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Randy Blythe
FROM HIS ORIGINS as a punk rock-loving kid in Richmond, VA in the mid-90s through to establishing himself at the forefront of the burgeoning New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement at the turn of the millennium, Randy Blythe has never shied away fr
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Praise Seitan!
SOMEWHERE DEEP IN Orlando, Florida is a kitchen darkly decorated with ornate gothic candelabras, black studded cupboards and an impressive collection of skulls. In the centre stands Brian Manowitz, dressed in full chain armour, covered in corpsepaint
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Slay At Home Fest
Paradise Lost, Imperial Triumphant and Pallbearer forge a dream team-up WHEN FRANK GODLA, co-creator of metal news/gossip website Metal Injection, presented the first Slay At Home fest in May of 2020, he likely hoped that it wouldn’t still be running
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Holding Absence
SHARPTONE Welsh metalcore upstarts make a seismic yet sentimental shift HOLDING ABSENCE HAVE always been outliers in British metalcore. The youngsters may have come up sharing stages with Loathe and Our Hollow, Our Home, but they always owed as much
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The Hyena Kill
“WE HAD BASICALLY split up; we’d done this for a while and we really thought we’d come to the end,” The Hyena Kill guitarist and vocalist Steven Dobb tells Hammer. “I wrote one more song for something to do one day, and it was so different to our usu
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Clouds Over California By Devildriver
NEARLY TWO DECADES on from their formation in Santa Barbara, California, Devildriver are firmly established as a permanent fixture in the metal world. One of the most legendarily hard-working bands in the business, Dez Fafara and his comrades won peo
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Pupil Slicer
THEIR NAME MAY make you do a bit of a sick in your mouth and their music is utterly fucking terrifying, but Pupil Slicer have gone and created the most exciting debut album in living memory. The London-based trio only formed three years ago, and almo
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The Big Debate
“I look at who came after us, and bands really took our sound and did amazing things with it; look at Slipknot and look at Linkin Park! I love both those bands, and they took what we did into whole new directions. So, we inspired some bands that are
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I’ll Never Forget The First Time I Saw Sonne
I WAS AT a mate’s house watching Kerrang! TV in early 2001, pretty much just waiting for nu metal videos to turn up in between all the pop punk and aging grunge clips. During reruns of Rollin’, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Last Resort and Basket Case, a
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Downtuned For Life
“He is the unsung hero of Disturbed. His solos are super-tasteful and his riffs are unconventional. I don’t think he gets as much love as he should. One day, I was messing around learning the riff to Stricken. It’s a learnable riff, it’s not like it’
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How Mutter Changed The Game
The headline screamed, ‘Nazis? Heil no!’ This wasn’t one of the usual outrageous tabloid rags, though – this was a mainstream UK music publication. Why? The year was 1998 and a band had used footage of Leni Riefenstahl’s 1938 film, Olympia, in their
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Serj Tankian
It was late at night and pouring with rain when Serj Tankian had what he calls his “epiphany”. Serj was in his mid-20s and had been working for his uncle’s jewellery business since graduating from university, playing music on the side. But he wasn’t
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Another Life
1. HE HAD A BAND CALLED...WAIT FOR IT...KILLERS! They released two studio albums in the early 90s. Turns out Paul didn’t totally leave Killers behind after all... 2. HE REFUSED TO GROW HIS HAIR WHILE IN IRON MAIDEN “I was one of the rare singers in h
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People Call Us Leaders Of The Nu Metal Resurgence… I Hope We Don’t Let Them Down
If chain wallets made a comeback, I would be all about it.” Tetrarch vocalist and guitarist Josh Fore is weighing up the benefits of the nu metal revival. His bandmate, lead guitarist and shredder extraordinaire Diamond Rowe, cuts in, equally enthusi
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Angry Critics, Secret Auditions, And The Exit Of Paul Di’Anno: Inside Killers
For a very particular type of Iron Maiden fan, the first two albums are all they will ever need. Even today, social media throws up the occasional keyboard warrior claiming Maiden lost their edge on the day Paul Di’Anno left – or worse, that the recr
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Enjoy The Silence?
