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What you’re WEARING
I bought this dress in Monsoon a couple of years ago. It’s colourful and brightens my mood, the fabric is soft and airy, plus it works well with any accessories! On a hot, humid day an easy dress that you can throw on without any zip to fuss with is
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Test Kitchen UK Approved
WE LOVE AND USED National Prosecco Day is on 13 August. Here are our top picks: Co-op Irresistible Prosecco, £8, 75cl, Co-op; Aldi Organic Prosecco, £7.99, 75cl, Aldi; Gemin Valdobbiadene, £15,95, 75cl, worsleyfinewines.co.uk
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You Wore It Well
My husband and I married in the chapel at Bath University. My wedding dress was bought for £14 in a little shop in Union Street, Bristol. It came with a ‘modesty slip’ to cover the cleavage, which I didn’t use. ✣ We’d love to see how great you looke
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A BIG challenge
Toby, it’s a lovely flat – ideal for you!’ Katrina sighed, trying to get through to her unenthusiastic son. ‘But I’m used to being at home with you and Dad,’ Toby muttered. ‘Yes, and you’re always complaining you haven’t got enough space,’ Katrina r
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‘I Was Told To Retire AT 50!’
Former newsreader Angela Rippon has been a familiar face on our screens ever since she first became a reporter for the BBC in the late 60s. She didn’t even take a break from work during the recent lockdown. Instead, she presented HealthCheck UK Live
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Rooms With A VIEW
A stay at four-star luxury boutique hotel The Belsfield means waking up to awe-inspiring views of Lake Windermere. Sitting amid six acres of landscaped gardens, this Laura Ashley-designed hotel’s idyllic location is matched only by its award-winning
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A blooming TRADE
Britain has enjoyed a cut-flower trade for hundreds of years, from nurserymen specialising in plants such as tulips, to West Country growers sending daffs and violets by express train to London’s Covent Garden Flower Market. Sadly, by the 1970s, tra
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✣ MDF board (cut to the size and shape you want) ✣ White foam board ✣ Cutting mat and scalpel ✣ Pencil ✣ Scissors ✣ Duct tape ✣ Staple gun ✣ Blue ribbon ✣ Drawing pins 1 Using the MDF board as a template, measure and cut a piece of foam board to the
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‘Keeping your mind healthy is as important as keeping your body healthy – now more so than ever. It’s so important to ensure you’re in a positive headspace and you’re equipped to deal with these strange, unsettling times emotionally. Both [my GP wife
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Drought Proof Your GARDEN
Far from being dusty and drab, a drought-hardy garden will burst with colour, scent and texture. Look for plants from hot, dry climates, such as the Californian lilac, or those with pale or silvery leaves that reflect the sun, like Russian sage (Pero
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‘I Still Ring Claridge’s When I’m Struggling With Cooking!’
“My love for food started when I was very, very young because my mother was always growing her own fruit and vegetables. We would eat gorgeous fresh raspberries and loganberries, and carts full of manure would be dumped in the middle of our drive, so
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Water Wise Tips
✣ Plant small – it takes less water to establish little plants than big ones. ✣ Winkle out moisture-sucking weeds. ✣ Install a water butt, and put saucers under containers to avoid waste. ✣ Water in the morning or evening at the roots rather than the
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My Funny Old Week
WHERE I’VE BEEN To the shops, but mainly I’ve been at home cooking on Instagram. WHAT I’VE BOUGHT Some produce, including lots of different beans to have in my store cupboard. WHO I’VE MET My friend who’s just moved into a new house in Burwash, Eas
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I thought you might need cheering up.’ Stella smiled at Trish standing in the doorway. She had been at a loose end ever since her gran’s funeral a few weeks before, and had never been so glad to see her best friend. ‘Come in,’ she told Trish, giving
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De-stress YOUR SKIN
If you’re prone to spots, you may have low levels of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that keeps skin healthy. Without it, your skin’s natural sebum can become sticky, leading to blocked pores. It might seem counterproductive to pile oil onto a b
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AHOY There!
Approximately 31cm/12¼in high. 1 x 50g (104m) ball of King Cole Merino DK (100% wool) in each of Dark Blue (Irish Navy 052), White (001) and Denim (791). 1 x 50g (125m) ball of Sirdar Country Classic DK (50% Acrylic 50% Wool) in pink (Rose Pink 885);
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A steely RESOLVE
Picking up the phone, Kathleen Roberts took a deep breath. It was October 2009 and she’d been plucking up the courage for weeks to make the call to her local paper after seeing the praise the Land Girls – those who worked for the Women’s Land Army du
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THE STORY SO FAR: Eager to secure the respect of his pupils, music teacher Blake Dixon has persuaded his old school friend and famous singer, Kayla Gayle, to perform at the sixth form prom. But though the two of them were once in a band with three ot
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Food For Easy EATING
If you're looking for a bite in a bun, don’t just settle for a plain old burger – why not try these irresistible and very special baps to really hit the spot? 775 cals, 48g fat, 14g sat fat, 45g carbs SERVES 8 ✣ 1kg (2¼lb) pork belly, deboned a
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Your Stars
Think carefully before you act. Only move forward with something if you’re certain it’s OK to do so. Make sure you find ways of expressing your emotions. Exercise, walking, dance… any kind of movement will be very beneficial. Venus is helpful to you
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Be wildlife FRIENDLY
Wildlife needs water, especially during summer. While insects, mammals and birds need it for drinking and bathing, amphibians and other pond life rely on it for shelter and for breeding. There are lots of ways to provide water for wildlife, whether i
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How to slow down and be healthier Filling low-cal suppers Boost your complexion Have a go at needle-punching On sale 12 August ■
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While we all try to get back to some form of ‘normal’, here at Woman’s Weekly, we thought we’d suggest some different ways to de-stress after what has been a very unsettling time for all of us. From page 18, we show you how to get your glow back, wit
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Your Wellbeing
My husband Jan, 68, was diagnosed with dementia in 2017. We met when I was 15 and he was 18, and seeing the recent changes in him has been hard. It’s not just Jan’s memory fading. Jan was always an extremely good listener as well as a very loving and
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Book Club
by SJ Watson (£12.99, HB, Transworld) The master storyteller SJ Watson – author of Before I Go to Sleep – is back with another clever psychological thriller. Visiting the struggling seaside town of Blackwood Bay, ambitious documentary film-maker Alex
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3 Of The Best... Uplifting Diffusers
If you love the smell of freshly washed laundry, then you’ll like this cotton scent, which lasts up to three months. Cotton diffuser, £7.50, M&S Want a diffuser that looks just as good as it smells? Pick this colourful design! Botanica scented diff
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Gastroenteritis is an infection of the bowel, causing diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever. It’s common, usually mild and should settle on its own. Most cases in children are caused by viruses, the most common was rotavirus, although this i
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A hairy MOMENT
“My life, as regular readers will know, is nothing but glamour and adventure. So there I was staring into the window of a kitchenware shop and admiring a display of Tupperware boxes, when I heard somebody calling, ‘Rosie – is that you?’ The somebody
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Good To SHARE From Us To You
With many of us dreaming of escaping to fabulous locations, it’s no surprise to find thousands are looking online at European landmarks*. Top of them is the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This historic landmark provides views over the French capital and has
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Here To Help
Q I got home from the supermarket the other day and had a sense that someone had been in my house. I started to look around and nothing had been taken. I went to the fridge and found a lot of the food had gone and there was rubbish in the bin. I reco
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