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01 Loopmasters GAWP Heavy House 02 Loopmasters Pres. Leftfield House & Techno 03 ODD SMPLS Stuck At Home Trap Smpls 04 Loopmasters Artist Series Piero Pirupa Nonstop Tech House 05 Ghost Syndicate Yurei 06 EDM Ghost Production Melodic House & Tec
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Jaga Jazzist Pyramid
Five years on from their last record, much-loved Norwegian jazz-prog giants, Jaga Jazzist make an explosive return with their 9th album, Pyramid. Making their first appearance on Flying Lotus’ revered Brainfeeder label, the Nordic 8-piece sink deep i
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Ableton Wavetable
AUDIO ON FILESILO Although Ableton Live 10 was packed with workflow enhancements and impressive new effects (like Echo and Pedal), the biggest news for sound designers has been Wavetable, an impressive new approach to wavetable-based synthesis, wi
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Cableguys Shaperbox 2
> With Cableguys’ plugin package you can build the perfect curve, and use it to change one of six factors, controlling the filter, pan, volume, width, time and (now) Crush processors individually or as a team. ShaperBox’s curve editing makes it easy
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Akai’s MPC Beats Is A Free ‘Beatmaking DAW’ For Mac/PC
Akai’s MPC products have been inspiring electronic music and hip-hop producers since 1988, which saw the release of the iconic MPC60. Now Akai are marking another milestone with the release of MPC Beats – a free ‘beatmaking DAW’ for PC and Mac. The r
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How To… Record Everything!
When something moves and causes the air around it to vibrate, magic can happen. You know this from before you are born; the vibrations you hear all around you, from your mother’s beating heart to the sounds which reach you from outside that become fa
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After 20 years working alongside Nik Roos and Martijn van Sonderen as one third of bass behemoth Noisia, Thijs de Vlieger is wasting little time moving on, writing a score for the live contemporary dance and art production Sleeping Beauty Dreams and
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Klevgränd Spinn $50
CONTACT WHO: Klevgränd WEB: klevgrand.se KEY FEATURES Multiband rotary modulator. Formats: AU, VST, AAX (64-bit only). Also available for iPad (AUv3) priced at $15 The latest effect plugin from prolific Swedish developers Klevgränd, Spinn is a multi
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Deadmau5’s Performance Controller Available To Own
What do you do when you want to use a unique touchscreen performance interface when playing live? Well, if you’re deadmau5 you collaborate with a developer to create your own. The Canadian DJ and producer has been using OSC/Pilot for a good while now
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Recording Drums With Multiple Microphones
Recording drums can be a deep engineering experience (if you’re lucky enough to have access to a studio, a drummer and a rich collection of mics and preamps). Below, we’re using a multitrack recording session from Kore Studios. The mics are as follow
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Of all genres with complex legacies, dubstep ranks as one of the strangest. It’s less than 20 years old, yet already feels like it’s been through more ups and downs than a low-frequency oscillator. A victim of its own success in many ways, the sound
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Steinberg – Backbone Drum Re-synthesizer £128
Backbone, tagged as ‘drum re-synthesizer’ is a new sample-based VST from DAW stalwarts Steinberg. Its primary remit is the creation of single drum sounds from basic audio content, but if you read that and assumed that this is just another way of laye
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You Can Now Import Your Own Wavetables Into The Sequential Pro 3
Sequential have announced that they will open their Pro 3 hybrid monosynth to let you import your own wavetables via a browser-based utility. The feature comes along at the same time as an OS upgrade which will be made free for all Pro 3 owners. The
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Setting Up For Recording Vocals
01 > We’re going to use SE’s 4400a large diaphragm condenser microphone for our vocal recording. We’ve ensured it’s in a shock-mount cradle, on a microphone stand, with a pop shield in front of it and the SE Reflection Filter around it, to address an
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Three Software Staples To Nail The Dubstep Sound
1 First released in 2007, NI’s wavetable synth plugin arrived just in time for peak dubstep. The combination of wavetables, interesting filter modes and powerful modulation made Massive an obvious choice for anyone looking to create the heavily LFO-m
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Organic Loops – South American Soul £19.95
Whatever the weather, your music could always benefit from a splash of sonic sunshine. Enter the Organic Loops crew, who are on hand to take your beats ‘south of the border’ with their current colourful collection of sounds and samples. Sunshine and
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Can HoRNet’s Low-cost MasterTool Plugin “Make Your Tracks Sound Good Without Effort”?
