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Simple Elegance
International Designers’ Rita Chraibi invites Florida Design inside one of her latest reveals at Monad Terrace in Miami Beach to talk about her signature design approach which infuses home decor with haute couture. FD: How did you become interested i
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the Early Days
In the charming tradition of Palm Beach, a British Colonial-style building houses the iconic Colony Hotel, where a new look for the lobby is revealed. Designed by Kemble Interiors and renamed the Living Room, the lobby will feature de Gournay’s first
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Simple Elegance
FD: Why are your designs at Monad Terrace unique? CHRAIBI: A real design tells a story from beginning to end. For Monad Terrace, it was obvious to me that the exceptional work carried out by architect Jean Nouvel had to be continued through the inter
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Embracing innovation that excites, M/Y Vida, Heesen’s latest masterpiece in the 55m Steel series, unveils original and highly customizable features that are making waves in the marine industry. The Vida houses 12 guests in six cabins that are equippe
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Simple Elegance
FD: How do you define the ultimate success of your projects? CHRAIBI: A successful project, for me, is when I show my work on a residence for the first time and people respond with “Ouaou! (whoa!).” This is when I can truly say I managed to convey a
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NIKKEI’S Osaka Miami
What is Osaka? It is the materialization of a dream … an ethereal space in which founders Diego Herrera and Diego de la Puente have been sharing adventures for over 20 years. It all started in Asia, where the duo once went looking for great waves and
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A Journey by Design
Steeped in culture and experience, architect Dinyar Wadia excels at creating tailor-made homes for his clientele. Starting his journey in his native city of Bombay (Mumbai), India, and coming from a family of builders, he acquired a keen appreciation
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Sfdp South Florida Design Park
Anees Upholstery is one of Chicago’s foremost custom furniture makers providing service to the trade as well as residential and commercial clients. When it comes to creating custom furniture, it is Anees Upholstery’s company philosophy that visual ap
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Planting Paradise
Gardens are created to be shared and viewed with pleasure at any time of the year. In nature, the most captivating landscapes have varied sight lines, forms, colors and textures. It is clear to see that each design is different and every detail count
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Edgy Attitude
BEHIND SOME DOORS, there lies a beautiful home. Behind others, there lies enchantment. Far from another northern home, the new owners of a South Florida renaissance-like, grand palazzo once again looked to interior designer Lori Morris, founder of th
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EYE ON art
Rick Eggert, an award-winning glass artist, is best known for his signature “Dynamic Cosmos” series that explores notions of creation and the nature of the universe. Typically expressed as “frozen time” or stages of time, each sculpture embraces move
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The Big Picture
FRAGILE, DUNE-LAKE ECOSYSTEMS are very rare. They are found in a handful of destinations worldwide, one of which is Grayton Beach on Florida’s Panhandle. The shallow-bodied freshwater lakes formed thousands of years ago are filled by wind-driven tide
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Anna Kincaide
Anna Kincaide’s stylized figurative paintings have found their way into collections nationwide. “My strongest inspirations are fashion and design, so this led to my idea of creating portraits of stylized women disguised by unconventional, floral-insp
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Modern Marvel
INSPIRED BY SCULPTURAL FORMS, rejecting all hard edges, this extraordinary home embodies the essence of organic modern architecture. Interior designers Charlotte Dunagan and Thomas Diverio, along with architects Francisco Llado Neuffer and Rob Moehri
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John Sterpe
John Sterpe delights in the beauty of his immediate environs … today, he is influenced by the seduction that is Florida’s landscapes. “I paint on canvas, and it is in this small part of the world God created that I am inspired to paint,” the artist s
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HOW AMAZING WOULD IT BE TO FIND your own piece of paradise hugging the pristine shores of Tampa Bay — where the daily dance of dolphins captivates with impressive acrobatics as they bow ride in the wake of passing boats? “It’s incredible,” says inter
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FREDY Villamil
Fredy Villamil creates canvases with the robustness of design, a refined ease of expression and the diversity of vivid colors. Beneath the light-filled surfaces transformed by scarlet, aqua, emerald green, amethyst and topaz palettes crackling with t
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Fresh New Look
ON AN INLET IN FORT LAUDERDALE called the “The Isles,” a new home emerges after a long-awaited project that took more than two years to complete. With nearly 6,000 square feet of living space, the homeowners have found their happy place — giving kudo
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Sean Rush is an internationally collected artist who celebrates the global community within his artwork as well as interior design. He has been an anchor in West Palm Beach’s Design District for 10 years and recently launched Nomad@SeanRush, an art g
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European Dream Home
ABOUT ONCE A YEAR, interior designer Brianna Michelle Sheehan and her husband, builder Ryan Sheehan, have the opportunity to work together, but this project was a once in a lifetime experience. The residence is for his parents, who were seeking the c
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MARK Dickson
Mark Dickson’s love for metal of all types becomes instantly transparent upon viewing his unique sculptures. Welding, forging and casting, the artist reassigns beauty, power and meaning to both found and raw materials. “For me, it’s all about the ent
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Wow Factor
THERE IS A PHENOMENON THAT HAPPENS each time someone steps through the front door of this 15,560-square-foot house nestled into the Venetian Islands, and it begins when the floor-to-ceiling aquarium that divides the two, first-floor living spaces com
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[publisher’s Note]
As this issue heads to press, we are still very much in the grip of a pandemic that has altered nearly every aspect of our daily life. Traveling to the High Point Market recently I was masked up and conscious of every sniffle, wheeze and cough emitte
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Heart Of The Matter
“I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE with both of them at our first meeting,” says interior designer Lorraine Rogers-Bolton of the clients who hired her to transform a 7,000-square-foot Palm Beach Gardens house for them. “They were open to ideas, progressive i
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KidSanctuary Campus
1000 Wishes Campaign to build an Enrichment Center on campus KidSanctuary Campus was established in 2009 by local Philanthropist, Connie M. Frankino and today has four debtfree cottages on a secure 10-acre campus in West Palm Beach for local at-risk
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Color Your World
We are excited to bring in the new year with our winter edition of Florida Design and we aren't missing a beat as we highlight a whirlwind of inspiration for 2021. Stunning art mixes with bold architecture and exciting interiors to create the setting
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Design Legacy
With the eye of an artist, interior designer Kelly O’Neal captured the imagination at the High Point Fall Market. A trained artist, O’Neal brings his creative vision to life with the bold use of color and a cutting-edge take on his own Design Legacy
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For more events, visit floridadesign.com 1-3 West Palm Beach Antiques Festival, Expo Center at the South Florida Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, FL, 941.697.7475 2-3 33rd Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part I, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 561.746.6615; artfestival.c
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Florida Design
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Focus On Design
The spirit of the 2020 Design Miami/edition thrived with a finesse that compels the cultural world to focus on design as an art form. Hosted year end with an extended 10-day run time in Miami Design District’s historic Moore Building, this show gathe
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