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Love, Actually
Were my soulmate and I ever destined to be together? Carole Loftus, 41, from Reading My head was spinning as I walked down the stairs of the aeroplane and into Magaluf airport. It was July 1997, and I was 17 years old, on holiday with seven of my
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Did You Know?
In Greek mythology, Eros is Cupid’s counterpart. His wife was Psyche, a mortal princess who was so beautiful that Aphrodite got jealous and commanded Eros to make her fall in love with the most hideous of men. But Eros fell in love with her himself,
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Running Scared
Rachel Pither, 27, of Maldon, Essex Standing in my bedroom, I watched the window open and close on its own, then the door slam shut. Some children might have screamed and run out of the room. Others might have told themselves it was just the wind.
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Feathers From an Angel
The days blurred into one. It was a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I’d pick up the phone to ring Lloyd, forgetting he wasn’t there any more. And then I’d remember he was gone, and my heart would break in two, all over again. At
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Turn To The Angels
I was asked recently if angels could help to keep a long-term relationship from going stale and my answer was a definite ‘Yes!’ There are oodles of angels just lining up ready and waiting to support you in any way they can. There’s Raphael, Haniel, A
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Did You Know?
The Conn Barracks in the German town of Schweinfurt were used by the Nazis as a psychiatric ward and hospital during the war, before being taken over by the US army – and in the room where Nazis stored bodies before embalming them, multiple people ha
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Did You Know?
Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford, 80, says that her daughter, Blue Peter presenter Caron Keating, who died of breast cancer aged just 41, regularly sends her white feathers. She said in The Daily Record, ‘[Caron] totally believed that if she found a
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Leave Me Alone!
Lucy Mackay, 25, from Glasgow Sitting there on the sofa in the living room of the creepy haunted house, I couldn’t shake the sense that something terrible was going to happen. I was with my dad, Jocky Mackay, and my partner David McMaster, at 30 Ea
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Heart's DESIRE
Valentine’s Day has its origins in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia – a fertility festival that saw men and women paired up by randomly choosing names from a jar! Often, the couple would stay together until the next year’s Lupercalia, and it
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Tainted Love
The UK is full of haunted houses where doomed lovers have met their ends, and a classic example of the genre is Newton House, in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Built in 1660, and now owned by the National Trust, it’s home to the ghost of the Lady in White.
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Did You Know?
The haunting at 30 East Drive was the subject of the 2012 horror movie When The Lights Went Out – and is still owned by one of the film’s producers, Bil Bungay. It was investigated for the Halloween special of Most Haunted Live in 2015. ■
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Love Is In The Air
Whether you’re happily single, coupled up, or on the lookout for romance, Valentine’s Day brings thoughts of hearts and flowers. These symbols of love just ooze amour and say more than words ever could. They also have a deeper meaning, which can reve
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From The heart
Dear Sally Can you please tell me if these orbs on my shoulder and my daughter Zara’s shoulder are anything to do with us? The photo was taken about 11 years ago and I’ve wondered ever since what they could be. Lisa Spriggs, UK Dear Lisa Thank y
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Night Hunter
It started as a whisper in the playground. ‘There’s a vampire in the graveyard that’s killed two boys.We’re all going to head there after school and hunt it down.’ It was 1954, and life in the working-class Gorbals district of Glasgow was pretty to
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Tomorrow’s News
This month is my anniversary – I’ve been writing this column for Chat it’s fate for 20 years! I think if I met you today, I’d be surprised at how much more at ease you are, more at peace, than the person you were last year. It’s been a hard transitio
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As I’ve not been able to tour because of Covid -19 (due to the theatres all being closed), I’ve been reminiscing over some of the past messages that I’ve been privileged to be able to pass on to people throughout the years I’ve been on tour. I’ve had
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Did You Know?
Asimilar ‘monster hunt’ to the one involving the Gorbals Vampire took place in Liverpool in July 1964, when thousands of children went hunting for leprechauns in Jubilee Park. The Liverpool Daily Post reported on 2 July 1964 that the leprechauns were
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Witching Hour
Known as the ‘Mistress of the Sea’ in Inuit mythology, Sedna is a beautiful young goddess, associated with marine life. Thrown into the sea by her father, who then gruesomely cut off her fingers and hands so she couldn’t climb back into the boat, Sed
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Outer Source
There are countless sci-fi films and books about life on Mars – now scientists say it could be a possibility, but the aliens may have lived miles beneath the surface of the planet. According to a story in The Sun, scientific research suggests that
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Reaching For The Moon
Every month I choose three cards randomly. Ask your question (it can be to do with anything), choose your card and then look down for your answer – no peeking! Choosing this card suggests you’re about to get a rare chance, and that something ‘one-of
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Myths And Monsters
Crumbling castles, ancient battlefields, stone circles, lochs teeming with monsters – if you’re looking for the paranormal, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find it in the Highlands of Scotland! It’s a place that’s full of untamed beauty, from the misty m
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Explore The Past
Ariana Grande sometimes seems to have a chip on her shoulder, like when she claimed to hate America. It becomes understandable when you realise she was an anti-racist activist in the 1960s, brutally killed for her crusade. She’s torn. She hates the l
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Moon Connections
It’s Valentine’s Day this month so what do you need to know about romance? This month I’m drawing a card for each sign regarding what you can expect when it comes to love and relationships in the month ahead. Always remember, you are reading this
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ALONE AND Loving It!
If you’re feeling ‘bah humbug’ about Valentine’s Day – or even love in general – then here’s some good news: sleeping on your own is good for you! These days, most married or co-habiting couples are expected to share a bed, so it may come as a surpri
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Work It, Baby !
• Take the stress out of working from home • Learn time management skills • Discover the power of positive affirmations Since the coronavirus crisis hit, many more of us are working from home, perhaps for the first time. This can be challenging. As
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Let’s Dream Talk
Dear Roi I dreamt I was running a van selling teas and coffees, but only had horrible ‘camp’ coffee and not a proper machine! I was distraught that that’s all I had to offer people! Rene Grendel, 38, Dublin Dear Rene You want to help others feel
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According to the Chinese lunar calendar, it’s the start of the new year on 12 February, heralding two weeks of fun and feasting. This year (Year of the Ox – turn the page for your Chinese horoscope) the celebrations will probably be a bit different,
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Stones send me messages Alexandra Wenman, 43, from Seven Sisters, North London I was reading a book when I felt the familiar vibration in my heart area. My clear quartz crystal wanted to communicate with me. ‘Don’t forget to take me with you tomo
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Symbols Explained
Putting the bins out is one of those chores that nobody enjoys but has to be done! Part of life as much as anything can be. It’s estimated that the UK produces a whopping 41.1 million tonnes of waste a year – but what does it mean if we find ourselve
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Déjà MOO!
Roll up your sleeves! On 12 February, the Year of the Ox lumbers in. The sturdy, hard-working Ox offers rich rewards for hard work – but if you snooze, you lose! To find out your Chinese star sign, simply see which sign your birth year corresponds wi
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