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Iron Chef
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I’d eagerly park myself on our Brescia sofa to watch Iron Chef, the cult classic Japanese TV show that was part cooking, part crazed gameshow. The judges on the show would be feasting on uni and tonburi seeds. I’d b
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East Meets West
Saori Tsuya, who owns and helps run Carlton fine diner Kazuki’s with her chef husband Kazuki, pauses when asked to explain the restaurant’s approach. “It’s hard to describe exactly what we do here,” she says of the restaurant where Japanese and Europ
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VEGETARIAN GLUTEN FREE DAIRY FREE SERVES 4 800 gm chicken tenderloins100 gm Kewpie mayonnaise225 gm panko breadcrumbs (Japanese)Peanut or grapeseed oil, to shallow-frySteamed rice, Japanese pickled vegetables, tonkatsu sauce, micro green sh
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MISO Magic
SERVES 4-6 // PREP TIME 25 MINS // COOK 20 MINS (PLUS MARINATING, RESTING) Donburi is a classic Japanese comfort-food dish comprising a savoury topping on rice. Begin this recipe the day before. 250 ml (1 cup) light soy sauce125 ml (½ cup) cookin
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Sesame Oil
Osaka-based producer Wadaman is said to harvest the finest sesame seeds in Japan, and has done so for more than 130 years. This oil is in a class of its own; robust and rich, its deep-roasted flavour is well balanced with an underlying sweetness. $36
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The Art Of… Hospitality
The best souvenir a traveller can cart home is a new habit, pastime, social grace or tradition. Japan, I can confirm, is an extravagant buffet of nuanced social niceties, life-enhancing rituals and cultural rites. Exactly two years ago I flew from Lo
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Hero Worship
Nobody goes to a museum or gallery restaurant with raised expectations. As part of a captive audience, the best you can hope is that there’s no bain-marie. This makes Hero remarkable. The new restaurant at Fed Square’s recently renovated ACMI (Austra
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Jennifer Wong
I grew up in Cherrybrook, which is a suburb in Sydney about 30 minutes from the city. It had a very big Chinese population, to the point that when it was Mid-Autumn Festival on the community oval, we’d do a lantern dance and there’d be markets and st
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The Calile Hotel, Brisbane
The drive from Brisbane airport takes less than 20 minutes, but it’s enough to transport you to another world as you arrive in the palm-fringed precinct known as James Street in Fortitude Valley. The vibe is pure Palm Springs and at the heart of the
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Editor’s Letter
Last year marked the first time Gourmet Traveller had ever published a Japan issue in its 55-year-history. We were excited but apprehensive – not least because the world was in lockdown and travel anywhere seemed a very distant dream. So we were both
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The word okonomiyaki comes from the Japanese word okonomi, meaning things that you like, and yaki, which means grilled. The savoury pancake is made from a batter of flour and cabbage and filled with any meat, seafood or vegetables that take your fanc
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Lalla Land
Depending on who you believe, it takes 18, 21, 66 or 254 days for something to become a habit. Regardless of which research you subscribe to, it’s safe to assume that in the (nearly) nine years that Lalla Rookh has been open, this inner-city tavern h
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Japanese Pantry
Rice forms the base of some of Japan’s most popular dishes. This is a glutinous, short-grain rice that becomes sticky once cooked. Use it for sushi or donburi. A sticky rice flour commonly used to make Japanese confectionery. It’s entirely gluten-fre
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What Gt Loves This Month
As we officially welcome the start of soup season, we’re celebrating with the ultimate kitchen helper. Simply subscribe to GT (or renew your subscription) and you’ll be in to win one of 20 prize packs, each valued at more than $2500. magshop.com.au/g
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James Wilson
In 2004 I shifted my Billy Kwong menu from conventional ingredients to local, organic and biodynamic. This is when I first met Spiral Foods founder James Wilson, as I began to use his delicious organic tamari and brown rice vinegar. Spiral sauces hav
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Grand masters
Australia, one can confidently say, is crushing hard on Japanese food. From exclusive, seemingly impossible-to-book omakase restaurants such as Minamishima in Melbourne or Sushi E in Sydney, to regional styles of ramen and Hokkaido baked cheese tarts
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Lucky Star
There are few chefs who could say they’ve emerged from the past year with a renewed sense of energy, and Kylie Kwong feels fortunate to count herself as one of them. “I know I am on the best path for this next chapter because everything just feels ri
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The highball, in its simplest form, is a base spirit topped with carbonated water; think gin and tonic, scotch and soda, or rum and Coke. Although the Brits lay claim to this fizzed tipple, its popularity in Japan is irrefutable. While the whiskey hi
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On The Pass
After developing their own line of Japanese-style Basque cheesecakes in lockdown last year, Sydney’s 15 Centimeters has released a dedicated tea-flavoured series, which includes hōjicha milk tea and single origin matchaflavoured cakes. Keep your eyes
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Hotel News
Sustainable hotel group Crystalbrook Collection is set to open the first five-star hotel in Newcastle. Transforming the long-standing Roundhouse building (which started out in the 1970s as the City Administration Centre) and located opposite Civic Pa
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Often inanimate objects become sentimental fixtures in our home. Whether it’s the fragile souvenir that reminds you of your first holiday or the mug you were gifted on your birthday, we form emotional attachments to the things that anchor our every d
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Passage To India
A whimsical, surrealist mural runs the length of Foreign Return’s sleek, teal-and-brass dining room. It’s a playful introduction to a restaurant that aims, just like the surrealist movement, to challenge expectations. The name Foreign Return comes fr
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Colour Cues
Mix and match cheerful colours and bold shapes for a dining space that is sure to get the conversation started. For a living area that’s both warm and welcoming, combine a neutral palette with tactile textures. ■
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Uniquely Japan
Based on the places I’ve travelled to, Okinawa makes me think of an exciting and eclectic mix of aspects of Japan, America, Australia and even Hong Kong. The beaches, such as Manza Beach, are dreamy and the sea is as clear as any I’ve seen in Austral
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Small Wonder
There must be something in the water, and the soil, and the air, in Tasmania. Well, it’s no secret to locals, but us mainlanders are starting to catch on. The creativity and talent thriving in our most southern state seems particularly palpable right
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Three Of The Best
Sake curator and educator Melissa Mills traded a career in dentistry to follow her passion for sake, going on to study Japanese, before undertaking formal training in 2016. Mills has had the pleasure of tasting more than 1,500 sakes while on the pane
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Three Shochus To Try
Produced using traditional methods, this single-distilled shochu is made from barley, bringing crisp flavours and a fresh character. $42 for 700ml selected retailers This shochu, crafted with sweet potato, black koji and water sourced directly fr
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Dishes And Destinations
The sun was shining and the Champagne flowed as I arrived in Matakana, north of Auckland, to reunite with my closest friends after more than a year apart. The day was spent dining alfresco and playing Kubb on the lawn overlooking this spectacular vie
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Also known as potstickers, these pleated, crisp-bottom dumplings are originally a Chinese creation. However, they’ve become a venerated dish in Japan. The difference between Japanese gyoza and Chinese jiaozi lies in the garlic – gyoza contain a riche
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Food From The Heart
The food that we grow up eating stays with us forever. My mother didn’t work outside the home, but she was always busy. Her kitchen was constantly in motion. Throughout the house there was always evidence of our next meal, or food for the future. As
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