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Editor’s Note
The past year has been traumatic. Now, as vaccines are administered and businesses reopen, the world turns to renewal and rebuilding. The journalism industry is no exception. Since last spring, for all the excellent pandemic reporting we’ve seen—cove
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Daniel Sanders
42 years old Florida Recorded Jan. 21, 2021 5:30AM I get up, consume a little caffeine, and sit for fifteen minutes while that kicks in. I shake the cobwebs out, then peruse the National Review app on my phone. I read an article that’s sort of a “Goo
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The People We Call Journalists
Some reporters are given credentials, by a government or a private organization. Increasingly, technology companies like Facebook are taking on the role of deciding who is a “verified” news source. But it’s not always clear which outlets and personal
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In the aftermath of the deadly Capitol insurrection, technology platforms were forced to acknowledge their role in poisoning the media atmosphere, as the principal distributors of digital news and the sources of so much misinformation. Facebook, Twit
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Showing Up
A few years ago I was reporting in Mexico, traveling from shelter to shelter along the United States border. In a refuge in central Tijuana, a group of children played on a dusty concrete porch. The shelter, built for asylum seekers coming from the s
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They Really Like Me
Most every weekday, Philip DeFranco sits down in front of a camera to face the internet. Behind him is what looks like a man cave: red walls; a black leather couch with red and silver throw pillows; “industrial chic” knickknack shelves showcasing a g
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Viewers Like You
Last summer, people across the United States flooded out of their homes, which had been converted to quarantine bunkers, and into the streets, risking one crisis in protest of another. It was not the first time that demonstrations against state-spons
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Rethinking The Means Of Production
Much of what makes journalism what it is, really, is how it’s made: the ethical standards, labor arrangements, reportorial methods, packaging, and distribution. Contracts must be agreed upon, terms with sources set. There are rules of engagement for
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Hung Nguyen
63 years old Virginia Recorded Jan. 20, 2021 7:45AM I look at on my iPhone for news updates. I note an article reporting that some Trump supporters think he’s about to declare martial law—and they’re excited. First thing in the morning, this
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On the Edge
A few years ago, on a July afternoon in Shanghai, I descended an escalator at the Science and Technology Museum, headed to a vast underground market, and switched on my iPhone’s video recorder. I placed the phone in the breast pocket of my shirt, len
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Sumari Barnes
25 years old California Recorded Feb. 9, 2021 6:30AM I check today’s stocks on the TD Ameritrade app around the time the market opens. I scroll below my own portfolio to see if any business news catches my eye. I don’t wake up for the stock market, b
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Looks Authentic
1. In 1964, Richard Hofstadter, writing about what he called the “Paranoid Style in American Politics,” observed that its distinguishing trait was a “curious leap in imagination that is always made at some critical point in the recital of events.” On
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Journalism Emerging Through The Cracks
In an ideal world, the news would be consumed not only within a certain bubble—“a self-created and self-referring class,” as Joan Didion once described it—but by everyone, everywhere. It would be accessible, in terms of language and form; intelligent
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Jarred Irby
35 years old Missouri Recorded Dec. 31, 2020 9:00AM I wake up and check the iPhone notifications from a group chat with friends. One of my friends has texted “RIP Joe Clark.” I Google this and learn that Joe Clark, a New Jersey principal, has died. M
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Special Delivery
Over the past decade, amid the decline of the physical newspaper and the rise of online clickbait, journalists have often been driven by the same question: How do we get people to see our coverage? Audience engagement has grown into a vital, if still
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Ainslie Vandersluis
53 years old Michigan Recorded Jan. 13, 2021 7:30AM I wake up to WCSG, a local Christian radio station. I listen to the morning news, the weather, and the traffic report. 8:15AM On my phone, I open my email app and see a newsletter from MLive, a loca
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Passion Projects
Nearly forty years ago, in the fall of 1981, more than three thousand writers gathered at New York’s Roosevelt Hotel for the American Writers Congress. They had traveled from as far away as Florida, California, and Texas, and had arrived at the openi
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Reid Barden
17 years old North Carolina Recorded Jan. 8, 2021 9:00AM I wake up and sit in bed for a while to scroll through Instagram. I see several interesting posts from Fox News, Prager University, and Newsmax. I get almost all of my news from Instagram, prob
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As I See It
When Kamille Whittaker began working on Canopy, a journalism project in Atlanta, she thought of something she’d studied during her undergraduate days, at Howard University: Mbongi, a Congolese learning practice. The idea of Mbongi was to “gather arou
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Avatars of Anxiety
In February 2020, there was an unsung development in the realm of dystopian technology, upon the release of the music video for the Strokes song “Bad Decisions.” The video begins with a shot of a woman, bored at home, who amuses herself by pushing a
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A Day In The Life Of News
There comes a point when a journalist’s work is done, and news enters the view of its audience. Sometimes people follow coverage deliberately and purposefully; just as often, we engage haphazardly or inattentively. There is a sense of mystery in how
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Carrying On In The Face Of Uncertainty
Report all the news you want. The reality of our media ecosystem is such that any story—no matter how consequential and well-vetted—is liable to come up against suspicion, or outright dismissal. Trust in the press is at an all-time low, which means t
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Publishing Power
ABOUT THE NUMBERS CJR counted the number of biographies, White House and campaign memoirs, investigations, and policy examinations published about each president while he served in office. Sources included the Library of Congress, the Ronald Reagan P
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Staring Contest
To be at the center of a media frenzy is to be sucked into a vortex. Eventually, you get spit out. But even if you’re able to get back where you came from, nothing is ever the same, because it’s been documented in stories broadcasting a bizarro versi
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YouTube’s Playbook
In February, a blog post appeared on YouTube’s website. The company had updated its election-related policies, it said; content would be removed if it had been “technically manipulated or doctored in a way that misleads users and may pose a serious r
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Chaos Theory
Michael Bang Petersen, Mathias Osmundsen, and Kevin Arceneaux, a team of political scientists, don’t concern themselves with what people believe. Belief is a private act, they say. People tend to believe information not because it’s factual, not beca
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“This Is a Moment for Imagination”
THIS SPRING, amid a global pandemic and an unprecedented presidential campaign season, a number of Black Americans—including Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and George Floyd—lost their lives to police violence. In June, CJR convened three longtime write
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End Note
Some political acts take place in public, others in private. The former—protests, speeches, social media posts—are readily accessible for journalists to cover. The latter can be harder to see, especially when people are sheltering in place. Who, by t
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YouTube’s Psychic Wounds
There are times when I get in a YouTube mood and I lose a day, maybe two, watching video clips. Often this happens when I can’t sleep. I turn my phone sideways and wander the vast metropolis of the uploaded, in search of novelty, history, laughter, m
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