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Letter Of The Month
MY wife and I have been sailing keelboats since mid 80’s, in the late 90’s we splashed out and bought Dubarry sea boots, which really changed our night sailing, no more cold feet at 2am! However, the soles on our boots failed after some years and we
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Crawling Dot On A Chart
WE were only ever meant to sail to the Galapagos, never away from it. We were meant to fly home after what was meant to be a three-week passage through the Panama Canal and out to the Galapagos Perhaps nothing is meant to be anymore. Instead, we are
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Rebuilds Memories
MY mother and father owned a succession of sailing boats when my sister and I were growing up. They were all wooden and mostly old, rather like Maurice Griffith’s description about his early east coast years. Their first boat was the sailing smack Da
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Who Is Sam Rossby and Why Should I Care?
IF you are a cruising yachtsman doing your thing from Perth, around the south coast of Australia including Tasmania, as well as up the east coast to the Queensland/New South Wales border; the answer to the headline question is: everything! Weather is
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Physics Facts For Fans
It is impossible to understand weather without referring to some basic physics. Because the window for learning higher mathematics passed me by, I have had to become familiar with that physics in a rather home-cooked manner. Real atmospheric scientis
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Essential Kit
The clean common-rail efficiency of 6LY440 engines has given a Halvorsen 1970s flybridge cruiser an engine room to be proud of. Palmyra, a stately Halvorsen 48 flybridge cruiser that has privately entertained on Sydney waterways since its launching i
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Ideas Locker
Naval architect Kim Klaka got a nasty surprise last time he serviced his inflatable PFD. He shares the lessons below; his second point is chilling. Who ever tested a brand new inflatable lifejacket? “I hope by now that everyone is into the routine of
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Sailing Through Life
MANY moons ago when I was beginning my sailing racing career, I wanted to find ways to train the various skills required to be a better crew, all the while living my normal day-to-day life on land. This led to instigating many habits, some of which I
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Three’s Company
NANNI Diesel's N3.21 is a prime example of how adding another cylinder can gain significant torque and power gains for little extra weight. Compared to its N2.14 counterpart, it is only 15 per cent heavier but produces 57% more torque and 50% more po
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Cruising Helmsman
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Perfect Respite
AFTER a hectic few days in the town of Savusavu in Fiji, cramming as much food, fuel, water and gas into the boat as was physically possible, we headed out into the Koro sea bursting at the seams and set sail direction east. The south easterly trade
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Cobli Yacht Ownership Launched
Directors of The Multihull Group (TMG), John Cowpe and Peter Hrones, have launched a share ownership scheme for the range of yachts and power boats they are agents for in Australia. The company's name is Cobli, symbolising coming together and has som
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Reassure To Insure you Will Be Insured
REGARDLESS of where you live you can expect to be hit with severe weather once in a while. Whether it is some wilder winds hitting the region or a destructive cyclone, preparing your yacht properly can ensure your insurance agent will compensate. Let
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Sanctuary Cove Upgrade Complete
Sanctuary Cove has completed stage one of its multi-million dollar marina upgrade. Following an investment of over $8 million dollars, recreational vessel berth holders will experience six-star marina facilities, with G and H piers now open for priva
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Tropical Storm Clause
Pantaenius played a decisive role in developing the ‘Named Tropical Storm Clause’ after Hurricane Ivan had raged so severely over Grenada in 2004. The clause specifies the measures to be taken when a hurricane is announced by the National Hurricane C
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October Hopeful For Sydney Gold Coast Race
The 2020 Noakes Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race, previously a lead-up race some cruisers joined to head north for various cruising events, has been rescheduled to start in October. Previously scheduled to commence in late July, the 384 nautical mile Syd
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WHAT is a hurricane? For sure, it is something you definitely do not want to meet in a boat. In its simplest description a hurricane is an extremely strong cyclonic wind, its intensity and power rises through five categories according to what is call
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You Saw Sawfish!
Hundreds of citizen science sightings reveal opportunities to protect Australia’s four iconic sawfish species. In January 2019 researchers from Sharks and Rays Australia called on Australians to report sightings of sawfish: in the wild; in old photos
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Keeping A Weather Eye: a Sailor’s Guide
APART from where the next cold beer is coming from, safety of life at sea should always be a first concern. The weather and safe navigation play major roles in determining what we could do, where we could go and how to get there safely. Whether you a
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Visiting Superyachts Providing Post-virus Boom
Data released by Superyacht Australia, the peak body for the superyacht industry, shows that foreign flagged superyachts stayed an average of 73 days in 2019 compared to an average of 41 days in 2018 representing a 79 per cent increase in the length
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Tip Prior To Planning
Download the 0000UTC MSL synoptic chart and high seas forecast every day for a week or so and study them and make notes. After a period, compare your notes to the actuals and learn. By going back over both items after a week you can start to see what
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Ceiba Build Update
In last year’s June issue of Cruising Helmsman we reported the build of a wooden boat in the tropics of Costa Rica. The three masted, 45 metre schooner, Ceiba, is designed to ship cargo emission-free throughout the Pacific Americas from her homeport
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Win! With Lion Protect
Submit your letters to the Editor and be in with a chance to win the Lion Protect Gelcoat Sealer 250ml. bottle, with a current RRP: $49.75. This month’s winner should phone 0411 271 387 to claim their prize! ■
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Multihull Solutions Virtual Showground
Multihull Solutions has launched a virtual boat show allowing buyers to inspect its large range of new and preowned range of catamarans and trimarans on its website. The concept was created in response to the restrictions boat buyers have experienced
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Storing Your Boat: how To Avoid Mechanical Problems
THE other day we were chatting with the owner of a boat that had just moved to our dock. “I’ll just be here a couple of days. The boat’s been on the hardstand for 18 months and I’ve just come back to get going on the rest of my circumnavigation” he s
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Sea Mercy Provides Fijian Cyclone Relief
Humanitarian group Sea Mercy has landed its first container of essential supplies for water treatment, shelter and clean up following the devastation caused by Category 5 Cyclone Harold. Sea Mercy responded to Vanuatu’s needs, post-Cyclone Pam, five
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Small Boat on A Big Sea
“SO where have you sailed from?” “France.” “On this boat?!” Our new neighbours look surprised, we are invited for sundowners. Indeed, a 25 footer is not the size of a sailing boat one would expect to sail to Australia from overseas. I remember seeing
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Container Recovery A Success
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has led an operation to recover containers lost from the YM Efficiency off the NSW coast back in June 2018. In eaarly May the vessel MV Pride returned to Port of Newcastle for the final time to discharg
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SAM And The Nature Of Frontal Depressions
THE weather picture in temperate latitudes can get very messy. Between the southern edge of the sub-tropical ridge (STR) and about 60 degrees south there are several major drivers of local weather locked in a contest for dominance. There is the STR i
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Best Of The Web
The use of the word ‘unprecedented’ in so many different media stories is, quite frankly, unprecedented. As governments around the world struggle to cope with the continuing crisis, the confusion tends to filter down to the average citizen in so many
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