his welcome. I feel as if I’m climbing out of the hold of an old sardine carrier and onto a
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Ties That Bind
Fort Frances, Ontario, is unseasonably cold this year — even for the unforgiving belt along the Canada-Minnesota border. The rain pours, seeping into every seam of my gear. My dad and I are approaching our eighth straight hour in the boat. Bad weathe
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Opening Doors
The language says it all. Fishermen are … men. Never mind that a recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey reports that of 35.8 million anglers in the United States, 9.8 million, or 27 percent, are female. Even curmudgeons acknowledge the trend, w
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How I Got That Shot
Richard “Gibby” Gibson has taken pictures of fish, fishermen and fishing boats from the Caribbean to the Bahamas and beyond. Of all the fish he’s photographed, one remains a challenge: Coryphaena hippurus, commonly known as dolphin, mahi-mahi or dora
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The Halibut Hunter
Sixty-five miles out of Seward, Alaska, on the 50-foot Glacier Bear, I lie in my berth waiting for a bout with food poisoning to fade enough so that I might be able to crawl to the deck and fish for a few hours. Above, I can hear Capt. Aaron “Butters
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The Armchair Angler
Back Seat with FishBy Henry HughesSkyhorse Publishing While it’s not sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, Henry Hughes’ memoir rejoices in the indulgences of a life full of love, literature and fishing. No one sucks the marrow quite like Hughes. Beginning w
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Anglers Journal
Anglers Journal is not your run-of-the-mill fishing mag. We created this publication for that special band of enthusiasts who feel most alive when they are on the water. This award-winning quarterly features gorgeous photography, great writing, art,
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The Accidental Boatbuilder
Before he was a boatbuilder, he was a fisherman. And fishing is the activity that continues to define Scott Deal. “Fishing is the way I connect with family and friends,” says Deal, who is the president of the Maverick Boat Group, which builds four br
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My Boat My Life
For Kendall Osborne, the skinny waters and back bays of Virginia’s Atlantic seaside — home to one of the northernmost tarpon fisheries in the country — are a fly-fishing heaven. “I love the challenge of that fishery, and the scenery and solitude. It’
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Fish Of Countless Casts
I have misspent the last 32 years of my life in pursuit of Atlantic salmon. I have very little to show for it. A dented Subaru; a singular collection of double-handed rods; enough fly lines to stretch from Doaktown, New Brunswick, to Cascapédia, Québ
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To obey, wake in the dark and put your head in your hands. Look out the window and rest your cheek on the shoulder of the mountain. Rise and walk to where the creek falls finally into the river — there an apple tree stands hung with one last fruit: p
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Rev it Up
A fish is a fish except when it’s something more. I chartered with a guide in Miami this winter specifically to catch a big tarpon, both as a reminder of the difficult year just passed and to serve as a signal flag for an aspirational future, one whe
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Wild Abandonment
It’s pronounced kri-VA-lē, sounding just like its Australian cousin the trevally. I’m guilty of consistently mispronouncing the fish’s name for as long as I can remember. But no matter how you say it, crevalle jacks (which many refer to as jack creva
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Bill Barich’s 10 books include Laughing in the Hills, A Pint of Plain and Crazy for Rivers. He has written about fly-fishing for The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated and other publications. In “Basket of Memories,” Bill tells of parting ways with his o
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Denizens Of The Old Grounds
Codfish keep me thinking. They are the reason I walk the winter docks, and why I have older fishermen as friends. Cod are the reason I sometimes spread worn paper charts across my dining room table and run my fingers along the fathom curves. I rememb
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Anglers Journal picked up eight Boating Writers International awards earlier this year, including four first-place wins and a sweep of the Profiles category, as well as a certificate of merit. For this edition of the annual journalism contest, 112 wr
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Popular For A Reason
You could say I’ve been a bass fan since my first encounter with a largemouth at age 6 or 7. Once summer vacation arrived, our family vacated our apartment in Manhattan, where my parents were college English professors, and headed north. My brother T
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Angler's Journal
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Deep-diving Slasher
Ever since I first went to sea with my uncle, Capt. Bill Dunn, I’ve been fascinated with swordfish. On a slick, calm August day in 1981, running out of Shinnecock Inlet on Long Island, my uncle calmly proclaimed, “Swordfish, 1 o’clock.” We were on th
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High Stakes Threat
We’re sitting in an 18-foot skiff at the head of the Kvichak River next to the village of Igiugig, looking out over Lake Iliamna. It’s the beginning of September, and during the summer more than 2 million sockeye salmon swam upstream to lay eggs in a
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Perfect Predator
Rush hour on North Carolina’s Hatteras Island starts long before sunrise. Pickup trucks, minivans and station wagons snake down Highway 12 on their way to local marinas. In the parking lot of Hatteras Harbor, diesel fumes and excited voices fill the
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Basket of Memories
I recently said goodbye to my oldest piece of fishing tackle: a split-willow wicker creel I bought at Abercrombie and Fitch in San Francisco when the company still specialized in sporting goods. I was partial to Abercrombie because I grew up outside
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Fluke On The Fly
It will be at least two hours before the sun comes up as we speed eastbound on State Route 404 toward Cape Henlopen, Delaware. I’m packed inside the cab of a cranky diesel pickup truck with one of my best fishing pals and a friend of his, all of us s
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Of Trout and Marriage
Nikea and I will be married at the pond in June. It’s really an old reservoir. A dam of cut stone laid across a small brook-trout stream that flows east off the Allegheny Front. The dam is old, circa 1923. The stones are older. During the past two de
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One thing I’ve noticed in my travels is that the best fishing is usually in places that are almost impossible to reach. Magdalena Bay, in Baja, Mexico, is one such place. I’d heard stories for years about the fantastic run of striped marlin that appe
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The King’s Head
It’s easy to see why zoologist Achille Valenciennes in 1847 named the tarpon Megalops atlanticus — “Atlantic big eye.” Indeed, at close range, a 100-pound tarpon’s golf-ball-sized eye, with its massive, gold-rimmed pupil, is mesmerizing. Imagining wh
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Fish after Fish
The reports of huge numbers of striped marlin being caught from mega-sportfish yachts off Magdalena Bay in Baja, Mexico, in the Pacific have been astonishing. At times, well more than 200 marlin a day have been caught by a single boat. Last winter, A
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Memories That Stick
Before my father and I became business associates, we were fishing partners. I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship since his passing a month shy of his 97th birthday. Some people would say his life was defined by his service in World War II
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Never Gets Old
My first visit to Magdalena Bay was with Shark Diver magazine two years ago. It was strictly a photography expedition, and I didn’t know what to expect. We ran offshore in a local panga, spotted frigates circling, ran up on them and jumped overboard.
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