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Elections In A Pandemic
There are a record number of out LGBTQ candidates running for office this year. But they never figured they’d be campaigning during a pandemic—something that has required major adjustments on the part of candidates and LGBTQ organizations, as it has
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True Colors
AS PERHAPS THE strangest month in the history of Pride gets under way, there has never been a better time to evaluate its true meaning. Typically, our celebrations are compounded with arguments of what Pride is and isn’t and how it should or shouldn’
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10 Queer Things To Make You Proud
Childhood sweethearts Alyssa Wilkens and Jillian Allen are the adorable lesbian couple behind pop duo Maple St., whose new song, “Love Me Less?” asks what happens when the honeymoon ends. “We started dating at 16, and that process of growing up toget
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Rock On
In Hollywood, marginalized writers, actors, and producers decide they are not going to be forced into the closet. Their queerness, their Blackness, their otherness are sources of pride that act as the driving force behind each of their subplots. Amon
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Queering Hollywood
The tale of making it in Tinseltown has been a mainstay of one American dream since the inception of the motion picture. In it, the handsome young man or the wide-eyed ingenue arrives in Hollywood with dreams of superstardom. It’s never been as easy
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Chechnya’s Gay Resistance
Filmmaker David France (above) first read about the horrific anti-LGBTQ purge in Chechnya in early April 2017. At the time, reports were surfacing daily about missions sanctioned by President Ramzan Kadyrov to abduct, imprison, torture, and in some c
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7 Queer Artists We Love
Hip-hop artist Adam Darko is using YouTube and other social media platforms to create content that is reflective of his own personal life and experiences. Since 2018, the transgender Algerian-Canadian has been creating and posting videos on his YouTu
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Queerantine Reads
Witches of Ash and Ruin, a young adult novel by E. Latimer, is a mesmerizing story of a gifted bisexual teen’s struggle against dark forces that have arrived in her conservative Irish town. Dayna Walsh has enough problems between her somatic obsessiv
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Safer Spaces
The work world is changing all around us. From forced remote working situations to new technologies to novel ways of working with our teams, there is a wave of change within our world that doesn’t have an end in sight. But all these “new normal” work
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Child’s Play
The trans experience—both the experience itself and the way we talk about it—has changed dramatically since 2003 when Jennifer Finney Boylan published her game-changing memoir, She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders. The book, one of the first best-s
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Tipping Point
As the pandemic began to ravage the world earlier this year, activist Amazin LeThi watched with growing concern the increasing reports of hate crimes against Asian-Americans. Discrimination and outright violence against Asians increased dramatically
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TO All Those We’ve Lost So Far
We’ve lost more Americans to this novel strain of the coronavirus than we did in the last 70 years of wars, including those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, the Gulf, and Korea. But it’s a different kind of war that many LGBTQ folks are reminded of: th
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Editor’s Letter
SIMPLY PUT, THIS wasn’t the editor’s letter I was planning on writing. I became co-editor in chief of The Advocate magazine on my birthday, February 28, but the celebration was short-lived. In early March, the world changed forever as stay-at-home or
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Life Out On The Frontline
Nearly every person in this issue refuses to be called a hero, but make no mistake: These LGBTQ frontline and essential workers are keeping the wheels turning on this country of ours. They’re keeping hospitals running, keeping stores stocked, and ris
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Fresh Eggs
A first-of-its-kind study published by Fertility and Sterility revealed that transgender men have a similar response to ovarian stimulation as cisgender women, even after they’ve been using testosterone for years. The aim of the study was to investig
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Champions of Pride
Kimberly McKeand helped topple Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban as a plaintiff in the state’s landmark 2015 ruling. Now, the activist is fighting to pass a nondiscrimination ordinance in Mobile and helping young people access HIV care at AIDS Alabama
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Fertility Barriers
63% of LBGTQ millennials are considering expanding their families using assisted reproductive technologies, foster care, or adoption. Source:, 2019 52% nonbinary, trans, and gender nonconforming people 46% LGBTQ+ people 36% cis les
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I Am No Hero. I Am Not Ready to Die.
As an intensive care nurse in New York, KP Mendoza has been at the epicenter of a pandemic, where healthcare workers have been working around the clock since the epidemic began. As his heartfelt Facebook post went viral, Mendoza became the face of nu
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Protecting Our Most Vulnerable
Queer youth are at an increased risk of sexual violence, which is extremely problematic given that they also face challenges in accessing affirming and supportive counseling services. Alarmingly, only 41 percent of those surveyed by the Human Rights
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Start HIV Treatment. Help Protect Your Health.
1. LEARN ABOUT THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY’S LEGACY. LGBTQ Pride parades actually started with Christopher Street Liberation Day, a commemorative celebration of the Stonewall riots. It was the first Pride gathering of that size in the history of the U.S. And
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Building Bridges
Schools aren’t always safe spaces for LGBTQ youth. In a 2017 study, GLSEN (formerly the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) found that 60 percent of LGBTQ students felt unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation, 45 percent due to
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Pay It Forward
When the health crisis began, the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce decided it had never been more imperative to commit ourselves to shopping local and shopping LGBTQ, to give what we can to queer organizations, and to support our community. Even if
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She Was Only 17
Nikki Kuhnhausen was like a lot of teenage girls. She loved makeup, spent hours perusing videos on TikTok, and had dreams of one day becoming a makeup artist. Kuhnhausen owned her trans identity since she was a child. She summoned the strength her mo
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Never Forgotten
The beloved mayor of Wilton Manors, Justin Flippen, died in February after having a brain aneurysm on his way to a city commission meeting. The gay man and longtime activist of the heavily LGBTQ city was only 41. Flippen was first elected to the comm
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No, You Don’t Have To Give Up Travel
With the global panic over the spread of the COVID-19, the travel bans, and quarantines, it’s easy to worry that you’ll never be able to travel again. There’s certainly cause for concern, but there are also steps you can take to protect yourself with
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The Real Gay Agenda
The Gay Agenda by queer power couple Ashley Molesso and Chessie Needham is more than just the latest effort to provide the definitive user’s guide to all things LGBTQ. It is also a Lisa Frank-esque rainbow celebration of the community itself. A beaut
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What’s Been Canceled So Far
In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and concerns over large gatherings being the ideal contagion ground, many of the season’s top LGBTQ events are being canceled or postponed. Here’s what we know so far: SAGE, the organization dedicated to LGBTQ eld
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10 Things To Get You Through Spring
Based on Chelsea Clinton’s (and illustrator Alexandra Boiger’s) bestselling children’s book, She Persisted: The Musical follows fourth-grader Naomi on a field trip to a women’s history museum that turns into an adventurous and inspiring voyage throug
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You Can’t Have Rainbows Without Sunshine (and A Little Rain)
Thank goodness Fort Lauderdale and its people are known for their sunny dispositions. It’s what will help them weather the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local economy while remaining a destination that’s uniquely welcoming to LGBTQ visitors
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