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The Working Artist
I’ve been having a clear up of my studio space. This particular big tidy is partially because I’m planning to open my studio to the public this year, but mostly I do it for my benefit and enjoyment. Even if you aren’t about to welcome strangers into
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My first memories of making art are with my grandad. He would spend hours teaching me watercolours and calligraphy. It took me until university to discover printmaking, but I’ve not left the print room since. I love the rich history of printmaking. I
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Diana Armfield
Born in 1920, Diana Armfield was a late starter as a painter. Although she attended three art schools (Bournemouth, The Slade, and the Central School of Art and Design), she studied to be a designer, not a painter. She duly set up a successful design
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Art at Sea
Fresh from sponsoring the inaugural British Art Prize 2021, Viking Cruises has launched its latest ocean ship, Viking Venus. The launch took place in the English Channel, with celebrations led by the ship’s ceremonial godmother, the journalist and br
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Dedication is a wonderful thing. Every artist may have a different reason for why they want to create, yet that irrepressible urge to make art is always an inspiring thing to see. For this issue, leading arts writer Andrew Lambirth has explored the w
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Henry Scott Tuke
The great American painter Edward Hopper famously once said that all he ever wanted to do was “paint sunlight on the side of a house”. Born 24 years previously on 12 June 1858, the Yorkshire-born artist Henry Scott Tuke had similarly modest aims. His
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Linocut PRINT
This project is an introduction to making a reduction linocut. It includes instructions for a simple jig you can make yourself to keep the linocut’s colour layers neatly aligned while you print. Linocut printing is a relief print process: it is the s
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Try Making Prints At Home
Whether you’re a printing pro or a complete beginner, Schmincke’s aqua-Linoprint products are perfect for following in the footsteps of magnificent linocut printmakers. That’s why we’re offering six lucky readers the chance to win a bundle of materia
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I was delighted to discover one of our favourite walks featured in Artists & Illustrators [Issue 430]: the views enjoyed and recorded by LS Lowry of the old town of Berwick-on-Tweed. The harbour, river and coastline are always changing depending upon
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Parks can be as inspirational as anywhere for the landscape painter. My local park has everything I need: sky, trees, water, fields of grass and other foliage. The sky can change frequently, sunlight continually moves altering highlights and shadows,
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Simple Streets
•Paints Azo Yellow Lemon, Azo Yellow Medium, Pyrrole Red, Primary Magenta, Ultramarine Violet, Permanent Blue Violet, Brilliant Blue, Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine), Phthalo Blue, Greenish Blue, Prussian Blue (Phthalo), Phthalo Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt
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Watercolour without Compromise
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours are accessible, versatile and ideal for anyone interested in using watercolour as a medium to express their creativity. High quality, yet affordable, and delivering trusted performance, the range of 40 colours is f
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Take On Tuke
How did you find out about the Watts Gallery residency? London Fine Art Studios, where I studied and now teach, has a relationship with Watts Gallery. From time to time, they collaborate on workshops and live painting demonstrations. An opportunity a
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Tonal Studies
Natural light changes fast, which might result in a loss of consistency when you are painting over an extended period of time. This is where the tone study comes in. It allows us to observe and put down the tones quickly, without worrying about aesth
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3. Saturation
This month, we delve further into the three elements of colour – hue, saturation, and tone – with a closer look at the second of those. Saturation describes the intensity of a colour’s hue, from intense (or saturated) to dull (or desaturated). While
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Clare Curtis
According to local legend, a ghostly dog going by the name of Black Shuck is said to stalk the Fens, fields and graveyards of East Anglia. With his dark, shaggy fur and red, fiery eyes, the dog makes not a sound as he walks yet his howl causes the bl
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Fresh Paint
The past year has inspired many of us to slow down and reconnect with nature, yet one artist who was ahead of the curve in that respect is Kurt Jackson. Over the course of a 40-year career to date, the Cornwall-based painter and Oxford zoology gradua
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FRESH flowers
My recent work has been inspired by gardens and garden flowers, and reflects the movement towards more naturalistic, seasonal planting. I signed up to receive a monthly bucket of flowers from an organic, sustainable local cutting garden, Wolves Lane
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Artists & Illustrators
Group Editor Steve Pill Art Editor Lauren Debono-Elliot Assistant Editor Rebecca Bradbury Contributors Hashim Akib, Grahame Booth, Laura Boswell, Anne-Marie Butlin, Denis John-Naylor, Andrew Lambirth, Sandrine Maugy and Jake Spicer Advertising Manage
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Kirsten Britt
Kirsten Britt was born in 1975 and studied at Wimbledon School of Art. She lives in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, and works part-time in the special educational needs department at St Richard’s Catholic College. Currently setting up a website to sell
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Landscape SPECIAL
Watercolourist GRAHAME BOOTH explains this tricky concept and how it can be used to give a sense of depth to your paintings Painters frequently talk about “depth” in their paintings which is slightly ironic as paintings in general are completely flat
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ARTISTS & ILLUSTRATORS’ Ultimate Brush Guide
The first question to ask is a simple one: with which paint medium do you intend to use the brushes? Art materials manufacturers will often tailor brushes to suit oils, acrylics, watercolours and more, so it pays to know up front. Watercolour brushes
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A Room Of One's Own
Before my studio was built, I painted at the dining room table. This meant that, at times, we were having our dinner kneeling around the coffee table. It all worked OK until our first son started standing up and grabbing the paint. I knew then it was
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Top Tip
To prevent yourself focusing too heavily on any particular detail, keep your gaze moving around the page and don’t let it linger in one place. If you’re really unsure where to place an ink line, sketch it out in pencil first to see how it looks bef
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Letter Of The Month
I really loved your super article on Dominic Avant [Issue 429]. What a beautiful artist. His work has been compared to John Singer Sargent, yet I immediately thought of Joaquín Sorolla – especially in Dominic’s painting Solace. Thank you for bringing
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Go Figure!
1 Get perspective. It’s easy to get pulled into the drawing and forget to stand back so that you can see it properly. Especially at the early stages, get back regularly – if you’re standing at an easel make sure you have a bit of space behind you; if
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Unlock Your Creative Potential
Although the modern world of technology may seem at odds with the teaching of traditional, age-old art methods, the team at London Fine Art Studios has found a way to combine the two, with their online representational art courses. Joining forces wit
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The landscape is a wonderful subject. Yet while it is now recognised as a genre in its own right, it was not a commercially viable art form in the western world until the 18th century. Leonardo da Vinci had been one of the first painters to understan
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Back to Life
In common with many other people, I have spent the last year missing the experience of life drawing. For the past 20 years or so my weekly routine has involved going to life classes. It is a practice that generates its own momentum – the more deeply
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Albert Kiefer
Born in 1960, Albert Kiefer is a professional visual designer who lives and works in Venlo in the Netherlands. He studied a BA in arts and art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and co-founded the visual design company StormHand in 199
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