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Tones Behind The Tracks
Matt Berry is well known for his starring roles in TV comedy series such as The IT Crowd, Toast Of London and Year Of The Rabbit. But he is also a committed musician who’s released a string of acclaimed albums on the Acid Jazz label. A multi-instrume
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Under The Hood
Two steel pins protrude from the underside of the neck and locate into steel inserts in the French alder’s neck pocket. There is no way this neck can be misaligned, either in manufacturing or with an impact, like a standard Fender. The body cavities
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New Album: Fire It Up
This is Steve Cropper’s first album for a decade. His last release was Dedicated: A Salute To The 5 Royales, and before that two albums with vocalist Felix Cavaliere. All were co-produced with old friend Jon Tiven. But Steve calls this “the first rea
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Alvin Lee’s ‘Big Red’ 1958 Gibson Es-335
The late British blues dynamo Alvin Lee made his heavily modded ‘Big Red’ ES-335 immortal when he used it to perform a blistering set with Ten Years After at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 ■
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1993 Prs Dragon II
Representing the pinnacle of finely embellished electric guitar making at PRS in Maryland, this early Dragon II was No. 30 of a highly limited run of 100 instruments whose intricate inlays were made by Pearl Works ■
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Brian May’s Red Special
Easily the most famous home-built electric of all time, Brian May’s Red Special is indelibly associated with his playing. Its sound, via a trio of Burns Tri-Sonic pickups and versatile switching, is as unique as its styling ■
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Strat’s Entertainment
I bought my Strat in February of 1978, so little surprise that the frets started to go wonky some time (over a decade) ago. During lockdown I decided it was time so I got quotes from professionals for a refret and lacquering. Being tight and poor I h
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1959 Gretsch White Falcon
Designed to outshine Gibson’s opulent Super 400, this glorious ’59 6137 sports a gold-plated B6G Bigsby vibrato and dual Filter’Tron humbucking pickups, although earlier Falcons had Dynasonic single coils ■
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RD Compact Hot Rod
Anyone who liked the idea of Origin’s original larger-format RevivalDRIVE pedals but not the price, or just wanted a simpler and smaller version more suited to pedalboard use, was well served by the RevivalDRIVE Compact. Its reduced, easily navigated
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The Evolution of the Fender Stratocaster – 1954–1960
Work on the Telecaster’s successor commences Synchronized Tremolo vibrato system design completed Earliest known Stratocaster (serial number 0100) Full-scale production; ash body; 2-tone sunburst; white single-ply pickguard; round string-tree
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Blues Headlines
Tutor Richard Barrett | Gear used Knaggs Kenai & Kemper Profiler Difficulty 20 mins THIS ISSUE, I felt it would be interesting to draw a distinction between soloing in a clearly defined blues-based approach and one that uses the guitar as a lead i
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1964 Rose Morris 1996 1964 Rose Morris 1993
“The Rose Morris guitars are interesting because they were a by-product of The Beatles’ association with the brand,” says Martin. “The Beatles still loom large in the Rickenbacker story today and they were the catalyst for the Rose Morris deal. That
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Is It A Keeper?
Paul Reed Smith: “I tune it and I play it. I play single notes then I play chords. I trust my experience. It’s not complicated. I go at it like a musician. How does it sound? How does it play? How does it look? How comfortable is it? What do I like a
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1902 Martin 00-45s
The second-oldest of the guitars featured in this collection, the 00-45S is also one of the most beautiful. Featuring a Brazilian rosewood body, the ‘S’ denotes a ‘special’ spec, which here includes the ornate ‘Tree of Life’ inlay ■
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Want to see something in the mag? Tell us at Reader David Elliott would like to know more about Gibson’s first ever reissue… I very much enjoyed the article on Anniversary Gibson Les Pauls in issue 471. As if most of us don’
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Torpedos Away
Victory’s innovative V4 preamp pedals have proved to be a runaway success. The clever design adds a new foot-switchable front-end to any amplifier with an effects loop, transforming many a tired rig into a modern tone monster. Early last year, Victor
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Also Try...
Don’t need the hot rodding? The Compact offers a practical route to authentic-sounding vintage amp tones and some overdrive that’s entirely in tune with the sound of your own amp. With a choice of IR speaker cabs and adjustable room sound, the Marsha
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Double’s No Trouble
Today’s double-session day at Abbey Road’s Studio Two involves some gear experiments for me. I’ve been asked to provide a DI unit for the morning and a traditional amp for the afternoon. The sessions are for two separate composers who have booked the
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Dunlop Pedals
Full-sized treadle pedals such as an original Cry Baby can take up a lot of space on your ’board, but then again some compact versions are sometimes a bit too small. Somewhere between those two extremes sits this new pair from Dunlop, designed in col
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Rory Gallagher’s 1961 Fender Stratocaster
Few guitars bear such graphic evidence of the sheer volume of music that has passed through them than Irish blues legend Rory Gallagher’s iconic ’61 Strat, bought when Rory was a teen but played until his passing in 1995 ■
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1958 Gibson Flying V
Few guitar outlines are as iconic as Gibson’s Flying V. While later versions of the model found fame in the hands of Hendrix and others, fewer than 100 of the original korina-wood Flying Vs of were made between 1958 and 1959 ■
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Sophomore release from rock’s most controversial band Here’s a band that sparks debate whenever their name comes up in conversation. When they made their debut, the comparisons to Led Zeppelin attracted praise and vitriol in equal measure. But if an
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1987 Ibanez Jem
No player defined the flamboyant creativity of the shred era more than Steve Vai – and the signature guitar he created with Ibanez, the JEM, was as game-changing as the player himself, finished here in Desert Yellow ■
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Variations On A Theme
One of the most insightful pieces of advice any musician can be given is: it’s not what you play, it’s how you play it. On the guitar this is particularly pertinent, given its ability to produce different tones depending on the way the string is stru
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1930 Martin Om-45 Deluxe
Only 14 examples of this exquisite OM-45 were built back in the 30s and it remains one of the most beautiful guitars Martin has ever made, with its ornately inlaid tortoiseshell scratchplate and bridge with snowflake inlays ■
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Lavender Lilac Teles
“Lavender Lilac Fenders are incredibly rare, and we’ve got three of them at Well Strung Guitars at the moment. Two 1971 Lavender Lilac Telecaster Thinlines: one with a rosewood ’board and purple pickguard, and the other with a maple ’board. They made
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David Gilmour’s 1969 Fender Stratocaster
Immortalised as ‘The Black Strat’ in David Gilmour’s hands, this ’69 model Fender was bought in Manny’s Music in New York and was very heavily modded during its time with Pink Floyd. It sold at auction for $3.9m in 2019 ■
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In issue 495 you invited readers to write about their first instruments. Strictly speaking, mine was a home-build, made by a fellow boarder at the Sussex grammar school to which we both went in 1953. The Woodwork Club, housed in a windowless bomb she
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Parallel Pedal Processing
When we first get into pedals, I’m sure we all start out with the classic serial signal chain. You know, we take our guitar, jam it into the input of our first pedal and from there it all just neatly flows from right to left until we hit our amp. So
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The Rivals
If you think this is still too big and three footswitches will work for you, the smaller HX stomp is available for under £400. If you want to buy into Line 6 but are looking for a less expensive standalone unit with a treadle, there’s also the POD Go
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