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G Data Antivirus for Mac
Price: $39.95 (around £29) from Anyone looking for a simple, AV suite should consider G Data’s Antivirus for Mac. It offers protection without overcomplicating itself. There are no extra frills like a VPN or system maintenance utili
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Price: €49 (around £42) per year from AirVPN is a popular service among privacy-conscious users. The VPN is well known for transparency about its network, reasonable costs, and attention to privacy. It’s not a perfect service, but i
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How The HomePod Mini Can Succeed Where Apple’s First Smart Speaker Failed
As we’ve already seem (page 8), Apple has announced it is to discontinue the full-sized version of its HomePod smart speaker. This came a couple of days after the Space Grey model had already been listed as out of stock, prompting theories about a po
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Why The Next IPad Pro Will Be Closer Than Ever To A Mac
It’s officially spring now, which is when the Internet’s fancy turns to rumours of 2021’s first Apple announcements. Over the last few years, Apple has generally released at least some new products in early spring, and there’s no reason to think that
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Uncover MacOS Big Sur’s Secrets With These 11 Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features
It’s been a few months now since Apple released macOS 11 Big Sur, and hopefully by now you’ve adjusted to its revamped user interface and the major new features, like the enhanced Messages and Maps apps. But operating systems are huge and there are a
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How To Check Your Intel And M1 Mac’s SSD Health Using Terminal
f you have a newer Mac, it likely uses a speedy solid-state drive to store files, apps, music, videos, and a lot of other important stuff. But there’s one thing you may not know about SSDs: they wear out over time. Since the SSD is such a vital part
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New IMacs Expected, As Current Models Vanish
The strange unavailability of multiple configurations of the 21.5in iMac has sparked rumours that a new model will soon be here. Sources from the supply chain have told AppleInsider that Apple has entirely stopped production of the 512GB and 1TB SSD
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Share And Sync IPhone Photos With Android Smartphones And PCs
We all know how easy it is to share photos with friends and family who also use Apple Photos. But when you throw an Android or PC user into the mix, things get a little more complicated. Since they won’t be able to view an iCloud Shared Album, you’ll
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Apple Kills The HomePod, Shifts Focus To Mini
In a surprise late night news dump, Apple has killed the original HomePod, marking an ignominious end to the high-priced Siripowered speaker that struggled to find an audience. Like the iMac Pro, which has also been discontinued (see page 4), the spe
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How Worried Should You Be About Your M1 Mac’s SSD Lifespan?
Recent reports have shown that some users of M1 Macs are experiencing what they feel is unreasonable, excessive usage of the SSD. One in particular showed 15TB written in two months. That’s quite a bit, and almost certainly due to swapping main memor
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Apple’s A15 processor
Typically, Apple stays quiet about its future processors, preferring to announce them along with a new product. For example, we didn’t get specifics about the M1 until Apple unveiled the new MacBooks powered by it and we knew very little about the A1
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Apple Discontinues IMac Pro As M1 Redesign Looms
After cutting some configurations of the 21.5in 4K iMac (see page 6), Apple has now discontinued production of the iMac Pro, adding a note to its site that the high-end all-in-one is only available ‘while supplies last’ and removing all configuration
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Apple Fined $300m For Patent Infringement
Apple has been ordered by a federal jury in Texas to pay $308.5m (about £223m) in lost royalties for infringing on a DRM patent owned by Personalized Media Communications (PMC), Bloomberg reports. PMC originally sued Apple in 2015, accusing the compa
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The IPad Pro Doesn’t Need An M1 Chip… Or Does It?
