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School Of Thought
WHEN it comes to choosing a school, it’s often the small things that swing it—tempting kitchen smells, the loving welcome from the headmaster’s labrador, an unguarded comment from the pupil designated as escort. But, in the current virtual world, wil
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Alfred Leete's Life In Pictures
1882 Born in Thorpe Achurch, Northamptonshire 1893 The Leetes move to Weston-super-Mare in Somerset 1897 The young Leete's first cartoon is published in The Daily Graphic 1899 Leete moves to London 1905 He begins his collaboration with Punch 190
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If You Go Down To The Woods Today
ANY prep-school tour these days is likely to take in its Forest School, complete with firepit, mud kitchen and stick shelters Eeyore would be proud to inhabit. The concept—Forest School refers to an ethos, not a place—originated in Scandinavia and ha
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Contact Us (photographs Welcome)
Email Post We are sorry to say that we are unable to accept or respond to letters by post until such time as the COUNTRY LIFE offices re-open Future Publishing reserves the right to edit and to reuse in any format o
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Military Might
Of the first 76 boys who arrived at Wellington College, founded in memory of the Iron Duke in January 1859, 49 were orphan sons of army officers-to be known as ‘Foundationers'-paying between £10 and £20 a year. Today, the now co-ed school has more th
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Many Happy Returns
THE reintroduction of families of Eurasian beavers to five new counties has begun, this month in Dorset. Next up in The Wildlife Trusts’ initiative are Derbyshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Nottinghamshire and Montgomeryshire (a first for Wale
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A Grave Issue
IT may not be the holiday we’re dreaming of, but author Jack Cooke’s account of his tour of the lesser-known burial sites of the British Isles—using a ‘clapped-out hearse’ as a campervan—makes for an entertaining and strangely cheering read. The End
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The Slowest Race On Earth
HORSE transporters braving the cross-channel trip are reporting delays of between seven and nine hours at Calais, piles of paperwork and a cost hike of 220%–320% (Agromenes, February 17). Although the racing and equestrian industry hopes Defra can ne
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AS museum trustees and directors pore over tear-stained balance sheets, they know that things must be different if their financially crippled institutions are to emerge from the pandemic to entertain and educate the public again. The Government has b
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See The Blackthorn Swim In Snow
ON drab days at the end of a long, cold winter, we become hedgerow detectives. The search is on for buds that are thickening and leaflets that are opening, clues that brighter, warmer, more colourful times lie ahead. The true change of the seasons ca
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Letters To The Editor
IT was refreshing to see ‘All hail snail mail’—letter reading can be such an uplift. It was almost part of my son’s curriculum to write a weekly letter home and, when I was studying to be a physiotherapist, my mother never failed to send me a weekly
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In The Right Frame Of Mind
FROM simple wooden surrounds to grand Renaissance creations, picture frames have played an important part in art history. They give vital clues to the origins of a painting, be it the elegant ebonised frames that set off the Dutch masters of the 17th
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The Combined Cadet Force
Numerous independent schools have CCF units, which are supported by the MoD and can offer great extra-curricular activities, such as flying, sailing, adventure training and a range of qualifications, including navigation and first aid. In 2012, a Gov
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The Man Who Loved Drawing, Dogs And Dragons
IT has been said that Alfred Leete’s striking ‘Your country needs you’ image of Lord Kitchener entreating men to join the British Army and fight in the First World War has entered our DNA. Certainly, if the field marshal’s moustache were to grow like
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RACHEL, ever eagle-eyed, found an echinoid on our walk this morning. An echinoid is a type of fossilised sea urchin, related to starfish and sand dollars, characterised by five-fold radial symmetry. This fossil, about the size of a sling-shot, lived
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Luxury under £20
I've become one of those people who cannot sleep without an eye mask. There are plenty of pretty silk ones around, but this one will quite possibly change your . Yu-nu with organic probiotics that moisturise dry, dull skin for a more hydrated, youthf
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Town Mouse
TO say that last week’s half term was a challenge would be an understatement. Without such vestiges of a daily structure as online lessons supply, the house entered into freefall. It didn’t help that walks were more or less the only thing the family
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Floreat E-learning
Eton College offered its online self-study platform, EtonX, free of charge to all UK state schools; to date, access codes have been given to more than 300,000 students from 900 schools Choristers of Magdalen College School, Oxford, sang the Hymnus E
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Life And Times Of Dürer
• May 21, 1471 Born in Nuremberg, then a flourishing artistic and commercial centre, the third of 18 children • 1486 Apprenticed to Michael Wolgemut • 1494 Marries Agnes Frey • 1494–95 Visits Italy for the first time • 1497–1500 Begins work on his th
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Home Is Where The Art Is
The mellow south Suffolk countryside inspired both Constable and Gainsborough. Constable was born in East Bergholt, near The Old Rectory, and married Maria Bicknell, whose grandfather, Dr Durrand Rhudde, lived at the property. The good rector, who ho
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A Move And A Departure
After 60 years in what Rupert Maas justly calls ‘our pretty little gallery' off Bond Street, the Maas Gallery is moving to 6, Duke Street, St James's, SW1, where there will be rather more space. I first got to know the gallery in about 1970 and Jerem
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Country Life
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Gyles Brandreth
Gyles Brandreth is an author and co-presenter with Susie Dent of Something Rhymes With Purple, a weekly podcast about words THERE are ‘bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses—and then there is Sarah Bernhardt,’ said Mark Twain
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Explore And Educate: The Joys Of The Forest School
Zoom on: how to make the most of virtual learning Inside Haileybury and top schools for soldiers ■
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Beyond The Zoom Boom
THINK back to when ‘zoom’ simply meant the sound of a rocket and ‘remote’ was merely an object for siblings to squabble over after school. That simpler world of desks, dormitories and muddy rugby boots can seem like another era, a source of nostalgia
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Alice Fox-Pitt
As do all working mothers, I run my entire life through my phone. Grapevine network has been the best discovery (kindred spirits buying, selling, hiring, letting, meeting and connecting). Things that I would never normally discover pop up, there is s
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Keep Badgering On
THERE is no practice,’ according to the 18th-century agricultural reformer Sir John Sinclair, ‘which tends to renovate the constitution more than a temporary retirement to the country.’ How right he was. With the exception of a dental appointment, I
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Oh the !
QI’ve developed an obsession with my gardener and come up with any and every excuse to invite him round. There’s a sizeable age gap between us (I am the older party). I know he wouldn’t be interested in me, but I can’t help myself. Do you know any cu
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Dropping The Hemline
THE story that the Victorians draped chair legs to protect their modesty is thought to have its roots in an anti-American quip in Capt Marryat’s A Diary In America, which he wrote in the 1830s. The anecdote reflected his view that there was a great d
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