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Bristling With Passion
IT’S WEIRD, RIGHT? Half a beard. But you know what’s weirder? The state of the environment. Well, half of it, at least. Back in 2017, when I learned that half of the world’s forests had been destroyed, I was dumbstruck. I noticed a lot of other ‘halv
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Fists Of Fury
BECAUSE FIT IS THE NEW RICH When the pandemic closed my martial-arts gym, I was left with a growing sense of aggression. My search for an outlet led me to find out a few things I didn’t expect THE SECOND WEEK of March 2020 was the last time I had a c
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The Feed
You don’t need to train on a mountain top to build game-changing endurance. Push your limits by combining your cup of coffee with an L-carnitine supp PUT THE KETTLE ON, fill your mug and settle in for some good news: researchers at Chonbuk National U
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Lieberman’s Law We evolved to rest, so it takes work to make exercise fun and appealing. Staying active requires finding your own motivation. Lieberman’s Law Sitting for up to 10 hours a day is entirely normal and natural, so long as we remember to g
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Why We Overcomplicate Joy
SO HERE WE ARE, slowly emerging from a world-stopping pandemic. It’s a time of joy, right? Except you’re just not feeling it. And you know what? That’s okay. It might not feel okay right now – living without joy makes it seem like you’re merely going
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Hiit With Joe
Got 10 minutes max? No equipment? Torch every muscle and get your heart racing with this conceived-in-lockdown Wicks workout. Do each exercise once for 45sec. Rest for 15sec between each move. Go hard and stay home
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Air Time
IF YOU’VE GOT itchy feet right now, that’s hardly surprising. According to a 2019 study, Australians are the second most well-travelled population on Earth. The study, commissioned by travel site, found the average Aussie had travelled to 1
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Ironclad Your Mind
07:00 Meditating regularly reduces levels of inflammatory chemicals called cytokines, warding off low moods. NIPER 07:15 Two to four cups of coffee each day cuts your suicide risk by half. Caffeine appears to act as a mild antidepressant. Harvard Uni
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Supp Your Chances
Taking L-citrulline just before going to sleep helps you to hold onto hard-won muscle mass. Université Paris Descartes Taking vitamin D in summer as well as in winter has been shown to inhibit the growth of fat cells. Tehran University Can’t manage s
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Healthy Food, Healthier Brain?
IN MY TRAINING as a psychiatrist, I’d never been taught to ask my patients what they were eating. When I did finally start, the results were startling, to say the least. People who made even a few small dietary tweaks began feeling better and sometim
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Drink And Thrive
ASIDE FROM LAST YEAR, when two-thirds of Australians admitted to stress-drinking to help deal with pandemic anxiety, research suggests that, as a nation, we’re actually trending towards drinking less, with per capita consumption at its lowest level s
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The Big Question
So, Seriously, What’s the Best Breakfast?- AK ★ Show of hands if you’ve inhaled an all-butter croissant on the way to work and called it “breakfast”? While science has posited that our first meal of the day is the most important, a mouthful of pastry
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3 Ways I Recover Joy
Spending less time on the road and not going to my office or hanging out at my favourite spots is a joy drain for me. So even as it gets colder, I continue to go outside for walks or runs. Being outdoors has allowed me to find excitement in the novel
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“Alex Do You Believe In God?” Val Kilmer
Some years ago, Val Kilmer began selling his original artwork on the Internet. Kilmer has been making art for a long time. He takes photographs and creates scrapbook-style media collages with atmospheric abstract paintings resembling blooms of underw
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The Future of Health
TO MARK THE RETURN of both Men’s Health and Women’s Health (Australia), a selection of Sydney’s key health-focused opinion leaders descended on Porsche Centre Sydney South’s new space, The Hub. Guests enjoyed a bespoke breakfast while listening to a
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Stepping Stones
Deadlift a heavy rock to your thighs, squat and let the rock settle on them. Roll it up to your shoulder, shift your hands beneath it and press overhead. Fire up your lats and forearms. Tighten your core. Pull the rock towards your chest, squeezing y
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Serena Williams
HER RECORD SPEAKS for itself. Twenty-three grand slam singles titles and counting, accumulated over two decades. She needs one more to equal the record tally of Australia’s Margaret Court. That 24th major is proving elusive. But even as Serena Willia
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In An Idle World
A paleoanthropologist at Harvard, Lieberman’s book Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health challenges common beliefs. If exercise is integral to our health and longevity, why do many of us find it so uncomfortable? If this though
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Editor’s Letter
★ They say good things come to those who wait. But in 2021, you have to ask yourself if this is still the case? We can get food delivered to our door in minutes, watch any movie or TV show on demand and order a new wardrobe while scrolling through so
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Track Your Results
Deploy this high-tempo dance track to keep you movin’ when you start to flag. Research shows that simple lyrics are best at giving you extra motivation – and few songs get to the point like this one. Spotify’s most popular workout-related tune for fo
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Low-alcohol Trends We Froth
Want the taste of a cold one without the fuzzy head? Non-alcoholic beers like Heineken 0.0 are fermented from natural ingredients with gentle alcohol removal to achieve a fruity flavour and slight malty notes – just like the real deal. It’s not only
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Dumbbell Vs kettlebell
IT’S THE GYM equivalent of hot sauce versus tomato sauce and a question that trainers have argued about since the dawn of strength-training time. Which hunk of muscle-building, fat-blasting iron is better: the dumbbell or the kettlebell? Both weights
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I Overdo Caffeine
A mug of instant coffee was once enough to power you through the morning. Now, your second triple-shot latte barely registers. What gives? Caffeine mainly works by plugging the adenosine receptors in your brain – four and a half cups of coffee can bl
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Half The Reps For Twice The Muscle
THE DEADLIFT MAY BE the king of lifts, but single-leg variations are stepping up to the plate. Training each leg individually fires up your stabilising muscles and addresses strength imbalances, helping you build new power in your quads, glutes and h
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Make Your Muscle Plan Rock Solid
DANIEL MURAKAMI, 33, spent years dominating deadlifts, bench presses and squats. Then, five years ago, he walked up to a boulder field near his home in Murrieta, California, braced his core and tried to lift a huge rock. Nothing happened... except a
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How Russell Brand Escaped His Midlife Crisis
WHEN RUSSELL BRAND turned 40 five years ago, he found himself facing a crisis. He felt totally adrift. He thought, simply enough, I don’t want to live how I’m living. The manic English comedian first broke out stateside in 2008, playing a ramped-up v
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25 Ways To Protect Your Heart Now
A new cardiac-rehab protocol reveals a smart strategy for anyone who wants a stronger ticker DOCTORS USED TO treat guys who had heart trouble with kid gloves, as if their hearts were extremely fragile and intense exercise could cause another blowout.
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Abs, Pecs, Arms
Do seven rounds for time. “Usually, I crack it out in 22 minutes, but on a good day, if you can crack it in 20 minutes, I feel like you’re ripping,” says Apa. “I do it with Charles. He starts on the exercise ahead of me so that I’m always on his back
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Your Hardcore Training Plan For Maximum Muscle Gain
YOUR FITNESS GOALS are nobody’s business but your own, and chasing a six-pack is as legitimate an aim as any. Yet if it only takes a T-shirt to hide any visible evidence of your hard work, perhaps a smarter approach to training is necessary. After al
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Fitness Secrets Of The Goats
LEBRON JAMES turns 37 this year, but he’s still crushing it because of his focus on muscle elasticity and explosiveness. Maintain yours with these moves from basketball trainer Paul Fabritz. Muscle elasticity – which helps you accelerate and brake –
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