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Here Comes The Sun
Garnier Ambre Solaire Anti-Dryness Super UV SPF50+, £6, Boots, is gentle for complexions that are sensitive, dry or easily irked. Not only does the level of protection stop you from burning, the addition of glycerin helps skin to hold onto moisture,
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‘We Used Every Ounce OF SPACE’
This house was a complete wreck when we bought it. The old man who’d lived here had moved out six months before we saw it. We’d searched for ages and couldn’t find what we were looking for, but then, by some miracle, this one came up. Houses on our s
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A Netflix Divorce Saved Our Marriage
It’s 9.30pm, the kids are in bed and I’m curled up in my attic bedroom, watching the sublime Call My Agent! on my tablet by the light of a Diptyque candle. Meanwhile, my husband Michael is downstairs watching Star Trek on TV, equally content to be al
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Slash Sugar Without Noticing
A low-sugar diet doesn’t need to be dull and tasteless. It’s possible to shed pounds and tantalise your taste buds. Plus, this low-sugar diet promises to help you blitz 7lb in one month. By eliminating added sugars you’ll have lower insulin and stead
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MONEY Matters
Q My son is saving up for a toy he has seen for sale on amazon.co.uk, but the price seems to change a lot. How do I know if he’s getting the best deal? A Check out the website uk.camelcamelcamel.com, which tracks the prices of millions of items on am
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Let’s Get Physical!
We know exercise is key to keeping us healthy. But did you know that specific workouts target different ailments? From boosting your immunity to easing backache, we have drug-free fixes to get you back on track. WHY? Recent studies show it can hold
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Strangers On A Ship
Waving the passengers off, I looked around the deserted cruise ship. ‘Now what?’ I thought. It was March 2020, and I’d only flown to Montego Bay, Jamaica, two weeks earlier to work as a cruise-ship entertainer, and had been excited about spending two
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Outfits Under
Look for separates that are versatile, so you can get the most wear out of them and ooze sophistication in top-to-toe neutrals. A chic satin top with light trousers, statement earrings and elegant mules is a winning combination. Exaggerated sleeves
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‘Create A Breathing Space From One Another’
Psychologist Emma Kenny says, ‘While every relationship needs to have some shared activities and interests, it is healthy, if not essential, to also spend time individually, doing things you enjoy. After a year of lockdown and our social lives being
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Dawn Neesom Mind Of My Own
Fillered with regrets? At last! Women are finally fed up with fillers. A rise in botched procedures by untrained people has turned the tide on the trend to look like a startled puffer fish. Leading the fight-back is the once naturally very beauti
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Anita Naik A Problem Shared
Q During lockdown, my partner and I had a lot more sex than usual as we were both on furlough. Now we are back at work, but he seems to think that sex, whenever he wants it, is a given. It’s not. I’m busy with the house and work. I’m getting fed up w
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The pandemic that has plagued the world for more than 15 months has understandably made everyone question the future - and TV legend Judy Finnigan is no exception. The star has admitted she fears time may be running out and that she won’t be around
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From the much-loved author of The Familiars comes another fascinating novel charting the lives of ordinary women – this one set in what some consider the golden era of childhood. Ruby, a Norland nanny, enters the home of an Edwardian couple, Charles
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This summer’s must-have accessory. Bag, £55, & Other Stories Refresh your table. Tablecloth, £24.99, H&M Home Choose woven heels with a comfortable block heel. Shoes, £59.99, Mango A timeless linen-blend will keep you cool and comfortable. Dress,
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He looks more like a model than a tennis player, and we’d take backhanded compliments from Dustin all day long. There’s no doubt Rafael knows what he’s doing. The Spanish hunk’s toned arms have brought us to break(ing) point. It wouldn’t be Wimbled
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The actor on starring in Alibi’s 10-part thriller Limetown… When podcast drama Limetown was released in 2015, the story about the mysterious disappearance of 326 people from a small American community sounded scarily true and took listeners by storm
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We all know how important it is to wear sun cream – I’ve been slapping some on my face every day for years. But recently, when a friend asked me if it mattered what kind you used, I had to stop and think. As luck would have it, the beauty team have p
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Good For You!
In your 50s and 60s? It’s time to prioritise your sleep. A new UK study found that consistently sleeping less than six hours a night could increase your likelihood of dementia by 30% three decades later. ‘A staggering 700 of the body’s genes are affe
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Makes You Sick
Never got the trend for competitive eating, but a Sheffield pizza place has come up with the worst idea yet. A box of four cheeseburgers, two 10in pizzas, 10 onion rings, eight mozzarella dippers, eight cheesy bites, potato wedges, cheesy chips and t
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3 Ways To...
1 HAVE A LAUGH. Watch a clip of your favourite comedian or call a friend who cracks you up. Laughter stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles. It makes your brain release feel-good endorphins and it can relax your muscles, helping you to feel better
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This week’s HOT LIST
In the ninth flick in the Fast and Furious franchise, Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) past comes back to haunt him, in the form of deadly assassin Jakob, who also happens to be Dom’s young brother. Jakob works for old enemy Cipher and is out to correc
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Get the GOSS!
This Morning viewers were outraged when much-loved presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes were absent from the show during half-term week earlier this month, prompting questions about exactly why the duo were missing. Last year, it was announced
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Lady Loos
At long last a company has come up with an idea to avoid the awful queues you get for ladies loos at festivals and outdoor events. It’s called a Peequal, comes as a flatpack and looks a bit like the wedges in a Trivial Pursuit counter. Operating like
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Lessons In Love
Wearily, Emma climbed the stairs burdened by her heavy shopping bags, and tired after her shift on the children’s ward. Soon she’d be home to the top-floor flat she’d just bought with her boyfriend, Dan. They hadn’t believed their luck when they’d f
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Does Cancer Discriminate?
We’ve all heard it before. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. And every year, more than 55,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer. But recent studies have shown that maybe cancer is more discriminatory than we first thought. Around 75% of pe
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The Principles
What you need to do to carry on with the sugar-slash diet longer term: ✣ Choose mostly unprocessed foods, free from added sugar – eg. whole (not juiced) fruits and veg; lean unprocessed protein like chicken, fish and eggs; milk and natural yogurt; w
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Healthier Bakes
MAKES 12 SLICES Malt loaf is well known in the cycling community as a perfect high-carb, low-fat snack. It’s easy to eat in the saddle, but works just as well at home. 50g prunes50g dried figs50g raisins150g malt extract, plus extra for brushing2ts
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Our Little Ray Of Hope
Biting my lip, I tried not to cry. It was May 2018 and, at five weeks pregnant, I was having an emergency hospital scan because I’d started bleeding. Deep down, I already knew what the sonographer was going to tell me. ‘I’m so sorry, but you’ve lost
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Supermarket Savers
Get your day off to a great start with this delicious muesli, which contains turmeric-toasted oat flakes, rolled barley and spelt flakes with sweetened dried papaya pieces, toasted coconut flakes and freeze-dried mango. Packed with the flavour of so
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Afraid To Ask?
Q Is it possible to develop an allergy to latex? I used condoms as a younger woman without any problem. I am in a new relationship and we are using condoms, but I feel sore and swollen after intercourse, which is putting me off sex and is causing a b
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