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Get In Touch
Woman’s Weekly, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP. P.S. It really helps when you put your details in capitals. We do not return photos (apart from You Wore It Well) so please do not send originals.  womansweeklypostbag @futurenet.com Tell us your fu
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Your Wellbeing
I’d had painful eczema flare-ups as a child and in my teens, but I hadn’t had them for years until COVID-19. The extra work, stress and having to wear PPE triggered it off again. Wearing a face mask caused a rash on my nose and face. My ears would w
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Our New Mellow MEADOWS
Daisies and poppies sparkling among swaying grasses, the soft buzzing of bees – a field full of wild flowers is a joy on a war m summer’s day. Beautiful meadows are also vital habitats y, for wildlife and pollinators – yet over the past centur they h
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My grandmother didn’t stop talking all the way to the airport. ‘Can you believe it, Sally? Me. Flying for the first time at the age of 78.’ I couldn’t. I asked if she was nervous. ‘A little,’ she admitted, ‘But it’s never too late to try new things.’
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‘My Dad Would’ve Loved That I’m In EASTENDERS’
Meet Walford’s latest resident, Terry Cant. Played by entertainment legend Brian Conley, Terry has arrived in Albert Square to find his long-lost daughter, Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy). Brian, 59, who started filming on the soap earlier this year,
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4 Fixes For... Urinary Incontinence
Search the internet for ‘Kegel exercises’ to strengthen pelvic floor muscles to support bladder and bowel movements. Cutting down on alcohol, stopping smoking, having an active exercise plan (but avoid lifting), and reducing fizzy and caffeine drink
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With 23 miles of coastline and beaches, wooded valleys and a magnificent mountain range, the Snowdonia National Park offers its visitors a rich and diverse getaway. The largest national park in Wales, Snowdonia also features the highest mountain in E
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SMALL SPACE, Big Harvest
There’s nothing like munching peas fresh from the pod, or the taste of home-grown tomatoes. The good news is that even tiny spaces can be used to grow your own veggies. The secret is to use every nook and cranny – think walls, windowsills, outdoor sh
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Your Stars
Explore your creative talents. Something you’ve been thinking about for a while is ready to move forward. Financially, this could be a promising time if you’re willing to open yourself up to unusual opportunities. If you’re undecided about something,
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Darling BUDS
To fit bust 82 (86) (92) (97) (102) (107) (112) (117) cm/32 (34) (36) (38) (40) (42) (44) (46) in. Actual measurements 93.5 (99) (105) (110) (115) (121) (126) (132) cm/36¾ (39) (41¼) (43¼) (45¼) (47½) (49½) (52) in. Side seam All sizes 34cm/13¼in.
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What you’re WEARING
I like to coordinate my clothes and accessories. This denim jacket is M&Co, my top is John Lewis, my jeans are Levi’s and trainers by Skechers. My scarf is from a large collection that I mix and match depending on what I’m wearing. During lockdown, I
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You Wore It Well
Rosa May Hexter, née Cooper, 1930s, sent in by daughter Christine Bates Here is my lovely mum taken in a studio in Kingsland Road, London, dressed in her finery! ✢ We’d love to see how great you looked in any era up to and including the 1980s. Plea
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3 Jobs To Do In The Garden
Lofty plants like hollyhocks, delphiniums and penstemons will benefit from being loosely staked, especially if your garden is on an exposed site. Encourage repeat-flowering roses to bloom all summer by deadheading old flowers. At the end of summer, l
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Shibori STYLE
✣White cotton tea towels ✣ String ✣Rit All-purpose Liquid Dye in Indigo ✣ Salt ✣ Cling film ✣ Large bowl ✣Large shallow dish ✣ Rubber gloves ✣ Paper towels ✣ Microwavable plate 1 Begin by tying up the tea towels with string. For the striped des
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Screening For Aneurysms
In the UK, small abdominal aortic aneurysms (swelling of the main artery) are checked annually by ultrasound. A new study used six-monthly CT scanning to follow the expansion of them in 250 people and found most grew linearly, with little growth rate
