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Everything retro is cool again: we’re doing Jane Fonda’s aerobics classes (via YouTube) after they found fresh life on Ty Haney of Outdoor Voices’ Instagram (@ty_haney), embracing fun dance sessions with choreographer Ryan Heffington (@ryan.heffingto
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DESIGN In Motion
as Miranda Priestly sharply taught us in The Devil Wears Prada, the trickle-down effect of aesthetic incubators – such as the four major fashion weeks and global design weeks – inform many things that go unseen... from the colour of your bedding to a
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GIRL meets BOY
Styling: Sara Smith at Artist Group. Hair: Rory Rice at Lion Artist Management. Makeup: Kellie Stratton at MAP. Model: Emma Kate Boyd at Priscillas ■
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#ask Elle
Q:HOW DO I REHAB MY NAILS NOW THAT I’M TAKING A BREAK FROM GELS? A: We love polished nails for their ability to make us feel instantly more pulled together. So taking a break can be quite a shock if it’s been a while since you’ve seen them bare. But
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E Lle First Look
PHOTOGRAPHY by MICHAEL BRUNT Photography: Michael Brunt at Assembly Agency. Styling: Caroline Tran. Model: Holly Magson at Chadwick Models ■
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“Loneliness Kills – And That’s A Huge Problem I Wanted To Solve”
“i’m from Sydney and my husband Mat is an only child from a small town outside Montreal. A couple of years after he moved to Sydney, both his parents got sick, so they also moved here to be closer to us. Gerry was 77 and Helene was 57. They were supe
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FIND YOUR OWN WAY IN THESE ADVENTURE-READY PIECES DON’T JUST JOIN THE BOYS’ CLUB – SHOW THEM WHO’S BOSS Photography: Nicole Bentley at MAP; Simon Lekias; Sevak Babakhani (still-life). Styling: Nichhia Wippell; Samantha Wong ■
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THE Vanity DIARIES: Pia Miller
I WAKE UP AT… seven(ish). I START THE DAY WITH… coffee. I have a La Marzocco coffee machine so it truly feels like a ritual. I FINISH THE DAY WITH… quality time with my boys, a FaceTime with my partner and a sneaky red wine if I feel like it. MY MAKE
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if we could sum up our current sartorial predicament, it would be this: we still want to look polished but we don’t want to put in much effort. Do we want to spend an hour assembling an outfit that will only be seen from the waist up? No. Do we want
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Money Talks
we are all counting the cost of coronavirus. Much of it is still unknown: how many lives lost, how many families broken. With the stakes so high, it might feel uncomfortable to weigh up the pandemic’s financial cost. But most of us – including govern
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Kick Start
Over the past few decades, designer Nicolas Ghesquière has built a reputation as being a man with an uncanny ability to intuit what women want before they even know they want it. It’s a skill that has defined his seven-year tenure at Louis Vuitton, w
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DIY BEAUTY solutions
“Baking soda is my secret to beautiful skin. All I do is wet a cotton pad, then place some cleanser on top as well as baking soda. I then exfoliate my skin using gentle, circular motions and wash it off. I’m left with baby-smooth skin.” Velina Vasil
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aren’t we all in need of a little whimsy right now? We want fashion that will keep our mind off things – pieces that are playful and joyful and serve no real practical function but to make us smile (and provide great fodder for a good mirror selfie o
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Should You Tap Your Super?
The government has said we can take out money from our super if coronavirus has caused us financial stress – but is that a good idea? It depends, says Hartge-Hazelman. “I’ve spoken to financial advisers who say, ‘We don’t think people should be doing
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Home Made
“This collection was inspired by the Japanese idea of wabi-sabi, a worldview that focuses on accepting imperfection. One of the seven principles of this mindset is ‘yugen’, which roughly translates to ‘subtle grace’ – we wanted the clothes to embody
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RELAX Refresh Reset
this isn’t your garden-variety home-spa story. And that’s because we’re not telling it in garden-variety times. Right now, the idea of transforming your bathroom into a luxurious space might seem ridiculous. We totally agree. What we’re suggesting is
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Fashion Force
watch any coverage from the European fashion collections each season and it can seem like a rolling parade of fantasy garments and frivolous fun, both on and off the catwalk. But the big business behind some of our favourite labels is a well-oiled ma
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Xinja, Up, 86 400 – they might sound like energy drinks but they’re actually neobanks. That’s a digital-only bank that saves enough on branches and other traditional bank structures that it can offer great interest rates – even in times like this. An
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Hair Special: MANE Up
PHOTOGRAPHY by MICHAEL BRUNT Top, $220, Bec + Bridge, becandbridge.com.au ■
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ELLE Extra
Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10 is a cult favourite for a reason. It delivers 24-hour flawless coverage, yet feels lightweight and looks natural. It’s your skin, but better. $59; esteelauder.com.au With athleisure firmly back
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FIND YOUR Forever Coat
there are some things in life that will never change – even in the face of a terrifying global pandemic. Like, the weather. World events come and (hopefully) go, but the need for season-appropriate attire – such as a good coat to see you through the
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Safe As Houses
buying or owning a home comes with a lot of shoulds. In Australia, our culture is one where owning your home has more cachet than renting and most people (approximately 70 per cent) have purchased a home. So it’s little wonder that many people believ
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NEW Wave
the beach wave could be considered Instagram’s founding follicular trend – bouncy barrel curls tumbling over tanned shoulders were about as ubiquitous back then as denim cut-offs and wedge sneakers. But just as our social media habits have evolved, s
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Home Sweat Home
remember when Instagram felt like a veritable breeding ground for boutique fitness establishments? If you weren’t posting about your HIIT sessions at a cult health and fitness studio, a large portion of your virtual constituents likely were. Over the
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Cult Classic
SOMETIMES IT PAYS TO KEEP IT SIMPLE – and nothing captures the spirit of aspirational minimalism quite like a classic black coat. Aussie brands such as Aje and Arnsdorf offer great iterations – best paired with equally timeless staples like vintage-w
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Your buffer fund (or emergency fund) is for dealing with financial knocks, and job loss certainly fits that description. Using buffer money, if you have it, to cover your living costs in the short-term is a better option than going into debt. But don
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Wigging Out
When it comes to hair, long have we struggled with the issue of wanting what we can’t have. Between lengths, styles and colours, there’s so much to try with so little time. The surprisingly obvious solution? Wigs! If you’ve never given them much thou
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NEED A LITTLE motivation?
“Try to exercise in the same place each time so you associate this as your workout area,” advises Henshaw. You can kit it out with inexpensive equipment from Kmart, or sign up to a program that sends you everything you’ll need, such as Fluidform At H
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Tone It Up
A LITTLE MORE LAID-BACK than its black counterpart, an oversized camel coat is perfect for any occasion. Max Mara’s flattering versions in particular are the thing of fashion legend – and for good reason. Thrown over relaxed suiting or sweats, they a
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Rage Against The Machine
when Apple stepped into the banking world last year by releasing a credit card, it made headlines – for all the wrong reasons. Early adopters soon found men were offered a much greater credit limit than women – even if the women were in an identical
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