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Meet The Editing Pro
Jord Hammond is a travel photographer and storyteller from the UK. His clients include Adobe, Canon, Visit Dubai and Hong Kong Tourism Board. He has nearly 760,000 followers on Instagram and runs regular workshops and online courses. Head to www.jord
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Fujifilm has given the X-E4 the same 26.1MP APS-C format sensor and X Processor 4 as its other recent cameras including the X-T4 and X100V. There are 18 Film Simulation modes available including the new Eterna Bleach Bypass and popular Classic Chrome
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Top Editing Steps
1 Black and White Points Set up the overall contrast of the shot by setting the Black and White Points in Lightroom or camera Raw. Move the sliders until just before clipping occurs. This will ensure you have a good starting point without loss of det
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Multicultural And Multi-faith Wedding Photography
Everyone loves a good wedding. There’s nothing better than witnessing the love and union between two people surrounded by their closest family and friends. As the world comfortably progresses into the 21st century we are seeing more and more people f
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Include People?
I’ve been asked to photograph my local pub and they want interior shots of the restaurant as well as drinks and food. Should I include people in these images? When I asked they said to me whatever looks best… but I’m unsure! Kate Smith In any area o
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Edit The Shot
1 Black and White points Define the overall tonal range by pushing the Whites slider to the right and Blacks to the left, until just before detail begins to be clipped. This will add contrast to the shot and ensure oil-like density. 2 Control shado
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Practical Special Effects
1 Explore objects Look for transparent items made from glass or plastic. The material choice will alter the appearance of the subject when you shoot through it, so try both options. 2 Arrange props For this shot we placed the flower head between tw
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Harry Wheeler-Brand
Landscape pro Harry has been shooting since the age of 13, but his sole focus is now on helping others to improve their photography. With his company Harrybehindthelens, he leads inspirational photography workshops in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Camb
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Digital Photographer UK
Editor Lauren Scott 0330 390 6246 Senior Designer Neo Phoenix Production Editor Catherine Hood Technique Editor Peter Fenech Senior Art Editor Warren Brown Content Director Chris George Product photography Bath Photo Studio
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Shoot a Renaissance Still Life
Difficulty level: Intermediate Time taken: 2 hours Oil paintings have an aesthetic which is highly theatrical, and they often look as if they are taking place under stage lighting – a theme which can be pushed further by the content of the image. Me
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Canon RF 600mm f/11 IS STM
DOWNLOAD TEST SHOTS PRICE: £749 ($699) FOCUS DISTANCE: 4.5m WEIGHT: 930g We’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Canon’s R&D department revealed the RF 600mm f/11 IS STM to the marketing team – this was never goi
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Plan Shoot Timings With Apps
Use an app such as PhotoPills to plan out your landscape shoots in advance. PhotoPills, for example, shows you the different phases of the sun on any given date, so you can get to know when the light will be transitioning between daytime, the golden
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Why Shots Work
NAME: James Purefoy, London DATE: 4 December 2019 KIT: Canon 5D MK IV & Canon 85mm f/1.2L USM X2 Bowens XMT 500s Lastolite LL Ls2954 Ezybox II Octa with Grid mounted Bowens Snoot Cone Lastolite Collapsible Background 1.5 x 1.8m Black/White X3 Aveng
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Top Tips For Artistic Macro Shots
1 Directional lighting Try using off-camera flash or diffused sunlight to add sparkle and shape to close-up subjects. 2 Create layers Align the camera to feature clear foreground, middle and background elements for an immersive feel. 3 Avoid empty
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Nikkor Z 20mm f/1.8 S
PRICE: £999 ($1,047) FOCUS DISTANCE: 20cm WEIGHT: 505g Nikon’s Z system can be rather confusing. A number of its lenses are inexplicably large, and while it can be argued that small dimensions are not a critical feature of mirrorless optics, most m
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Image Stabilisation
IS can be a useful feature in a macro lens – high magnifications exaggerate camera shake excessively, making handheld macro a challenge. While any IS (or VR, OIS etc.) feature will help reduce blur, some modes are more helpful than standard functions
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Sony Xperia PRO Is More Than A Phone
Sony has released the Xperia PRO in Europe and it is pitched as far more than a personal communication device. Sony is calling the product a phone, 4K video monitor and 5G streaming device. As the company’s flagship smartphone it is no surprise that
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Abigail’s Top Tips For Multi-faith Weddings
Do your research Find out about aspects of the ceremony you’re not sure about. Be aware of cultural sensitivities and prepare to work around these if needed. Dress for comfort Make sure you are wearing comfortable and quiet shoes – you are sure to b
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Canon To Launch World’s First AF Shift Lenses?
Canon is reportedly poised to release a world first in the optical development industry – a range of tilt/shift lenses featuring autofocus capability. This is a big deal for landscape, architecture and commercial photographers, since all perspective
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Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro
Price: from £1,897/$2,495 body only The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro (the BDPCC 6K Pro) is the long-winded name for the latest model in Blackmagic Design’s Super 35 format digital film camera line. The Super 35 sensor measures 23.1x12.99mm, which put
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“Knowing Where, When And How The Light Will Shine Gives You The Edge Over Other Photographers”
Knowing where, when and how the light will shine gives you the edge over other photographers. Although summer light gets a bad reputation – for being too bright, too low, or too early to take advantage of – the season also provides an incredibly vers
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The Pink Lady® Food POTY Awards 2021
Over the next few pages, we’ve picked some of our favourite winning images from the 2021 Pink Lady® Food POTY Awards, which is now in its tenth year. Open to professionals and non-professionals, old and young, the competition celebrates the best in f
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Harry’s 5 Tips For A Photo Guide
Call upon your own specialist knowledge Volumes of information that you have personally encountered on location will help with giving advice for others to follow. Make the book rugged Printing is extremely important. The book has to be built for the
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Pro Case Study
Abigail, tell us more about what you do. I’ve always loved capturing beautiful moments, from assisting with a photoshoot of Princess Diana at the start of my career, to photographing for different companies and magazines around the world. I set up A
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WIN! Prizes from Affinity
With our next competition, Macro Magic, it’s time to look closer! For this round we want to see macro and closeup images with a difference. Look beyond the standard and capture creative images of plants and animals, with a focus on colour, light and
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Reverse Lenses
A technique which seems to have fallen out of favour in recent years, reversing lenses is a fantastic way to get creative macro images, with amazing levels of detail. A reversing ring fits to the forward screw thread on your lens and enables reverse-
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Work With Backgrounds
It’s surprisingly easy to overlook the background of a macro shot. We tend to associate macro with super-shallow depth of field, meaning we expect the background to be significantly out of focus in most images we shoot. This can lead to a clumsiness
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Hot Stuff
What first drew you to photographing volcanoes? I’ve always had a great fascination with nature and all the various ways it plays a role in the world. With volcanoes, I think what first drew me to photographing them is how I was able to literally do
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Career Advice
I’m a student photographer with a love for fine art photography and I’m keen to sell my prints online. Could you recommend any platforms that cater to the more abstract and arty side of photography? Sam Howells There are many websites and platforms
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Create A Macro Landscape
1 The ingredients To create this shot you will need some moss for the base, dandelion seeds to use as trees, a spray bottle for water droplets, tweezers to place the seeds into the moss, and you may also need a torch for additional light. 2 Set up
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