LAST MONTH, ON Saturday February 27, Lacuna Coil stunned fans by taking to a stage in Milan for what was advertised as a concert livestream – only to stand in complete silence for the entire broadcast. The band, alongside 130 other artists across Ita
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What Extinct Animal Would You Bring Back?
THERE ARE PLENTY of things that Hammer readers want to know about Loathe’s Kadeem France, given that he’s the frontman of one of the UK’s most imaginative and fastest-rising bands. The Liverpudlians just dropped their surprise third album, The Things
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LG Petrov Was The Ultimate Metalhead
Legendary death metal vocalist Lars-Göran Petrov passed away on March 7, 2021, after a brutal battle with cancer. If anyone needs proof that the Swede’s contribution to our world was colossal and enduring, one need only direct their attention to the
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10 Things We Learned This Month
This actually happened! High fives and fist bumps all round, lads. Between Clown and Corey’s comments in the media recently, we’re wondering if we hear something soon. We even heard a snippet of material in a recent studio video the band posted. We h
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Rip, LG
“When I started in Amon Amarth, LG was a huge influence on me as a singer. I still hold him to be one of the best, most original, influential singers the death metal genre has ever had. But more than this, LG became a friend. He was a humble and genu
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While She Sleeps
SLEEPS BROTHERS / SPINEFARM Steel City metalcore champions embrace their evolution THREE YEARS AGO, While She Sleeps had just come off their most successful cycle yet. 2017’s You Are We saw them nail their distinctive brand of metalcore – a perfect b
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Benji Webbe Skindred
What’s the worst thing about being in a band? “Dealing with cunts! Cunts who rob your fucking life away from you! I don’t get paid to play, I get paid to hang around with those fucking four! It’s all tongue-in-cheek, mind! I love those boys, but hang
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Evanescence Haven’t Released A ‘Proper’ Album For 10 Yers …
Like so many performers with a strong, specific public image, Amy Lee is not all she seems. Ostensibly her world is one of gothic melodrama and opulent metal. Basques and ball gowns. It’s what she’s been known for since 2003, when Evanescence’s mega-
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Truth To Power
HAD YOU MET THE BAND BEFORE YOU PRODUCED THEIR SELF-TITLED RECORD IN 2011? “I hadn’t. I’d never even seen Evanescence play live. I was familiar with their music on the radio and stuff like that, but when I met Amy for the first time we just really hi
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Meet The Band
WRITER When we got you guys to vote for the greatest Rammstein songs ever last year, it was Alec who took on the mammoth task of writing the piece that revealed all your choices. Who better to dig into Mutter, two full decades(!) after it changed the
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Lamb Of God
NUCLEAR BLAST NWOAHM champions relive their livestream WITH COVID-19 PUTTING a decided pause on any plans to tour and promote their self-titled eighth record, last September Lamb Of God opted to instead dive into the world of livestreams as a way of
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METAL BLADE Louisiana metallic punks unleash a fiery opening salvo CAPRA’S MELD OF chunky metallic riffs and scratchy punk rock energy has been performed by many over the years, but as long as it remains this energetic and rip-roaringly, scabrously s
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PELAGIC Norway’s noise rock surrealists continue to refine their art THOSE FOLLOWING THE 20-year career of Norway’s favourite noise rock refuse scavengers - their moniker is taken from the name of a garbage dump in Haugesund - have likely noticed tha
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Spirit Mother / Mountain Tamer
MOJAVE DESERT, CALIFORNIA Say what you like about this Year Without Shows, but since livestreams became the only way to see new live music the quality of concert video footage has gone through the roof. After the bottom fell out of the live DVD marke
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In The Know
“I stumbled upon Michigander randomly while listening to an Apple Music radio station. While they don’t have a proper full-length at this point, I’ve had their five-song EP, Where Do We Go From Here, on heavy rotation. The songs can have a melancholy
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