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Mobility Moves
• Step your left foot towards the outside of your left hand. • Move your left elbow inside towards your left foot, then continue the movement by moving your left hand outside of your left foot. • Rotate and reach towards the ceiling. • Return to the
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Fuel Nutrition News
Artificially sweetened drinks may not be the healthy alternative they’re often claimed to be. Although they may help reduce calorie intake compared to sugary drinks, evidence suggests they still increase risk of cardiovascular disease. In a large ten
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On Trend
The increased accuracy and availability of DNA testing means personalisation will play an increasingly central role to the way we manage our health. Nutri-Genetix gets a mention later in the mag, but another company, Bio-Synergy, has just announced t
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Try This
1a. Pull-up x 10 1b. Press-up x 20 (60 secs rest / repeat x 3-5 sets) 2a. Prisoner Jump Squat x 20 2b. Burpee x 10 (30 secs rest / repeat x 3-5 sets) 3a. Isometric Press-up x 20 secs 3b. Wall Sit x 45 secs (30 secs rest / repeat x 3-5 sets) 4a.
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Food For Thought
There’s something missing from your diet. It’s not a rare berry native to a remote corner of the Amazon, or a recently discovered super-leaf with 60 times the antioxidants of green tea. No, it’s something far more primal. It’s a foodstuff that our an
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15 Minutes With… Supermodel David Gandy
DAVID, HOW’S THE LIFE OF A SUPERSTAR MODEL BEEN AFFECTED BY THE PANDEMIC? It’s definitely been unusual. For the past 20 years I have been travelling non-stop all over the world for work, so having to stay grounded took a bit of time to adapt to. No
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Nail Your Nutrition
• Focus on small changes instead of dramatic shifts in your diet. Crash diets are likely to cause a relapse, are hard to maintain and tend to be low in nutrients. • Check the nutrition information at high-street coffee shops. Some coffees can contai
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Plant-based cooking can be so much more than bland tofu and rubbery fake cheese. Part cookbook, part veggie guidebook, How to be Vegan in 28 Days shows you all you need to know to thrive on a colourful, tasty and nutritious plant-based diet. Who said
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Chris Nikic proved anything is possible in November, when he became the first person with Down’s syndrome to complete an Ironman. The 21-year-old finished 14 minutes before the official cut-off time, completing the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile cycle and 2
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Reasons To Train Movements
This type of training can be done with fewer items of kit – a great workout can be put together with a basic barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell set-up. In a busy gym it’s ideal, because you won’t be queueing for equipment and you don’t need much space. A
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Life On The Veg
From £4.95 per meal, Pick Planty if you’re a plant-based sceptic unconvinced about the quality of vegan cooking. The meals are delicious, packed full of protein, and there’s enough variety to eat a different type of cuisine every day of th
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3 Ways To...
Stretch the muscles you aren’t using – say, your hamstrings if you’re bench-pressing. It won’t affect your set, but it will aid overall flexibility and blood flow. Try ‘active’ rest, such as performing a few press-ups during a squat session, to kee
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Movements Over Muscles
Ever since the golden age of bodybuilding, the split routine has been king of the training-programme castle. Chest days, back days, leg days and the like have been the go-to approach for most, regardless of their training goals. But just because it
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See The Light
£13.75 (12 x 300ml), Made from Scottish-grown cereals and fresh highland water from Loch Katrine, Tennent’s Light is bright and balanced, with a nice blend of bitter sweetness – and there’s just 60 calories per bottle. We’ll have five
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Examining earwax may be the best way of checking the longterm levels of the stress hormone cortisol. According to an article in the journal Heliyon, attempts to measure cortisol levels in blood or saliva are notoriously problematic, and run the risk
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Movements 7 Human
Bodyweight squat, goblet squat, back/front squat Standard lunge, step-up, reverse lunge, split squat Press-up, bench press, shoulder press Bent-over row, high pull, pull-up, deadlift Kettlebell swing, deadlift Russian twist, barbell ro
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Making Muscle
As your heart rate increases, blood is pumped into your muscles, warming them up and allowing them to extend fully. The blood also supplies muscle fibres with oxygen. From the start of a rep, your muscles are under tension and stretched. As a result,
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3 Ways To...
“Everything in our world vibrates to different frequencies and we are no exception,” says wellness expert Priyanka Lugani. “The music we listen to influences our thoughts, emotions and energy, so pick mindfully – I recommend a soft frequency such as
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Master The Movements
• Assume a strong front-rack position: tight core, upright posture, bar held across the chest and elbows high. • Maintaining an upright torso, push your hips back and slowly squat down. • When you reach full depth (thighs at least parallel to the flo
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Feel The Burn
Whether you want to torch some Christmas blubber, or shed some weight for a New Year fitness challenge, body-transformation plans can feel like a mythical quest, full of setbacks and pitfalls. But it turns out the the many professional athletes coach
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Everyday Occurrence
Muscles contain bundles of fibres within protective sheaths called fascia, which are themselves bundled together. The biggest bundle is the muscle itself. The next biggest is the fascicles, containing the long, single-celled muscle fibres. These are
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Training Plan
Across this two-week workout, you’ll perform each of the movements your body is capable of. The plan is to use a variety of different weights, sets and rep ranges. You’ll also be performing cardio work to keep your engine going and ensure a high calo
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Why More Protein = Less Fat
“Protein has a high satiety rate,” says Tucker, “so it makes you feel fuller for longer, meaning you’re less likely to experience excess calorie consumption.” “Protein’s high ‘thermic effect’,” says Tucker, means your body uses more calories to dig
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Meet The Frontman: Alex Crockford
Gracing the cover this issue is fitness model and personal trainer Alex Crockford. The 30-year-old believes in sustainable gains: lifestyle and training changes that can create fitness for life, rather than flash-in-the-pan diets and workout programm
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Full Stream Ahead
Although most health clubs took the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, many refused to back down, finding creative solutions to stay afloat and proving where there’s a will to workout, there’s a way. Fitness became digitised, and gyms and studios wer
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Raise The Bar
By day, Adam Bishop is strength and conditioning coach at Harlequins rugby club. The rest of the time, he’s an elite strongman who holds the title of Britain’s Strongest Man. The 31-year-old – who’s also the second strongest man in Europe and a World
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Rapid Responses
FAVOURITE BIT OF FITNESS KIT? Dumbbells. BEST CHEAT MEAL? Burger or pizza, or cookies, doughnuts and lots of chocolate. FAVOURITE WORKOUT MUSIC? 80s and 90s rock. BEST TIME TO TRAIN? First thing, or early afternoon. BIGGEST GRIPE I
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Bfr Training
Also known as Occlusion Training, blood-flow restriction involves the application of a pneumatic cuff or ‘tourniquet’ applied to a limb. The cuff is inflated to a specific pressure during low-intensity resistance exercises (20-30 per cent of one-rep
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All In One
Several important lessons emerged from the chaos of 2020. It’s not wise to drink coffee before wearing a face mask, for example, and more importantly, you don’t need a gym full of kit to stay in shape. You might have known that already, of course, bu
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