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South Aussie Space Odyssey
In the reception of the ol’ Gladstone Gaol, there’s a black and white photograph of the Booyoolee Hotel in flood, dated September 1910. Water ripples and licks at the brick facade. A group of men, mostly in hats, stand next to or sit on a low wall to
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In Case Of Emergency
AUSTRALIA has one of the highest rates of allergies in the world. According to research from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, one in ten infants experience a food allergy. This has mainly come about because of the rapid changes in food manu
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Ten Feet To Freedom
With the words of Jawa's owner John ringing in my ears, “I want you to use it. Find out what works and what doesn't and then tell me”, we took a right hander and pointed the Trax 10 Series II up one of the infamous power-line tracks in the Sunshine C
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Saving Your Skin, And The Planet
AS THE SUN beats down, the “slip, slop, slap” mantra that we all learned in school is at the front of everyone’s mind. However, many don’t realise that most sunscreens we use can be very harmful to aquatic wildlife, if you wade out into the water wea
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Camper Specs
Tare 1700kg ATM 2400kg Ball 130kg Suspension Independent trailing arm with twin shocks and coil springs Brakes12in Electric Brakes CouplingMcHitch 3.5T off road coupling Chassis150 x 50 x 4mm hot dipped galvanised Drawbar150 x 50 x 4mm hot dipped gal
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The Latest Toy For Beach Campers
IT'S A CONSTANT challenge to decide what can and can’t be fit into your camper and tow rig. Fun but not-strictly-necessary items, like standup paddleboards for getting out on the water with the young ones, are often the first thing to fall by the way
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A Slice Of Shoalhaven
For those of us who call this part of the world our backyard, the bushfire season’s relentless tally of ash, debris and shattered lives left many of us wondering what had become of our little slice of heaven, and how were the locals managing to make
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Changing Travel Plans? Go Camping!
JUST BEFORE Christmas I had been up in the mountains of Victoria, south of Corryong, on a fleeting trip on some of the back tracks in the High Country and decided that Viv and I should head up that way for a more leisurely jaunt in the new year. Then
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Aprés-corona Party Machine
It’s near-on impossible to write anything without first mentioning the demon scourge. As we all know, a microscopic germ has brought mankind to a standstill. Everywhere; on news websites, TV news broadcasts, emails sent to inboxes from, well, everyon
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OUR CAMPER, affectionately called ‘the Escape Pod’, promises a level of comfort and convenience on the road, regardless of the environmental conditions or the remoteness of the locations we travel to. But there’s another sensation that I feel when we
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Tare 1650kg ATM 2200kg SuspensionOff-road independent coil spring, independent trailing arms. Brakes 12” electric brakes Coupling 3.5 tonne - McHitch Chassis/drawbarHot-dipped galvanised 4mm steel Main body zincanneal exterior panels Wheels/ Tyres 16
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IN 1798 George Bass and Matthew Flinders discovered the wide strait between what is known today as Tasmania and the Australian mainland and instantly created a shortcut of several days for the majority of ships coming from Europe and heading for New
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Seems a cliché, but one of the best things about camping is the amazing people you meet along the way. After a few minutes chatting, typically, you’re in their campsite swapping stories and comparing gear. Before you know it the kettle is on or you’r
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Time: 30 MINS Serves: 4 • 20 fresh asparagus spears• 4 x 170g salmon fillets• 4 tbsp butter• 2 lemons, sliced• Salt and pepper• Fresh dill, finely chopped • Place five spears of asparagus on aluminium foil and top with a salmon fillet, one tablesp
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The Wish List
The kids were hard on our old one and this was top of the list. It needed to be tough, withstand harsh extremes of weather and, importantly for us, it had to be opaque enough to allow us to put the kids to bed when within daylight saving territory wi
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What’s Happening Around The Country In May?
With developments happening so quickly, it’s impossible for us to know at time of writing whether Coronavirus quarantine restrictions will be lifted in time for the events below to run. We recommend contacting organisers closer to the date to check.
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The Bee’s Knees
There’s no equivalent to the demented goat tracks of the Victorian High Country within a stone’s throw of the Malls Balls, but that doesn’t mean there’s no offroad fun to be had around Adelaide. Purpose-built tracks exist at JAKEM Farm and Eagle View
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What’s Happening On Camper Online?
3 CAMPER TRAILER REVIEWS TO CHECK OUT INCLUDING THE HARD KORR Find us online and keep in touch with our weekly e-Newsletter at CAMPER.HEMAX.COM 1. Explore battery power needed for all the offroad tech and creature comforts 2. Tackle Tassie's wil
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Camper Specs
Tare 920kg ATM 2000kg Payload 1080kg (calculated) Ball weight 92kg Suspension Independent trailing arm suspension with dual shock absorbers both sides Brakes 12” electric Coupling McHitch Chassis/Drawbar 150mm x 50mm x 4mm, galvanised inside and out
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Future Focus
Close the door, order food online, draw the curtains, 2020 looks just about cactus. But there is a light at the end of the bleak COVID-19 tunnel. A small glimmering chink of light in the gloom. When all this is done, a vaccine becomes available or wh
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When we set out to buy a new camper trailer, most of us start with at least a broad image of what we want. Maybe we’ve seen a particular camper we really liked the look of in Camper, on a video or at a campground. Maybe it was nothing more than a gli
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Camper Trailer Australia
Editor Aaron Flanagan Deputy Editor Sam Richards Lead Designer Nicholas Ramsamy Senior Designer Janina Roque Designers Swathi Sankaran, Angus Greaves Production and Design Manager Danielle Beadman Columnists Kath Heiman, David Cook, Ron and Viv Moon,
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Heart Of The Kimberley
The Kimberley region of Western Australia is one of the greatest natural galleries of ancient art in the world. Many different styles of rock paintings are found there, but the most intriguing and perplexing are those depicting the mysterious Dreamti
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Pump Up The Ram
I recall my very first time camping, decades ago. A mate and I hired a Suzuki LJ50 2-stroke 4WD and went exploring Fraser Island. To say we knew nothing about 4WDing or camping is an understatement. We had the basics: one set of clothes each that we
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National Parks Close For The Duration
ALL ACROSS AUSTRALIA, public spaces are closing to limit the spread of COVID-19. While getting out into the wilderness to a secluded camping spot may seem like the ideal way to ride out the isolation period, the danger to national park staff and to t
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Install Process
1: After slipping on the protective sleeves, I took one end of the airline, used the supplied cutting tool to make a clean cut and then inserted it in the valve of the bag, you should feel a positive snap. Make sure the protective split conduit runs
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Keep On Camping
CARAVAN INDUSTRY ASSOCIATOIN OF AUSTRALIA'S (CIAA) new initiative ‘Keep on Camping’ is urging travellers to consider visiting an affected area on their next camping trip. According to Tourism Research Australia, caravan parks in the South Coast of NS
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Suddenly, A New Reality
The determination on what’s possible in this weird age of corona changes hourly. This morning as I write, the United Kingdom went into police-enforced lockdown. By the time you read this, Australia could also be well into adopting similar measures. T
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2020 Nsw Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow Cancelled
THE 2020 NSW Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow has been cancelled because of the ongoing Coronavirus crisis and the rules that public events with 500 or more people attending at any one time must not be held. The show is usually the place to find the
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A Message From Emprise CEO, Rob Gallagher
We are living through extraordinary times. Never has the Australian tourism and RV manufacturing endured such a sustained run of tragic conditions that affect the fabric of these great markets like we are seeing today, let alone the broader impact on
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