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Why Haven’t Contact Tracing Apps Done More To Stop COVID-19?
WHEN NEVADA’S DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH and human services launched one of the nation’s first COVID-19 contact-tracing smartphone apps on Aug. 24, state authorities “strongly recommend[ed]” all 3 million-plus Nevadans make use of the mobile public-health
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Riz Ahmed
This year, you released an album (The Long Goodbye), co-created one film (Mogul Mowgli) and starred in another (Sound of Metal). Is there a common thread tying these projects together? The idea of apocalyptic events being the start of something is qu
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Animal Auctions
A trio of breeders pooled funds to purchase a 6-month-old Texel lamb with “all the best genetics,” as British newspaper the Guardian reported, at an auction in Scotland in August. The price? Nearly $490,000. Charles Herbster, chairman of President Tr
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A rocket's historic voyage ON NOV. 15, SPACEX’S FALCON 9 ROCKET LIFTED OFF FROM Cape Canaveral for its first fully operational mission—54 years, to the day, after U.S. astronauts Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean northeas
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Giving Thanksgiving
Texas-based grocery chain H-E-B usually spends November preparing for the city of Houston’s annual Thanksgiving parade. But this year—with tens of thousands of Texans fighting COVID-19 infections and millions of Americans still out of work—that parad
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Hawaii’s Reopening Kindles Old Tensions
AT ALA MOANA BEACH PARK, NEAR DOWNTOWN HONOLULU, lifeguard Mo Freitas is ready for the water to get a bit more crowded. When Hawaii Governor David Ige in March instituted a mandatory two-week self-quarantine for anyone coming to the state, the move e
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How To End Trump’s Conspiracies
Weeks after the votes were counted and winner named, two realities are clear. First, Donald Trump is growing increasingly unhinged in his quest to retain his grip on power. Second, only conservative media can prevent vast segments of the GOP base fro
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Swing And A Miss
PlayStation’s new Spider-Man: Miles Morales game was uniquely positioned to respond to our current moment. Instead, its creator Insomniac bends over backward to avoid any nuanced conversation about racism in policing. While there’s lots to love, like
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Grieving My Mother’s Death Without The Reassurance Of Rituals
THIS YEAR ON MY MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY, IN OCTOBER, I WOKE up from one of many dreams I’ve had about her since her death. I’d been sitting with family and friends in my grandmother’s backyard, our lawn chairs scattered across a carpet of sun-dappled grass
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Far From Over
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The Toll On Doctors
THE WEIGHT OF THE PANDEMIC FIRST CAUGHT UP WITH NEW York City ER physician Jane Kim in April. After spending weeks caring for seriously ill patients, she learned of four deaths among her “work family.” Three died of the virus, another from suicide. H
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What To Know About Vaccines
VACCINES NORMALLY TAKE DECADES TO DEVELOP and test, but two COVID-19 shots, from Moderna and Pfizer (in partnership with BioNTech), have gone from nonexistent to about 95% effectiveness in 10 months. Public-health officials and governments now have t
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RE “LONG DIVISION” [Nov. 16]: The rift that needs to be healed is the rural-urban divide as symbolized by the nation’s political map. The Democrats’ solution of abolishing the Electoral College is about winning the national contest but does nothing a
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The Test We Need
WE ARE AT WAR WITH A VIRUS THAT IS CURRENTLY KILLING Americans at the rate of two 9/11s a week—by Christmas it could be three. If 1,000 Americans were dying each day in a war, we would act swiftly and decisively. Yet we do not. The virus is winning.
