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Editor’s Note
“I’m hoping for this season to be my best year for roses. Four varieties (three climbers and a rambler) were planted in different parts of the garden three years ago, with three taking well and one a lot less happy — probably due to my putting it too
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My Personal Garden Foes
1 Rose black spot: A common fungal disease causing black/yellow lesions on leaves and stems, leading to leaf fall. Remove and destroy affected material, spray with a fungicide such as Rose Clear or treat with cornmeal, as I am trialing this year. 2 R
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3 Splendid Specimens
A generous display of large blue flowers lasts from May-August if trimmed after the first flush. Bowl-shaped blooms have white centres and are lit by veins of reddish-pink. HxS: 28x20in (70x50cm). This cultivar rivals the Armenian cranesbill G. psilo
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All Strung Up To Grow
THERE are a number of plant cultivating methods developed in commercial horticulture, that have over flowed usefully into gardens. Straw bale gardening was first developed at the Lee Valley Research Station in the 1960s, developing rootstocks and gra
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Superfast Borders
PLENTY of annuals can still be sown in May, and when mixed en masse they create a striking sea of colour that will bloom into autumn. Sowing an annual border is a fun, easy and inexpensive task, because all you need is a few packs of seed and a patch
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Next Step For Seedlings
WE have seedlings everywhere right now, some in their original compost, others pricked out and potted up. Tender half-hardy varieties are on windowsills indoors or in the greenhouse, while hardy sunflowers, clary and larkspur are thriving in the mini
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Ramblers’ Association
THE tulips look stunning and the tidy ranks of vegetables in the kitchen garden are quite literally food for the eye, but if I had a favourite spring sight it would be the embryonic roots of my rose cuttings reaching through the drainage holes in the
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Beauty Queens
IDENTIFYING bumblebees isn’t all that easy because the queens, males and workers often have different markings and face colours. Size varies, too. The first bees to emerge from the nest are often tiny, but as the colony develops more food becomes ava
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9 Reliable Cranesbills
Native to the Pyrenees, knotted cranesbills are a dry shade favourite, their informal growth spreading by rhizomes. This cultivar bears flowers of glowing violet-pink against glossy foliage from June to October. HxS: 24x20in (60x50cm). Sometimes know
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Crossword …just For Fun!
1 This cultivar of tulip, hydrangea, phlox and vegetable pea is also the largest city of Morocco! (10) 7 Word often used to describe a plant that is taller than is ideal for it, and often without leaves in the lower parts (5) 8 Soil of this planet! (
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Better French Bean Harvests
Q We love French beans, but we are fed up with the pencil-thin types available to buy. We tried growing them in the garden, but only managed to produce a few servings. How can we harvest plenty, with some to freeze? Sam Duncan, Leeds A There is nothi
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Butterfly Watch: The peacock (Aglais io)
THE eyes have it, the eyes most definitely have it when it comes to talking about and spotting this commonly sighted butterfly. The exotic-looking peacock is one of our most recognisable flutterbys, the surface of its wings brilliant red and tipped w
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Tomatoes In The Family
WE love hearing readers’ stories about the horticultural exploits of their family, so we were thrilled when John Bryan contacted us about his wife’s greatgrandfather, Peter Bryant Westcott. Peter, who was born in 1867, lived in the village of Braunto
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Try The New Zinnias
WE tend to be a little cautious about zinnias. We enjoy their bright colours and their elegant double flower forms – like chrysanthemums, but better groomed – but we don’t always have much luck growing them from seed. Either the seedlings rot off or
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Garden Spray Guns
IT sounds a bit Goldilocks to say this, but there seems to be either too much rain or too little. It’s never exactly right – but then, what may be right for one garden will be wrong for another. How much you need to water your plants to keep them ali
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A Close Look At Cranesbills
THERE cannot be many gardens without one or two hardy geraniums or cranesbills, so-called because of their long, beak-like seed capsules. The genus consists of 300 species from temperate regions of the world and we have a few garden-worthy species gr
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Hardy Geraniums
This week it’s: HARDY geraniums are invaluable in the garden. They bloom in a wide variety of colours, and they have equally varied growing habits, ensuring their suitability for almost any garden. The late Rosemary Verey (a leading plantswoman of th
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Ask John Negus
John will reply personally to all your gardening questions every week Q We have just moved to a new house and the garden is very chalky with lots of white stones on the soil. Can we improve it and what can we plant in it? Peter and Zoe Bowen (via ema
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3 Cut-flower Companions
With a similar flower form to some zinnias, scabious come in the crimson, blue and almost black shades that zinnias lack, as well as in rosy tones. The Scoop Series (pictured) is amazingly productive. Short-lived perennials. H: 2ft (60cm). The foamy
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Editorial: Editor: Garry Coward-Williams Email: 0330 390 3732 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-6.00pm) Gardening Editor: Ruth Hayes Assistant Editor: Janey Goulding Art Editor: Al Rigger Picture Editor and Letters: Wendy Humphries
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4 Small Annuals To Sow Now
This cheery pot marigold has dahlia-like quill petals and makes a good cut flower. Sprinkle the edible orange petals on salads. A doddle to grow in borders or pots. H: 1½ft (45cm). An exotic-looking nasturtium with radiant orange-red blooms above dar
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Focus On… Growing Sweetcorn
ONCE you have tried fresh, homegrown sweetcorn, nothing shop-bought will ever compare again – but isn’t it tricky to grow? Not with the right treatment! Let’s look at how to make the most of this must-grow crop… Sweetcorn is actually a massive, lofty
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Freeze Company
WITH our changeable weather becoming even less predictable, we need to be careful otherwise we may get caught out. Records show that for much of the UK we can expect an occasional late hard frost in mid-May, even during a spell of warm weather. Of co
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5 Large Annuals To Sow Now
Pollinators love the double raspberry-pink flowers of this cosmos, which bloom above lacy foliage and last well in the vase. Grow in well-drained, moist soil in sun. H: 3ft (90cm). Bees will flock to the intensely cobalt-blue blooms of this cornflowe
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4 Planting Partners
As a foil for cranesbills in shade, the acid yellow flower structures of this evergreen spurge are perfect from spring-summer. Wear gloves when handling plants, as sap can irritate skin. H&S: 18in (45cm). The upright spikes of the white, funnelshaped
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Two’s Company
Write to us: Letters, Amateur Gardening magazine, Future Publishing Ltd, Unit 2, Eelmore Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7QN (please include your address). Email us: Star letter SINCE moving house to a rural part of Y
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Zinnias For Borders And Cutting
Large, fully double flowers 3-4in (7.5-10cm) across in crimson to scarlet reds, bright orange and yellow shades plus purple and an occasional white. Needs support in most gardens. Keep cutting and it will keep flowering. H: 3ft (90cm). Pretty anemone
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Control Pests And Diseases
IF you are a plant grower, then pests are a given, whether they be whitefly homing in on growbag tomatoes on your urban balcony or badgers and wild boar turning your rural lawn into a ploughed field. The same goes for the diseases that stalk our plan
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It’s Time To Face The Chop
THE RHS Chelsea Flower Show may have been moved to September thanks to the continuing effects of Covid, but there is one very important showrelated task you should still be carrying out round about now. The ‘Chelsea chop’, is a nifty and simple techn
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Five-star Plant Selection Part 2: Shrubs
WE are all careful shoppers nowadays, always on the lookout for the ‘best buy’. It is as sensible to do this when choosing plants for the garden as when buying furniture for the home or a new car. Good plants are no more difficult to grow than poor o
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