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Kiln Order
With evidence of kiln sites stretching back 1,700 years, the city of Jingdezhen, in China’s southeastern Jiangxi province, is the de facto national capital of porcelain. And just as its cultural significance can’t be overstated, neither can Studio Zh
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About Time
Completed in 2000, the multi-purpose Sri Aurobindo World Centre for Human Unity is an open-air gathering space for the residents of Auroville in southern India. The circular stage, sheltered by a thick concrete canopy supported by eight radial pillar
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Private Altar
The renovation of a Warsaw apartment overlooking a forested bluff came with many surprises. Commissioned to reconfigure the 220-square-metre space, which consisted of the top two floors of a four-storey tenement, Lukasz Kos encountered what he charac
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Vanity Cases
Simple lines and rugged materials are combined with Able, designed by Davide Vercelli. Hardy enough for commercial spaces, the vanity can be fitted with one of more than 100 washbasins in nine colours. It’s available in two sizes (80 and 100 centimet
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Support Systems
This made-to-measure series for private residences, assisted living centres and other public facilities includes cast-mineral sinks with integrated grab handles and side storage compartments, hinged and L-shaped support rails, shower seats and more.
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The New Germ Warfare
“Just as the iPod changed music and 9/11 changed air travel, COVID-19 will forever change bathroom design,” predicts Jon Dommisse, director of strategy and corporate development at Bradley Corp. For the past 11 years, the century-old Wisconsin-based
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Memphis Revival
With designers, everyday life has a habit of finding its way into their work. For VSHD Design’s Rania Hamed, it was a trip to the Canadian Centre for Architecture that, in part, inspired her recent facility for Dubai’s Warehouse Gym. In Hamed’s third
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Soaking It In
“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure,” Sylvia Plath once wrote, “but I don’t know many of them.” It’s a sentiment shared by many; therapeutic bathing has been woven into cultures and customs for centuries. While rituals surrounding
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Smarten Up
With an unconventional shape and ambient illumination around the base and back, the Numi 2.0 takes kitting out the bathroom to another level. Its corresponding Kohler Konnect app can play music, preheat the seat, program sanitization and auto-flush u
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Elevated Aging
Panoramic views, clean lines and a sleekly curved glass design. In the growing field of residential mobility, it’s a description worthy of only one elevator: Savaria’s new Vuelift Mini. A seamless combination of technical and aesthetic sophistication
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Narrow Escape
Rolling hills and beachside cliffs. Rust-hued soil broken by outcroppings of sedimentary rock. Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province both by land area and population, but its distinct landscape has an outsized place in the national imagi
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Cross Purpose
When married filmmakers Dana Ben-Ari and Nikola Duravcevic bought eight hectares of pristine waterfront property on the North Fork of New York’s Long Island, they dreamed of embarking on a design journey that would be as imaginative as working on a m
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First + Foremost
Can light become material? In the hands of Ichiro Iwasaki, it comes very close. The Japanese designer’s new lighting collection for Spanish manufacturer Vibia — his third for the brand — marries a signature restraint with the playful, often philosoph
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The Long View
The property at the bend in the road, high on a ridge outside Hamilton, Ontario, displays layers and layers of history. Although the original house — with its lookout tower, its outbuildings and its striking historic features (notably, a porte-cochèr
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5 Things We Learned from Marco Dessí
Originally trained as a dental technician, Viennese designer Marco Dessi has since ditched moulds of teeth for collaborations with brands like Wittmann, La Manufacture and, most recently, renowned 200-year-old outfit Thonet. In addition to furniture,
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Complex Geometry
A fixation on Mexico’s built heritage — the artisanal and vernacular construction techniques, the masterful local interpretations of modernism in the 20th century — has been a common thread in the work of many of the country’s top contemporary archit
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Playing It Cool
During its long history as a nation-state, tiny Lithuania has been a much larger Baltic duchy, a short-lived 20th-century republic, a postwar Soviet satellite and — now independent again — a leader in the field of cybersecurity. It’s a narrative that
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“Architecture Has To Be Generous”
Working out of Lima, Peru, Sandra Barclay and Jean Pierre Crousse have redefined the architectural possibilities of their Latin American milieu. The pair, who operate as Barclay & Crousse, returned to their native country in 2006 after spending 17 ye
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Narrative Threads
Watching Beyoncé’s visual album Black Is King this summer, Studio Anansi founder Evan Jerry recognized a kindred creative spirit. “She’s trying to go back to the root of Blackness,” he says, “but also asking: What if Blackness had the opportunity to
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New Zealand designer David Trubridge first launched Cloud in 2008 with a thin frosted plastic skin before pulling it from the market until more sustainable components could be used. The recently reissued fixture now comprises 95 per cent natural mate
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Changing Keys
Few firms are as adept at remastering historic buildings as Herzog & de Meuron. From the Tate Modern in London to Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, founders Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron have proven time and again that strategic preservation is as inn
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To celebrate its 110th year, Del Savio 1910 launched nine new ranges of bold stone tiles. These include the circles and squares of 60-by-60- and 30-by-30-centimetre Icon and Vision (both shown far right) and the darting red lines of 60-by-120-centime
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Wood Working
In the age of COVID-19, manufacturing has to be done differently. To that end, the American Hardwood Export Council inaugurated Connected, a project inviting nine designers to develop timber products fit for life in lockdown. Among the cohort was Val
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New York’s Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum announced the nine winners of the 21st annual National Design Awards in early October. “From shaping our parks and buildings to transforming the creative infrastructure and the ways we tell our stor
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Depth of Surface
The versatile and innovative 2021 Formica Specialty Collection introduces an expansive palette of natural woodgrains and sophisticated metals — not to mention the marquee acrylic Everform Solid Surface collection — to an array of interior spaces, fro
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Graphic Adaptaion
For a creative company, one way to avoid the intractable cycle of moving to an affordable neighbourhood, helping to earn it a hip cachet, then being priced out and having to start all over again is to buy your own property. Or, better yet, to build i
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Turning the Tide
Geof Ramsay’s studio overlooks the harbour in Saint John, New Brunswick. Each day, he watches as ships arrive in port and others disappear into the Atlantic. As with any designer, his surroundings are an important influence. And it’s been his mission
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“The Social Element Of Our Architecture Is The Most Important For Us”
An archipelago of 10 volcanic isles, Cape Verde sits at the confluence of Africa, Europe and South America. It’s here, at the edge of continents, that architects Eloisa Ramos (a native of Santo Antão, in the northern part of the chain) and Moreno Cas
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Design Technology
Odds are, you’re reading this at home. In a year that’s upended daily routines and lifestyles the world over, residences have also become offices, gyms and more. As life at home continues to evolve and adapt, so too should the technology — and the de
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