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ROOIBOS FARMERS HOPEFUL THAT ORIGIN STATUS WILL LIFT WEAK PRICES Despite farm-gate prices for rooibos currently being under pressure, farmers have expressed optimism about the EU’s acknowledgment of South Africa as the designation of origin of rooibo
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Twin Studs For Double Success
According to this father-and-son team, who did well at both shows and sales, listening to judges was as good as attending a cattle-breeding course. Two herds are better than one, as they give you a double shot at the show sales. This is the opinion o
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3 minutes with… GUILLAU DU TOIT
If you were given R30 million to invest in agriculture, either in new or existing farming activities or in the agriculture value chain, how would you spend it? I would invest in building an institution for practical training for unskilled and illiter
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Overcoming Food Safety Fears In Fukushima After Nuclear Disaster
A new generation of farmers in the Kōriyama area of the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan have been teaming up with like-minded foodservice businesses to rebuild the image of the local area. To overcome consumers’ fears about food safety, even a decade a
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A Natural Approach To Healthier Crops
In a well-functioning ecosystem, that which affects one organism in a system will affect all other organisms. Continuous monocropping, in contrast, eventually leads to the removal of the components of a healthy ecosystem, according to Dr Astrid Janki
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Liquor Amendment Bill Referred Back To Parliament
President Cyril Ramaphosa recently referred the Liquor Products Amendment Bill back to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, citing insufficient consultation with stakeholders, according to DA MP Noko Mas
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Higher Electricity Self-generation Ceiling Welcomed
In a recent media briefing, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that government would be amending Schedule 2 of the Electricity Regulation Act to increase the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) licensing threshold for embedded generati
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SA Agricultural Exports Set To Reap The Benefits Of The Global Economic Recovery
The South African agriculture sector has had a good start to 2021, with favourable rainfall supporting crop yields and grazing veld. This is the second consecutive season of strong performance for the sector, after 2020 saw bumper harvests of various
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Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant Commences With Its Third Year
Applications for the 2021 Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer (JWO) Research Grant are now open for submission. The JWO Research Grant is an important initiative that seeks to support early-career African researchers focused on innovative research that will co
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How Climate Change Is Fuelling The Spread Of Invasive Pests
“Since their domestication approximately 10 000 years ago, crops have been threatened by a multitude of pests that cause yield losses, often leading to starvation and social unrest. On average, between 10% and 28% of crop production worldwide is lost
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Why You Need To Know Where You Are Going
Lewis Carroll’s great classic Alice in Wonderland tells of the adventures of a young girl, Alice, who falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar animals. During her travels, Alice comes to a fork in the road and finds a Ch
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Time, Money And Plenty Of Effort!
It is understandable that a new fresh produce farmer would want his or her enterprise to flourish as soon as possible. Unfortunately, neither nature nor the rest of the world sees it the same way; it takes time, money and effort to get a new farming
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For Your Garden
Place your container (or build your heap) on a patch of open soil that will receive half sunlight and half shade during the day. Put down about 20cm of mixed organic (garden and kitchen) material into your container or designated garden area. Chop up
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Choosing The Right Greenhouse For Cannabis Production
Greenhouses are the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of cannabis production, as they use the sun for their primary lighting source. They come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. If you are considering cannabis production, i
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MEDIUM DIFFICULT HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that each row and column, as well as each of the 3 × 3 squares, contains all the digits from 1 to 9. Look out for the answers to this week’s Sudoku puzzles in next week’s magazine. ■
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Man-made Fibres Constrain Global Cotton Demand
Lower prices for man-made fibres such as polyester are affecting global cotton usage at textile level, and are resulting in lower demand for cotton, which is putting pressure on cotton prices. This was according to Hennie Bruwer, CEO of Cotton South
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Management Of Important Grain Diseases
Maize is the most important field crop in South Africa, making up more than 50% of the country’s total field crop production. The use of improved seed technology and sustainable farming practices have both contributed significantly to the management
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Auction Sales
TO PLACE AN UPCOMING AUCTION EVENTS in the Classifieds Auctions section, contact René Moonsamy on 087 087 8900 or at, or Natasha Kock on 087 087 8899 or at TO LIST AUCTION RESULTS in this section, email Ja
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World In Brief
China’s soya bean imports rose 29% month-on-month in May to 9,61 million tons, up from 7,45 million tons in April. This followed a delay in some shipments from Brazil, according to data from the Chinese General Administration of Customs. Heavy rainfa
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Irreplaceable Wool Industry Skills Lost To COVID-19
The loss of lives of skilled workers in the wool industry was a devastating blow, according to Isak Staats, BKB’s general manager. The livestock auctioneering company had lost four employees to COVID-19. “This is a highly skilled industry and these p
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Basic Livestock Management: Part 2
When making plans for your farming operation, avoid doing this in isolation or in an office. Rather do your planning on the farm and in constant consultation with various experts. And don’t forget to record any decisions you come to, as well as any d
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Food Systems
19 to 21 July (online) The UN Food Systems Pre-Summit brings together the youth, farmers, civil society, researchers, policy leaders and ministers of agriculture, environment, health, nutrition and finance to deliver the latest evidencebased and scie
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Amendment To The Constitution: A Merry-go-round That’s Causing Unnecessary Uncertainty
The Ad Hoc Committee to Initiate and Introduce Legislation Amending Section 25 of the Constitution was due to submit its report containing key recommendations to the National Assembly on 31 May. The committee failed to do so, and instead asked for an
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The Master Behind The Masterpieces
Jacob Hendrik (Henk) Pierneef was born in Pretoria on 13 August 1886 to a Dutch builder and the daughter of a Voortrekker. He attended the Staats Model School in Pretoria, where he had his first art classes. The Pierneefs’ quiet lives, along with tho
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Days Are Numbered For Plastic Packaging
Rising concern about the impact of plastic on the environment led to the EU introducing a tax on non-recyclable plastics in 2020, and the UK approving a tax that will come into effect in 2021 on packaging containing less than 30% recycled plastic. Al
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Call To Reopen Abattoirs In KwaZulu-Natal
More than 3 000 head of livestock have already been tested for foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in KwaZulu-Natal after the outbreak of the disease in the Mtubatuba area of the uMkhanyakude District Municipality in May. This was according to PJ Hassard, c
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‘Wool Farmers Must Review Their Labour Practices’
On-farm labour practices and shearers’ compensation need urgent attention if the South African wool industry is to thrive. This was according to Paul Lynch, director of the South African Wool and Mohair Buyers’ Association, speaking at the National W
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Admin Problems Leave Rural Feedlots In Crisis
The Custom Feedlots Organisation has called for political intervention after administrative problems with the handover of a feedlot programme led to the death of a number of cattle and unemployment for numerous workers. The organisation turned to the
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Choosing An Irrigation System
In years gone by, most sprinkler systems on South African commercial farms consisted of coupled aluminium or galvanised steel pipes and brass impact sprinklers. Due to the theft of both the pipes and the sprinklers (for their value as scrap metal), b
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