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The Edit
There’s a new player in the bedroom, and it’s all about sleeping easy. Nature’s Rest, a new line of mattresses from A.H. Beard and available exclusively through Domayne, is constructed from wool and renewable talalay latex, for a hygienic, comfortabl
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Editor’s Letter
When my phone pinged with news that a girl from Tassie had been named Australian of the Year, I was instantly intrigued. Who was this fearless 26-year-old who’d fought tirelessly to reclaim her voice and rewrite the law? It quickly became clear Grace
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‘How I Found My WORTH’
We all have a story. Whether standing in front of a mirror fixated on the width of our hips, or sitting in an office feeling like we don’t deserve to be there, there are many moments of doubt every woman is familiar with. And research by L’Oréal Pari
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Toxic Truth
There are many moments in Framing Britney Spears that are difficult to watch. One of the worst comes when The New York Times-led documentary–which details the brutal treatment the pop star received from the misogynistic entertainment industry of the
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Responsible Fashion
Yep, we need to talk about responsible fashion. Not just sustainable or eco-fashion, or “saving the planet”–not even on Earth Day. There’s a problem with fashion’s current sustainability focus: it keeps taking the easy way out. Oversimplifying things
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Death Becomes Her
Take a peek inside a secret world with two very different books about women who dress the dead for a living. BY ELLA BAXTER (ALLEN & UNWIN, $29.99) Amelia loves working at her family’s funeral home because she’s not that great at connecting with the
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When my colleague told me she was watching Sex and the City for the first time, I had mixed feelings. At first, I was surprised because I had assumed everyone had seen it (then it occurred to me that my work friend was a newborn when the series aired
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Pretty, pink tones on lips, eyelids and cheeks give this look its soft and whimsical feel. The key to making it work is finding the right shade of pink–and plenty of blending so the colour melds seamlessly into skin. A warm peachy tone suits Jessica’
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Fearless FASHION
Amelia Earhart–aviator, adventurer, charismatic post-war celebrity, activist and unintentional style icon (she put flight jackets on the fashion map long before Balenciaga’s It-version ruled the noughties)–was the poster girl for pioneering spirit. P
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philosopher and artist NEW YORK, USA From silk turban to pointed toe, Beatrix Ost is all style. Born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1940, she studied art at the School of Seeing in Salzburg, Austria, before she emigrated to New York in 1975, when the city
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Saving nature’s TREASURES
Years ago, before the words ethical and sustainable became woke and the world realised single-use plastics and massproduced fast-fashion were uncool, the powers that be at Tiffany & Co. decided to shake things up inside their own four walls. First, t
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SNAKE Charmer
Luxury jeweller Bvlgari and fashion designer Mary Katrantzou have a lot in common. For one, they share Greek heritage–the former was founded in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirios Voulgaris, who had moved to Rome to pursue a better future; while Katra
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Into The Blue
When seeking out a new product, many of us are looking for one key descriptor (and, no, it’s not “glowing”). It’s sustainability. And the focus these days is firmly fixed on our seas and oceans. Thankfully, to turn the tide against an environment in
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How To Be An Investment Boss
For me, the fear of losing $50 is far greater than the joy of winning $50. It probably explains why I don’t gamble. Why am I so afraid of losing money? Well, it all comes down to what behavioural economists call loss aversion, when losses loom larger
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Warm Fuzzies
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When Toronto father Jamie Alexander couldn’t find swimwear in which his 11-year-old transitioning daughter, Ruby, could confidently feel like her true self, he decided to design some. Offering a worry-free fit and gentle compression, inclusive swimwe
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For Andra Day, the Golden Globes began as they meant to go on: glamorously. The singer, who was nominated as Best Actress for The United States vs Billie Holiday, (and has since been nominated for the Best Actress Oscar) commenced getting ready in th
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Sea Dream
Tell us about your love for the sea. The ocean is a source of my inspiration, creativity, reflection and mindfulness. I love nothing more than getting salty and exploring our underwater worlds. We need a healthy ocean to have healthy humans. How do y
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A New Bloom
There is a saying that in times of crisis, women buy lipstick. But when we live in an era of plenty, when there have never been so many beauty products to choose from, perhaps the statement doesn’t still hold. Because with all that’s on offer, we cou
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The Luxe List
Style and comfort collide in the elevated simplicity of this Chanel Fantasy Tweed jumpsuit. Though minimalist in design, this classic Saint Laurent cropped jacket oozes rock star swagger. Best paired with your fave denim, of course. With its patchwor
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Sand, mud, clay, charcoal … The earth has gifted us so many ingredients that naturally refine and deeply cleanse our complexions. So, with Earth Day this month, we’re enlisting products that harness these ancient glow-getting elements (think kaolin c
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Total Garbage
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wondered about garbage–where does it go and what happens when we run out of places to put it? The average Australian generates more than 10 kilograms of garbage a week; for an American, it’s 14 kilograms. Considering that
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Lush layers set the tone for autumn and beyond: striking silhouettes and stand-out separates; new-season knitwear to take you from the sofa to the street; and androgynous styling with a futuristic twist. Then turn to page 124 for our shopping special
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Runway Revolution
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L’ORÉAL PARIS Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops in Sparkling Love, $29.95 (1) Warm peachy shades complement most skin tones so look for lipstick and blush with a warm base. Don’t have a pink eyeshadow? No matter. Doubling up your blush as an eyeshado
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Academy Awards Bingo
Someone appears on screen when they definitely shouldn’t be on screen. A presenter mispronounces a nominee’s name. Someone does a shot on camera. Meryl Streep yells and points when a woman wins. Frances McDormand appears in a hoodie. An award-winner
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Molly Ringwald
There was never any doubt that at the end of Pretty in Pink, our Cinderella would go to the ball. Sure, it might have been in a flamingo-pink dress best left in the decade the film was released–the ’80s–but there was one question: who would be her Pr
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Rock Stars
When shooting 1990’s romantic box-office hit Pretty Woman, the production team visited the Fred store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and chose a ruby and diamond hearts necklace for the star Julia Roberts. And so a modern classic was born. This year
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Andra Day was quite certain. She did not want to play Billie Holiday. “I actually said no,” she tells me about her initial reaction to being cast as the iconic jazz singer in The United States of America vs Billie Holiday. As she recalls, director Le
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