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What You Told Us
The Prison Doctor: Women Inside by Dr Amanda Brown gives an insight into the lives of prisoners and what officers and doctors face. It gave me goosebumps and has changed my views. Nicola Walsh on w&h book club Tell us what you’ve been reading on ou
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A Love To Last A Lifetime
I have fallen in love so hard it hurt when I landed. I have cried, overeaten, not eaten, got drunk, dyed and cut my hair, moved house, moved country, and lost myself entirely in pursuit of romantic adventure. But it has never quite worked out. Intens
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Enjoy 25% OFF with PHASE EIGHT!
At Phase Eight, we’ve been busy ensuring our latest collection is filled with chic and versatile classics you’ll love now and for years to come. Our daywear range features stylish separates to help you build your go-to capsule wardrobe. Try a printed
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Save 15% On The Next Blast Plan!
The online 21 Day Blast Plan will be back in September. I am offering w&h readers 15% off to join us on Saturday 12 September for a wonderful guided journey towards health and fitness – no matter what your level. Please use the code newstart15 when y
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Helen and Richard Spencer had never planned to live in the Oxfordshire village property they bought back in 1997 that has since become their permanent family home. ‘When both cottages next door to where we were living came up for sale, it was too goo
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5 OF THE BEST Historic tales
Her big sister’s wedding is approaching, but Hélène’s orphan friend Annette has a secret that could ruin her family. Truly captivating. Reimagining how Eleanor of Aquitaine inspired her sons to rebel and secure the throne of England. A character-dri
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High Street Heroes
This S/S20 collection was made from a mix of fabric leftover from previous seasons, sustainably sourced viscose, and recycled plastic bottles and textile waste ■
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Gardening gave me A NEW START
Susan Main, 47, works at RHS Harlow Carr, one of the society’s five major gardens in the UK. She lives in Darley, near Harrogate. On the day I got my job as a horticulturist, my mum gave me a mug that read, ‘lawn enforcement officer’. It was a per
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Your ultimate SKINCARE GUIDE
Understanding how to properly care for your skin can be baffling. Many of the questions we get asked are because there are so many different products on the market, so how can you choose what’s right for you? Beauty directors Charley Williams-Howitt
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A Game Changer For Cancer?
With cancer affecting a staggering one in three of us, it’s no surprise that any sign of a so-called ‘cure’ will leave us excited. Chemotherapy has been the customary treatment for cancer, but lately there’s been a heightened buzz around immunothera
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How To Get The Look
✢ Pair together hard, rustic woods with soft, textured accessories. ✢ Make a statement with velvet upholstery in jewel tones. ✢ Add a luxe touch to your living room with brass side tables. ✢ Bring in touches of greenery with faux or fresh arrangement
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It’s been more than 20 years since Lisa’s first book, Ralph’s Party, became an instant bestseller. Sixteen novels later, she is now writing the psychological thrillers she always wanted to, achieving great success with the likes of Then She Was Gone
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Best Beauty Buys
Supercharged exfoliating acids dissolve scalp-clogging dead skin cells. Drunk Elephant & Chris McMillan T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub, £30, spacenk.com Hair-strengthening biotin and castor oil nurture post-lockdown hair. Redken Extreme Length Leave-In Tr
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Mum lived every day feeling anxious. She was anxious about the weather – gloomy days brought on a dark depression, and she dreaded it. She was anxious about timing. Just the thought of being late could send her into a tailspin. She was anxious about
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5 Reasons You Need To Cleanse Your Skin Properly
✢ Unblocks pores by removing make-up and oil to keep spots and blackheads at bay. ✢ Helps slough off the top layer of dead skin cells, making your complexion look more radiant. ✢ Allows your serum and moisturiser to sink deeper into your skin. ✢ Remo
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Types Of Immunotherapy
It’s worth noting that you might hear the same drug or treatment called different things. For example, a type of immunotherapy called checkpoint inhibitors, is also described as a monoclonal antibody or targeted treatment. ✢ These mimic natural anti
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Old-fashioned FAVOURITES
One of Sarah Raven’s favourite annuals, she says antirrhinums have been enjoyed by generations of children, enthralled by the flowers’ dragon-like jaws. Why do you think snapdragons are making a comeback? Vintage and romantic designs for clothes a
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Lisa’s top 3 THRILLERS
This is one of my favourites of the thriller genre, as it’s about someone just arriving in someone else’s life. They come in side stage and no one really notices them until their life starts unravelling, and their dark intentions become clear. That’s
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It’s All About You!
Add your pictures by hashtagging #womanandhomestreetstyle or email wandhstreetstyle@futurenet.com to join in. ■
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The New Normal
So we’ve been through lockdown, and for those of us lucky enough not to be affected by tragedy, it has given us an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on how we live. Between the double chin-exposing Zoom calls and the online lessons on how to mak
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Make-up can enhance what you’ve got, but it’s no substitute for real radiance, which comes down to two things: a smooth texture that light bounces off freely; and good circulation, carrying oxygen to the skin’s surface. Thorough cleansing is key, as
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The Truth About SELL-BY DATES
Struggled to get to the supermarket or book an online delivery slot during lockdown? You weren’t the only one. Combined with the scarcity of foods available at times, it resulted in Brits developing a more ‘make do’ attitude to their meals, including
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GREEN Made Easy
Trees capture planet-wrecking emissions from the atmosphere. They are a natural climate solution that is universally popular. The UK is in the process of setting a new tree strategy, which will set out policies to expand tree cover in England. Tree f
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The Charm
I see her in the distance. Her newly dyed bright red hair, the purple rucksack Pete bought her for Christmas, even though I’d specifically asked him not to. I’d known what it would encourage, and I was right. She’s almost at the security check but ha
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We’re only eight months into 2020, but the planet has already been through a lot this year. After the Covid-19 virus brought the world to a stop, Julia Bradbury is now – like many of us – trying to find the silver lining. ‘It has given us all an op
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As thousands of our young adults head off to university this autumn, leaving gin-soaked, tearful empty nesters waving from campus perimeters all over the country, I find myself wishing time away until my four younger teens finally bugger off. I adore
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Hey Sweet Cheeks!
Glowing skin loves peach blush. It’s fresh, youthful and complements every skin tone. Try a liquid formula for extra juiciness and dab it straight onto the apples of your cheeks, blending quickly with a finger. It won’t last as long as powder but onl
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7 Ways To Make Food Last Longer
‘If you find your food is going off too quickly, adjust the dial.’ ‘Dry-store foods, such as flour, nuts, dried fruit, spices, granola, cereal and bread.’ ‘Remove any plastic wrapping and stand them up in an inch of water. Store in the fridge.’ ‘P
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BAKE OFF’S Best Cakes
Baked in just 10 minutes, this classic is delicious rolled with homemade jam or curd, and sublime with cream, too. As it is a fatless sponge, it doesn’t store particularly well, so eat on the day. Serves 8 • Ready in 30 mins 3 eggs, at room tempera
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Dancing Days
Sarah picked up the leaflet in the arts centre. 'Want to learn to dance the tango?' she read. Ah, if only. At 50, surely her dancing days weren’t already over? She sighed. Once, she had danced almost every night. Now, it was just the occasional part
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