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For the Record
Number of queens—each capable of forming her own colony—found in a single “murder hornet” nest destroyed in October in Washington State, confirmed by scientists on Nov. 10 Number of Americans the American Automobile Association expects will travel by
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Lost In The Pandemic
THE SUN HAS BARELY RISEN ABOVE THE GLASSY surface of Long Island Sound. A breeze sweeps over an island half a mile from the Bronx where 15 workers watch a backhoe remove the layer of soil that separates a mass grave from the outside world. There are
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The Overtime Election
IN NORMAL TIMES, THE STATE OF GEORGIA IS HOME to one of the 10 largest economies in the country. While it trails giants like New York and California, its economic might still registers at least twice as large as nine of its Southern neighbors’. And i
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The Populist And The Strongman
TO FIND THE MOST FAMOUS MUSICIAN IN UGANDA, SIMPLY PUNCH HIS NAME INTO UBER. If you follow directions to Bobi Wine Residence or Bobi Wine Road, you’ll eventually find yourself on a rutted mud track that winds through the remnants of an old banana pla
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Hurricane Season Is The Latest Climate Threat Facing Central America
FOR CENTRAL AMERICA, THIS YEAR’S storm season has been relentless. Already struggling under the economic toll of COVID-19, the developing region was battered by Hurricane Eta in early November and had little time to regroup before Hurricane Iota—the
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The 100 Best Inventions Of 2020
Yakima CBX Solar A camping trip no longer means going completely off the grid with Yakima’s new CBX Solar rooftop cargo box. Topped with durable Sunflare solar panels, the $1,299 carrier is equipped with two USB ports and can power your campsite on a
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News Ticker
On Nov. 16, the Trump Administration announced it would begin the process of selling leases for roughly 1.5 million acres of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas companies for drilling, though it’s unclear if sales can be completed
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The 100 Must-read Books Of 2020
REALISTIC FICTION SHORT STORIES SUSPENSE + ALTERED WORLDS HISTORY + POLITICS MEMOIR + ESSAYS SOCIETY + SCIENCE ANNE ENRIGHT A daughter attempts to untangle the past of her mother, a revered star of the stage and screen. Enright undercuts the glamour
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When Power Looks Like Me
THE NEWS THAT JOE BIDEN had won the 2020 election was, especially for many women and people of color, just as much—or more—about his running mate. Upon hearing that Kamala Harris would be the first female, first Black and first Asian-American Vice Pr
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We Are Not Together
AMERICANS HAVE VOTED and, with overwhelming numbers, declared they have had enough of Donald Trump and his political circus. One feels a sense of relief, but victories are rarely complete and total. Millions of Americans believe Joe Biden’s election
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The Return Of Empathy
WHEN RESULTS FIRST began to trickle in on Election Day, I’d already been reliving several days’ worth of PTSD from what I’d experienced in 2016. I was still a single parent then, with two young girls safely asleep in the 660-sq.-ft. apartment we had
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Biden’s Covid-19 challenge
“IF THE PUBLIC-HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, IF DR. [Anthony] Fauci, if doctors tell us we should take it, I would be first in line. If Donald Trump tells us we should take it, then I’m not taking it.” That was Vice President–elect Kamala Harris’ response wh
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The Limits Of ‘Bidencare’
DEMOCRATS HAD HIGH HOPES FOR HEALTH CARE. After winning big on the issue in the 2018 midterms, Democrats swaggered into 2020 convinced they had a mandate to transform the industry. The only question was how best to do it. In the Democratic primary, J
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A Question Of Money
FOR JOE BIDEN, IT’S ECONOMIC CRISIS, VERsion 2.0. The last time he came to work at the White House, amid the Great Recession, the new Vice President spearheaded the Obama Administration’s $787 billion stimulus package, which some Democrats criticized
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Taking Climate Seriously
THIS YEAR’S STRING OF CLIMATE CATASTROPHES is hard to miss. During the 2020 presidential campaign, more named tropical storms made landfall in one U.S. hurricane season than ever before. For the first time this century, a single wildfire burned more
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Recovery Act
AS THE SHADOWS LENGTHENED, FRANKLIN ROOsevelt’s mind returned to the beginning. At his fourth Inaugural, held on Saturday, Jan. 20, 1945—the President had less than three months to live—FDR recalled the words of his old prep school headmaster, Endico
…Или откройте для себя что-то новое