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Karl’s Million-dollar Pitch
If there’s anyone that could bring stories about “quirky” Australians to life on our screens, it’s the Aussie larrikin himself, Karl Stefanovic. And that’s exactly what the Today show host plans to do, with reports he is currently in talks with Netfl
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Saved By Her Big Brother
When Bridger Walker, 6, realised a dog was about to attack his little sister, he put his own life at risk to save hers. Bridger was visiting a friend’s house with his 4-year-old sister Jessica* on July 9, when they went into the back garden to meet
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How Do I Perform A Breast Self-exam?
Did you know, the Cancer Council warned of a 37 per cent drop in new cancer diagnoses this year due to Covid-19 stopping women going to clinics? All the more reason to check breasts regularly so you can notice unusual changes. If you have breast chan
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My Life In 10 Picture Sean Connery
Growing up in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sir Sean Connery says, “My background was harsh. We were poor, but I never knew how poor till years later.” Still, he was determined to make it in the world after leaving school at 13, becoming along the way a milkm
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Grant Denyer It’s Over!
Australia’s most loved TV host Grant Denyer may soon be without a show to front once again, with rumours Dancing with the Stars is set to be axed. “Dancing with the Stars is gone,” an industry insider exclusively tells New Idea. Grant, 43, was an
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A Dancer With A Difference!
A professional dancer and actress who was born without her left hand has defied the odds to become the very first New York City Rockette with a visible disability. Sydney Mesher, 23, was missing her left hand at birth due to a rare congenital conditi
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This 100 per cent pure essential oil is carefully sourced, using only quality ingredients. Bondi Wash Essential Oil, $25, bondiwash. The aroma is inspired by spring cherry blossoms in Shanghai Haiwan Forest Park. Shanghai Blossom Reclaime
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Cameron Daddo ‘Why It Was Time To Come Home’
There was barely a dry eye in the global Home and Away community when Cameron Daddo delivered a memorably moving portrayal of Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) terminally ill father, Evan. And yet the greatest twist was to come. For the character’s passing d
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The Spring Racing Carnival season has always been a fixture on the Australian social calendar, with everyone from celebrities to everyday punters getting glammed up for the occasion. However, like all things in 2020, we can expect that spring carniva
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Dr Chris Brown $400,000 Fight!
Just who has signed on for I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! is yet to be announced. But New Idea has learnt that co-host Dr Chris Brown is far from pleased that one of his top picks was nabbed by another network. “The competition to book the b
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The Crime Queens Who Ruled Sydney
The feud between notorious Sydney crime queens Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh was one of the most vicious in Australian history. For almost three decades, the outrageous pair were at the centre of the brutal battle that erupted between their rival crimi
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HOME HACK – The Only Three Cleaning Tools You’ll Ever Need
Wash dishes and utensils without damaging your hands using this bamboo cleaning brush with detergent dispenser. Remo Bristle Cleaning Brush with Detergent Dispenser, $13.95, This natural ‘gumption’ formula is perfect for those surface
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Getting To Know… James Stewart (justin Morgan):
THE LAST TV SERIES I BINGE-WATCHED WAS… The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I could not stop watching it! THE LAST BOOK I COULDN’T PUT DOWN WAS… The biography of Lenny Bruce, the comedian Mrs Maisel kept meeting. He was ground-breaking. THE LAST MEAL
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Summer Bodies!
Sun’s out, bump’s out! The Life Uncut podcast host – who’s expecting her second child with fiancé Matthew Johnson – got some vitamin sea in Sydney. The mum-of-three certainly knows how to make a splash. Looking great, Jen! It’s getting hot in h
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Their Royal Cuteness!
Appearing in their first-ever video, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis put on the sweetest show as they carried out their first royal duty. And proud parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t wait to share the adorable mo
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Kidnap Survivor Jayme Closs ‘I’m Growing Stronger Every Day’
The horror was unimaginable when on October 15, 2018 just before 1am, dressed in black with a mask, hat and gloves, Jake Thomas Patterson pulled into the driveway where 13-year-old Jayme Closs lived with her parents, mum Denise, 46, and dad James, 56
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WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT their teenager using TikTok
Just when you’d mastered Facebook and Instagram, your teenager is interested in TikTok. Here, the experts discuss potential safety concerns that may arise. TikTok is a free social media app that allows users to create short videos with a music soun
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Justine Clarke ‘I Was Shocked’
In 1965, visiting English model Jean Shrimpton attended Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne wearing a miniskirt – and Australia was never the same again. “Just in one flight to Australia, Jean Shrimpton in that miniskirt probably saw us
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Candid Weight Confession
She dramatically dropped 47kg, but Dawn French says she’s put some of the weight back on recently – and doesn’t give two hoots! “I’ve gone back to being an entire barrel, but do you know what, I’m going to be 63 this year, I don’t give a f--k, I re
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The Queen’s Secret Crush On Sir David Attenborough
The recent meeting between the Cambridges and Sir David thrilled fans – but none more so than Queen Elizabeth herself. According to royal author Phil Dampier, no-one would have been more “delighted” by the interaction than their 94-year-old great-gra
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Spring Racing
Serves 8, Prep: 20 mins 400g thinly sliced smoked salmon1 small red onion, thinly sliced into rings250g punnet baby cucumbers, sliced diagonally2 small avocados, halved, sliced crosswaysSliced rustic baguette, to serve ¼ cup olive oil¼ cup white ba
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Privacy And Safety Concerns
There are currently broader government investigations happening in relation to safety and privacy concerns surrounding TikTok. Susan says that “data mining” is just one of many “significant safety issues” that have been raised. “India has banned it a
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Mariah Hot For Lenny!
Mariah Carey couldn’t help but drool over Lenny Kravitz’s shirtless Men’s Health cover last week, leaving the fire emoji on the sizzling post. The pair go way back to before they were famous, with Lenny recalling hanging out with Mariah “when she was
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Racing To The Altar!
That was fast! Katie Holmes has sparked buzz she’s getting married to her new love, New York restaurateur Emilio Vitolo Jr, 33, after just two months of dating. Last week, the couple were spotted touring St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Nolita, Manh
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Queen Margrethe’s Smoking Habit
Denmark’s Queen Margrethe is said to still be hanging on to her beloved Karelia cigarettes, which are imported to Denmark specifically for her. And her long-time smoking habit has once again come under scrutiny in regards to her position as patron of
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3 Great Ways With... Pasta
Serves 4, Prep and Cook: 25 mins 375g linguine2 tblsps olive oil200g sliced pancetta, roughly chopped1 medium onion, finely chopped2 cloves garlic, crushed750g vine-ripened tomatoes, chopped2 tblsps red wine vinegar1 tsp dried chilli flakes2 tblsps
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Something wicked this way comes. Sources say Sarah Jessica Parker is dreading the Hocus Pocus reunion taking place on Halloween, as she can’t stand to be around her co-star Bette Midler’s “constant stream of snipes and put-downs”. “Sarah gets Bette
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Rock Legend Remembered
Eddie Van Halen was described as a “guitar god” by Kiss frontman Gene Simmons shortly after the legendary musician passed away, aged 65, following a long battle with throat cancer. “My heart is broken,” Gene tweeted. Steve Tyler was also devastated
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Caught Out!
There’s plenty of common ground between Bachelor franchise alumni Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins and Ali Oetjen. But could a romantic relationship soon be on the cards? Both former reality dating-show stars appear alongside one another on upcoming
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