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Jock’s Secret Fling!
New judge Jock Zonfrillo has been quite the on-air hit with fans – and now NW has learned that former contestant Renae Smith was also charmed by the Scottish hottie when he was a guest judge on her 2014 season. “They were both single at the time,” ou
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Bake Mum’s Day!
Makes: 20 Prep: 30 mins Cook: 20 mins • 200g block Rolo chocolate• 150g butter, softened• ½ cup chunky peanut butter• 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar• ⅓ cup caster sugar• 1 tsp vanilla essence• 2 eggs• 2¼ cups plain flour• ¼ cup malted milk powde
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WAIT! there’s MORE!
The actress couldn’t be more relatable. That’s all! She’s won so many acting awards she probably has a second home to keep them all in – and now Meryl Streep has won the internet. The acting legend became a viral sensation after making a martini dur
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Tasmanian twins Kimmy and Rhi Harris are the firm favourites to take out the House Rules High Stakes crown. “With my interior design qualification and our twin-tuition we’ve got it in the bag,” boasts Kimmy. But it’s this gung-ho attitude that has ru
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Sweetest Thing!
Mariah’s famous sugar cookies are perfect for Mother’s Day and cosy winter nights alike. She bakes them from scratch, but don’t be fooled – she doesn’t waste time making icing. If store-bought icing is good enough for Mariah, then it’s good enough fo
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Guess Whose Wet Hair
Did this Girl just Get Out of the shower? A Pretty Little Dryer would have come in handy! Her waterlogged role in Aquaman must’ve gone to her head She’s doing amazing at rocking the slicked-back style It looks like she hasn’t gotten out o
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She’s Only 22! Kylie’s Shock Facelift Revealed!
Kylie Jenner has been enhancing her body with all the implants, fillers and Botox that money could buy since she was just 16. But now the billionaire make-up mogul is about to undergo her most radical surgery yet – a complete facelift. Say whaaaat?!
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YOUR Stars
Feeling low? You’re not alone. Try to reach out to others, pick up the phone or share a smile with a stranger. Bring out your inner diva. On this occasion, you definitely know best. It’s all about self-love and under Sunday’s special skies, you may f
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Brit’s Toyboy Is A Real Jock!
Is Sam Asghari Crazy? Britney Spears’ hunky boyfriend sported an unusual-looking face mask while jogging in LA – with some joking that it resembled a jockstrap or cricket cup! Whatever it is, we’re just happy Sam chose to ditch the shirt. Brit sure i
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Khloe’s Sex Rules For Tristan!
Khloe Kardashian is currently exploring IVF to have baby number two, but a part of her still hopes to conceive naturally with her ex Tristan Thompson. “Since they have nothing else to do, Tristan may as well knock her up,” explains an insider of the
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Let’s Chat
You sent love to Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger following their preggo news facebook.com/nwmagazine Instagram @nwmag twitter.com/nwmag nwgoss@bauer-media.com.au
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Katy Vs Orly DUMPED IN THE Delivery Room!
From California Gurl to single mum? Katy Perry is planning on giving Orlando Bloom his marching orders the second their daughter is born if he doesn’t get their relationship back on track. Reports that the Hot N Cold couple are once again on the rock
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What YOU Say...
You’re all for Kyle Sandilands becoming a MAFS relationship expert next year Our sexy shoot with Ryan Gallagher got you hot and bothered!
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Omg! The Internet’s Boyfriends Are Both Single!
Teen girls everywhere... wait, who are we kidding?! Everyone everywhere can rejoice because Hollywood heart-throbs Timothee Chalamet and Noah Centineo are back on the market! Yep, the swoon-worthy actors are single once more after calling time on the
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KRISTIN’S $140M DIVORCE Turns Nasty!
Kristin Cavallari may have had an ideal life on paper, but underneath the surface things weren’t as picture-perfect as she made them out to be. And now the Very Cavallari star has announced she’s getting a divorce from hubby Jay Cutler, the, er, real
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Really, what else did you expect from the woman who dressed as a burger and a chandelier for the Met Gala? Katy Perry dons a very fitting look for an at-home taping of American Idol! Working from home comes with its hiccups – but we bet Trinny Wood
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Curse Of The Hills!
Heidi Montag’s waistband has been a little snug lately, but instead of jumping on the treadmill, it’s got the 33-year-old hitting her surgeon’s speed dial! “Heidi’s gained a few pounds and it’s causing her lifelong battle with body dysmorphia to rais
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Think You Know Your... Housewives?
1 Who did Teresa Giudice tip a table over in a rage on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey? 2 What’s the name of Lisa Vanderpump’s home on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills? 3 Which Real Housewife introduced Brandi Glanville to the group on RHOBH?
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Gigi And Zayn’s Baby Bliss!
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are expecting their first child – and it’s a girl, with the model’s recent 25th birthday celebrations doubling as a gender reveal party. “I’m excited to become a oma [Dutch for grandma] in September,” Gigi’s mum Yolanda gush
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Now And Then Where Are They Now?
With roles in cult classics like Mermaids and the Addams Family flicks under her belt, Christina was already a huge star when she was cast to play tomboy Roberta. She went on to meet her now-hubby James Heerdegen on the set of 2011 TV series Pan Am,
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Reading... Fresh Female Tales
For Nell Stevens, life hasn’t gone exactly as hoped. Her dream career in the US – and her relationship – have gone kaput. So, in her forties, she finds herself back in London. With all her old chums married and settled down, she’s forced to rent a ro
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Mama, I Love You…
In many ways, my mum and I couldn’t be more different. She thinks “dick” and “shut up” are swear words, while I’ve got a mouth on me like a sailor with Tourette’s. She claims to have only been drunk twice in her life, while I’ve got hammered, sobered
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How could anyone forget Allison Janney’s gig as a high-school teacher penning an erotic novel in the iconic movie 10 Things I Hate About You? Well, actually, she’s forgotten all about it herself! Awkward! Sure, it was over 20 years ago and she’s nabb
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PLOT: Manhattan musician Elliot decides to move to Paris and open a small jazz club in an eccentric part of the city. While struggling to make ends meet, deal with his past and manage a band, his world unravels after finding out his girlfriend is inv
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Amal & George ‘We’re Pregnant With Twins… Again!’
The last time we checked, George and Amal Clooney were locked in battle over whether to add to their family – she wanted more kids, he wasn’t so sure, and it looked very touch and go for their marriage. But it appears the high-flying human rights law
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A little bit of muscle is just what the doctor ordered – and Jason Derulo sure is delivering the goods! The singer steps out for a run around his Los Angeles neighbourhood, but it soon turns into a gun show. We’ll take two tickets please... Little L
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The Binge Continues… COSY CLASSICS!
WE’RE BINGEING BECAUSE: Even in times like these, a violent show about the modern-day mob can provide a bit of a reprieve – and Tony Soprano is up there with some of the best gangster gods of all time. All seasons streaming now on Foxtel Go  WE’RE
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Meet Cathy’s New Man ‘I’VE GOT MY Fairy Tale Ending!’
Cathy Evans is a woman in love! With the dust finally settled after the explosion that was her MAFS marriage to Josh Pihlak, the bombshell tells NW she’s meet the man of her dreams in hunky cop Richard! “I think I fell in love with every aspect of Ri
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