Anew iPad Pro might be mere weeks away, and we already know a lot about it. While it probably won’t getting a new design, Apple could be bringing a slew of important changes, including a mini LED display for OLED-like colours and power efficiency, be
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What Wi-Fi 6E Means For The Future Of The Mac, IPhone And IPad
It was just a few short years ago when we told you about a then-upcoming wireless technology called Wi-Fi 6. At the time, what was once known as 802.11ax was henceforth given a much more consumer-friendly name and previous convoluted Wi-Fi standards
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Help Desk
When online and local storage were scarcer, Apple added an interesting option to let you have access to recent photos captured or imported across all your mobile and desktop devices. What’s now called My Photo Stream, when enabled, would feed newly t
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Requiem For The IMac Pro
Maybe someday there will be a tell-all book written by someone inside Apple during the 2010s. Maybe we will eventually know exactly what happened that led to a bit of a lost decade for the Mac, one that will be remembered for a failed attempt to reth
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Switching From Android To IPhone Made Easy
You’ve decided that it’s finally time to switch to an iPhone. Maybe it’s the value you get in the £399 iPhone SE. Maybe you’re more concerned about privacy, or you’re tired of buying phones that only get operating system updates a year or two. Maybe
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Your New Mac’s SSD Might Not Last As Long As It Should
If you have a new Mac, you probably think it’s going to last for years, but some new troubling data suggests that might not be the case. More than a few users are reporting that SSDs on new M1 and Intel Macs are possibly being overused by the system,
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Free MacOS Apps Every Mac User Should Have
There’s something of a misconception when it comes to the Mac: that Mac apps cost more, just like the computer itself. While powerful tools like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro certainly have price tags commensurate with their robust feature sets, many of
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Which Mac Should You Buy?
If you’re reading this article, then the chances are you’re thinking about buying a new Mac computer and may be in need of a little guidance. Fortunately, we’re quite familiar with Apple’s Macs, and we’re happy to help you choose the right Mac for yo
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Best IPhone 12 Cases
Whether you buy the mini, Max, Pro or iPhone 12, one thing is for sure: you’re going to want to slap a case on it. Even with a new stronger ceramic coating on the screen and a thinner, more grippable design, the iPhone 12 is still dressed all in glas
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Next MacBook Pros Might Dump The Touch Bar
After launching the first M1 MacBook Pro in November, all eyes have turned toward the next releases. According to two reports from the most accurate analysts in the business, they could deliver everything we want. TFT Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo
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IPhone 12 Vs Samsung Galaxy S21: Which Should You Spend Your £800 On?
The year has barely begun and we already have our first heavyweight smartphone battle of 2021. Samsung has released its line-up of Galaxy S21 phones a little earlier than usual this year, and it’s clear they have Apple’s newest phone in its sights. S
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Apple’s 2020 Report Card
What started out with an earnings warning, stock drop and store closures ended up being a very successful year for Apple. Nearly every product in Apple’s catalogue saw a refresh, a couple of new ones joined the fray, and tens of millions of devices w
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Why Apple Should Release A 12in MacBook Air
I’ve been a fan of tiny Mac laptops for many years. From the 12in PowerBook G4 to the iBook to the 11in MacBook Air, I’ve always opted for the smallest laptop I could get my hands on. And yet, with the discontinuation of the 12in MacBook, the smalles
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Apple’s AirPods Max Are Ridiculously Overpriced
Apple has launched its first non-Beats-branded pair of over-ear headphones and they certainly look great. There’s no denying that the AirPods Max are packed with features, flush with Apple’s trademark design touches (like a stitched ‘L’ so you know w
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What Is A Mini LED Display And Why Do You Want It?
We’ve heard rumours for about a year or so that Apple is on the verge of launching some products with Mini LED display technology. It could come to MacBooks, iPads, iMacs – really anything with a display, though it’s unlikely to ever end up in Apple
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Apple To Launch Education And Innovation Hub
Apple’s recent announcement might not have been as exciting as a new iPhone, but its impact could be just as monumental. As part of its previously announced $100 million investment in the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, the tech giant recently
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Help Desk
It is extremely handy to tag people you know in photos you take. You can then easily find images of those people across time and at specific events. This feature appears in Photos in iOS, iPadOS and macOS, but may not work correctly across devices wi
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