Plugin developer HoRNet has big claims for MasterTool, its latest release, stating quite simply that it’s “a tool that makes your tracks sound good without effort”. While pro audio veterans might scoff, HoRNet says that what it’s created here is a “m
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Creating An Environment For Great Recordings
Having the microphones you need and your favoured recording medium (hard disc or tape) are, of course, essential for making successful recordings. However, having all of the gear in the world won’t help you unless some other, often overlooked conside
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David Strickland
Mentored by production legend Noel ‘Gadget’ Campbell, Grammy and JUNO award-winning audio engineer and producer David Strickland has been a crucial denominator behind the success of numerous groundbreaking acts in Toronto. Over the past two decades h
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Craft The Ultimate Analogue Kick
If you have a large collection of kick drum samples, examine their waveforms on a sample viewer. In nearly every case, you’ll see a basic sine wave with a lot of complexity at the beginning of the waveform, followed by a fairly stable sine wave that
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Jam With MIDI Sequences With Bastl’s Midilooper
Midilooper, the latest hardware control tool from Czech brand Bastl, is fairly self explanatory, functioning much like a traditional looper pedal but working with MIDI rather than audio. The unit has three independent voices, each of which can be ass
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Creating A ‘Recording Project’
Picture this: you’re almost ready for an artist to add a live performance. It’s been a while since you’ve recorded something ‘new’ for this project, so you’ve forgotten that the load on your computer’s CPU is throwing up latency issues. The moment yo
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Korg SoundLink MW-2408 Hybrid mixer £1,199
CONTACT WHO: Korg WEB: korg.com KEY FEATURES 24-channel mixer with 8 sub groups, 4 aux outputs, 1x USB in/out, stereo aux input, digital effects, dynamics processing and EQ Korg’s SoundLink mixers were unveiled at NAMM 2020 alongside the Wavestate,
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Quick Tips
> Treat the initial attack transient and the body ‘punch’ as two separate elements, so that you can customise the kick based on your track’s needs. > Since the kick drum is synthesised, you have full control over decay and release in order to be abl
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Saffron’s New Members’ Club Is Aimed At Supporting Women And Non-binary People Working In Music Technology
Formed in Bristol in 2015, Saffron is a non-profit organisation aimed at redressing gender imbalance in the music tech industry through training and career support. Their latest initiative is a tiered Members’ Club, offering access to a variety of re
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Making Basic Sampler Instruments
Many producers are drawn to recording principally because they want to turn those recordings into bespoke sample instruments. Below, we’ll make a ‘scratch’ Solo Violin Plucked instrument, to take you through the basics of this. This is an involved su
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Processing Power
On the digital side of things, the SoundLink mixers pack 16 customisable send effects, along with dynamics and EQ processors. The 16 effects are fairly conservative in their design, sticking to a variety of classic reverb, delay and modulation effect
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Method 1: Ableton Operator
01 The optimum starting point for any synthesised kick drum is a sine wave. Starting with Ableton’s default envelope for Osc A, shorten the decay to around 500 milliseconds, then set the initial value to its maximum 0dB. This allows the attack time t
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Arturia’s Sound Explorers Collection Box Set Puts 20 Years Of Synth/FX Plugins And Presets On One 250GB Hard Drive
Available as a limited edition and available exclusively in stores, Arturia’s Sound Explorers Collection box set is an exhaustive greatest hits package that celebrates the company’s anniversary. The supplied 250GB hard drive contains both the V Col
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DOs & DON’Ts
DO: Be careful if you’re recording through an analogue channel strip which offers tone and dynamics controls. These settings can’t be undone, so if you record an over-compressed, over-bright vocal, these can present problems all the way through the m
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