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The Innovation Secret
Take a look around you right now. At the seat you’re sitting on. The shirt you’re wearing. The light bulbs illuminating the space you’re in. The phone in your pocket. Maybe the earbuds in your ears. If these items have anything in common, it is tha
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Barbershop Quartet
Rockwell knew the appeal of nostalgia, and how Americans loved evocative images from America’s past. So when he painted long-ago scenes for the Post, he’d include historical details that added authenticity to the image. For this 1936 cover, he turned
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See Your Story Published Here!
The 2022 Great American Fiction Contest is now underway. One winner will receive $1,000 and publication in the magazine, and five runners-up will win $200 and publication online. To enter, visit ■
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Anyone can frame and hang pictures in neat rows, but why not share your family history and travel highlights in a way that expresses your personal style? Bohemian: Clip pictures to trendy fairy lights or to a rustic macramé hanging as shown in the ph
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Renew Your Passport Now
If the promise of the new vaccine has propelled you into trip-planning mode, now’s the ideal time to double-check the expiration date on your passport. While the U.S. allows folks to travel until the day it expires, many countries won’t accept visito
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Red Goodbye School , Little House
Today the country schools are being underfed, undernourished, to an extent which scarcely anyone seems to realize. Of the funds spent for education in America, 23 percent goes to the common schools of the cities and only 9 percent to those of the cou
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Mending Library
Last summer, 8-year-old Madison F. of New Jersey set out to learn more about diversity. And she figured others could benefit from it, too — especially kids. With libraries closed due to COVID, she took matters into her own hands and opened a small li
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Losing It
Question: Dotty, my middle-aged calico cat, is losing the hair between her eyes and ears. It doesn’t seem to bother her, and her coat is thick everywhere else. What is causing this? Answer: Dotty may have feline pattern baldness, or preauricular alo
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Budget Hacks
You fear that you won’t do enough for your children. You want them to have the best of everything. It becomes silly, says Mrs. Stapleton; American children have too much done for them. You underestimate what you spend for clothes. Eight out of ten p
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Who Wants To Read About Married Men?
We view with some misgivings the advent of a new magazine with the title The American Husband. Obviously, this is not for husbands, but rather about them. The question is: How? Is it about husbands the same way Dog World is about dogs or more as the
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Seriously Good Film and TV
An entire generation has grown up since Eddie Murphy starred as African crown prince Akeem in 1988’s Coming to America. And while some sequels have a sense of desperation about them, this one feels like a reunion with old friends. Despite the 33-year
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Congratulations on the 200th anniversary of the Post. I wish you many more. In the late 1940s, when I was in elementary school, I was playing in front of my home in Chicago. A man asked me if I was interested in making money selling magazines, includ
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Herding Goats At Squashville Farm
It happens at least once a week: The goats commit jailbreak. They nibble, squirm, and leap their way out of the two-acre space where they are supposed to stay put. Inevitably, they’ll find their way onto the deck, the driveway, the front steps, the s
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Painting A Story
Our second issue of 2021, celebrating our 200th anniversary, is a salute to the Post’s iconic, storytelling covers. The greatness of The Saturday Evening Post is rooted in how accurately it reflected American life. In the fiction and articles it prin
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The Saturday Evening Post
Publisher Joan SerVaas Associate Publisher and Editorial Director Steven Slon Executive Editor Patrick Perry, M.P.H. Managing Editor Andy Hollandbeck Health Editor Wendy Braun, R.N. West Coast Editor Jeanne Wolf Staff Writers Troy Brownfield, Nichola
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Woolen Stylish Shoes
If you were a wealthy or middle-class woman living in British America around the time of the Revolution, you probably owned a pair of calamanco shoes. Like sneakers or black pumps today, calamancos were the everyday footwear of early American life: p
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Apropos Of Nothing
The original title of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury was Twilight. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight was originally called Forks. A group of cats is called a clowder. It’s believed that humans’ skin evolved to wrinkle in water as a method to avoi
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Travel Abroad Without A Passport
MIAMI— I hear the staccato rap of the congas several blocks before I spy the salsa trio and the dancer, dressed in a canary yellow cha-cha-cha costume, who sways back and forth in the doorway. It’s not quite noon, yet brunch is teeming with revelers,
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Six Is Enough
Spring is right around the corner. While the temperature may still be playing catch-up with the calendar, kick off the new season with fresh dinner ideas that are perfect for busy weeknight dinners. Like you, I know what a busy life feels like. Somet
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The Grid: As Easter Nears, Our Thoughts Turn To ... Eggs!
The Big Bird Theory: The first known globe to depict the New World was engraved on an ostrich egg in 1504. A crack in the sky: According to Greek myth, the universe originated from a silver cosmic egg known as the Orphic Egg. A charmed life: Russia
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Top 10 Reads
Jamie Conklin can see what others cannot, and despite his mother’s best efforts to keep his talents a secret, Conklin is called on by the NYPD to track down a killer. Turns out, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. For fans of Ann Patchett and Cel
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Fool’s Gold
Otto Muller sat on a wooden chair outside the front door of his house, smoking his pipe and listening to the morning birdcalls. He sat there most days before starting work, usually holding a cup of his sister Elsa’s coffee and watching the sun rise a
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Protecting Our Parklands
In 1921, the editors paid tribute to John Barton Payne, the recently replaced Secretary of the Interior and a diligent champion of America’s national parks, who opposed every attempt to use them for commercial purposes Some people think that they c
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The Vault
Goldie Hawn was plain-looking as a young girl: “I’d cry a lot and run home to Mom and ask, ‘When am I going to be a wow, like other girls?’ Mom always used to reply, ‘Don’t worry, Goldie, one of these days you won’t be able to control all those boys
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The Year Of Television
As the vaccine continues to roll out and we cautiously look forward to a pandemic-free future, it’s time to fess up to an increased dependence on TV — at least for those of us who have been obediently staying home as much as possible this past year.
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The Plot Thickens
In 1982, Kathy Salyer bought four contiguous gravesites (Lot 14) and a fifth plot (Gravesite 15) directly north of them in Washington Regular Baptist Church Cemetery near Versailles, Indiana. For each plot, she paid $75 and received a certificate of
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Apps for Gardeners
From Seed to Spoon. Best days and ways to sow garden vegetables. Moon & Garden. Maintain your organic garden with tips based on phases of the moon. Garden Tags. Ask questions and get solutions from experts and hobbyist gardeners. SmartPlant Home. Poi
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The Logophile
1. The charity _ _ _ _ funds to seven nonprofits. a. disbursed b. dispersed 2. A matutinal gift would be given a. to a mother. b. to an elderly person. c. in the morning. 3. Stuart likes CALMNESS but not STILLNESS, DEFENSE but not OFFENSE, and RESP
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All Baseball, All the Time
Giants Coach Leo Durocher has always maintained that the talk about Willie Mays’ “batting weaknesses” was nonsense. “All hitters,” Durocher declares, “are streak hitters. When Willie is hitting, he just overpowers any weakness he might have. When he’
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Covid Vaccines
Clinical pharmacist board-certified in ambulatory care Millions are rolling up their sleeves for a COVID shot. Yet many others remain wary of the new vaccines. For those on the fence: 1. Follow the research. Track vaccine availability, safety, and
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