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Tempting as it may be to resort to chemical means of pest control, natural methods are far kinder to the planet and the soil. So try these cunning ways of dealing with our least-favourite critters. These blood-sucking blighters can breed in as litt
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Danger At The Top Of THE WORLD
Sally picked up the telephone receiver as a shrill ring cut through the empty office of the Lakes and Mountains Tour Company. ‘How may I help?’ she asked, pulling her notebook closer, listening patiently to the customer on the other end. ‘I can most
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Coping with BELL’S PALSY
Bell’s palsy is the commonest type of acute facial palsy, with an incidence of 10-40 per 100,000. It can occur at any age but is most frequently seen between 15 and 60 year olds, affecting both sexes equally. It probably results from ischaemic compre
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Book Club
This evocative story captures the highs of love and the lows of betrayal, woven around paintings of the Annunciation. Lottie Archer is an archivist for expatriates in Rome and is fascinated by diary entries of the late Nina Lawrence, a restorer of ga
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A dinner party dessert that really wows, with hidden kirsch-soaked cherries. This is super rich so just a small slice will hit that chocolate spot. SERVES 10-12 ✣ 300g (10oz) dark chocolate✣ 125g (4oz) unsalted butter✣ 1tsp vanilla extract✣ 6 free
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Q Should I Be Eating Eggs? Are They Good Or Bad For You?
A Advice has varied over the years, but although eggs contain substantial amounts of cholesterol, most dietary guidelines based on the latest evidence – including NHS Eat Well advice – currently recommend enjoying them as part of a balanced diet, as
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True Or False?
If I’m diabetic, my high morning blood sugar will be because of what I ate the night before False. It’s not necessarily the case; ask your diabetes nurse about the ‘Dawn phenomenon’ – abnormally high blood sugars that occur after around eight hours
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Good to SHARE
All hands on deck – it’s World Ocean Day on 8 June. Our oceans support millions of species, from leaping dolphins to colossal blue whales, but they’re under threat from overfishing and pollution. You can help by only eating fish that’s been caught su
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All For A Good Cause
I’ve been a reader of Woman’s Weekly for 50 years and I thought you would like to see what my husband made over the past year. He’s donated it to The Midland Air Ambulance Charity and they are going to raffle it off to raise funds. I’m so proud of hi
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Don’t waste money on multiple products, Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat, £5.99, lookfantastic.com, doubles up as a nourishing base coat and a protecting top coat. Remove old nail polish and any stains with Cutex Strength-Shield Nail Polish R
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Stick To Five A Day
The five-a-day fruit and vegetable consumption originated in California in the 1990s. Five was considered a realistic target, rather than based on nutritional evidence, but the Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-Up Study suggest the
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‘My Funny Old W
WHERE I’VE BEEN Multiple trips to B&Q. I moved house during lockdown and every time I went to B&Q, I ended up forgetting something and had to go back. WHO I’VE MET The till person at B&Q! I’ve also been able to see my dad outside a couple of times.
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Here To Help
Q My daughter is expecting a baby in the summer, and her partner has recently lost his job and is struggling to find another. I’m really worried about them going forward and how they will cope. I raised this with them and they said they had it under
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A short BREAK
I’ve been analysing the problem and I think I know what’s wrong.’ I groaned inwardly. Please, Matt, I thought, spare me your analysis. ‘You need a holiday, Kathy. By yourself, away from me and the kids. You’ve had so much to cope with recently – mov
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‘I Thought I Was A Good Enough Cook... Until I Did MasterChef!’
“A few years ago, I was invited to be on Celebrity MasterChef. Myself, Cheryl Baker, Jenny Eclair and actress Emma Kennedy, to name a few, had the daunting task of cooking on TV for John Torode and Gregg Wallace. It all started well for me, until it
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