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Cleaning Up
The end of tenancies often brings ongoing issues around cleanliness and tidiness to the fore. When Faapouliaolelagi Niko left the Takanini rental she was inhabiting in a state not considered appropriate by property managers Barfoot and Thompson, they
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This map represents change in the average rental price between the months of April 2020 and April 2021, based on figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. Median house rents of the dominant dwelling type for the area No. of P
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Twists And Turns
Records for house prices have been set yet again despite the lowest number of houses available for sale during an April month since records began. The Real Estate Institute’s (REINZ) House Price Index, measuring the changing value of property in the
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Spotlight On Tenant Selection
It all began with the “KFC test”: the practice of property managers asking prospective tenants for bank statements, so they could see whether they were whittling away their rent money on fast food. Then there was the “blacklist”, a Facebook group cal
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Investors’ Guide To Queenstown And Wānaka
West of the CBD, Fernhill is filled with rental housing for workers. Has some great views but some areas don’t see any sun in the winter. Demand and value for properties in this suburb have taken a hit due to Covid. Also an attractive area for first
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Investors To Face Lower House Prices And More Policing
The Treasury has predicted annual house price growth will peak at 17.3% in the June quarter this year and take a deep dive to 0.9% by the June quarter next year – about half of the expected inflation rate of 1.7%. After that house price growth is exp
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Corelogic Queenstown Lakes Kelvin Davidson, Senior Property Economist, Corelogic
Rental data is sourced from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment based on rental bonds lodged. This data is supplied to us grouped into geographic areas based on statistical area units used by Statistics NZ for the census and as a resu
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What’s Driving House Prices?
Median prices increased by 19.1% to $810,000 in the year to April. This was down on last month’s record. The REINZ House Price Index rose 26.8% year-on-year to 3,775, the highest annual percentage increase since records began. Heartland Bank has cut
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Offsetting New Tax
As an investor, we are taught to be counter-cyclical and buy when nobody is buying. What nobody mentions is that it can be scary in the moment. One investor compared it with feeling like he was playing a game of chicken vs an onrushing train … and I
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Heat Pumps – The Low Down
Jamie Nankivell is the marketing manager for Hitachi. He explains how heat pumps work. “Unlike electric convection heaters, heat pumps don’t create heat directly. Heat pumps use a refrigeration cycle to transfer heat energy from one location to anoth
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Determine Damage Then Fix
We have had a busy summer, particularly in our Auckland office, undertaking, what I call “forensic engineering” assessments for houses, at the request of owners who have noticed damage to their properties. It is not uncommon to occasionally notice mi
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What’s Happening In Your Region
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday June 30, 7pm at the Distinction Hotel, Riverside Drive, Whangarei. TOPIC: This month’s speaker is Eion Scott of the NZ Green Building Council. Eion is senior manager residential, looking after Homestar and the new residential
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Profit In Parking
At a mere 15m2 car parks are tiny slivers of commercial real estate increasing rapidly in value but often overlooked as an investment. Nestling between or underneath glass and steel office blocks or apartment buildings, car parks generally lack the i
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The Long Game
Good things take time. In Jono and Jessica Nisbett’s case, it took six years to renovate and sell a 1990s 220m2 direct-fix polystyrene property that they had originally bought as a flip. But the results were worth it. The home was bought by the coupl
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Asb’s 1.79% Useful For Investors
The biggest news in interest rates over the last month has been ASB’s introduction of a market leading 1.79% floating rate for construction loans. While some of the fine print still needs to be clarified it appears to be exceptionally useful for inve
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Nz Property Investor Events Calendar
Thursday, June 3, 6:30pm-8:30pm; Wednesday, June 9, 6:30pm-8:30pm; Thursday, June 17, 6:30pm-8:30pm; Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 6:30pm-8:30pm; Sat 26 Jun, 2021 1pm-3pm. All online. Greenlane, Saturday, June 26, 2021. See https://www.propertyapprentice
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Turn Up The Heat
Time is ticking on the last of the Healthy Homes deadlines. From July 1, private rental properties must adhere to all Healthy Homes standards, which includes heating and ventilation. It’s been a bit of a scramble for many landlords trying to get thei
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New Tax Concerns ‘Dismissed Out Of Hand’
This came out of a meeting the Property Investors Federation had with Government ministers and officials to discuss the effects of the bright-line test’s extension to 10 years and scrapping the mortgage interest tax deductibility. Federation presiden
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A Matter Of Time
People become property investors for many different reasons. Passive income, financial security, a retirement fund. Nick Gentle’s motivation was different: “I needed control of my time.” You will have seen Gentle’s name in Your Property Finder in the
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Joining Forces To Convince Govt
The New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF), along with Tenants Protection (Christchurch) and The First Home Buyers Club, presented a letter to Government requesting them to reconsider the inability to claim mortgage interest as a tax dedu
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Tale Of Two Lakes
Lakeside towns Queenstown and Wānaka are drawcards for adrenalin thrills, spectacular scenery and luxury style ... but they couldn’t be more different. Queenstown is the brash resort town, until recently attracting millions of international visitors
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New Homes Under Threat
Resources are short in the construction sector, putting the quality of new homes at risk. Yet demand for new builds has soared and is soaring again as investors are incentivised to shift away from existing houses. Independent economist Tony Alexander
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Tip Of The Month
I often hear of people who when investing in properties end up buying a negatively geared property in a low capital growth area. This is a sure way of losing your shirt when the next recession comes. Avoid buying any properties that you can’t increas
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Change The Record
It is time to put things into perspective. Complaining about it isn’t going to help. Let’s face it, if the Government is prepared to completely ignore recommendations and suggestions from economists, Treasury, the Reserve Bank, and lobbyists from all
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Check The Details
There has been a spate of horror stories recently about apartment repairs that have left owners significantly out of pocket. In the wake of this, REINZ has made a call for greater disclosure statement requirements for potential apartment buyers. Pros
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Flow On From Tax Changes
Firstly, a recap on the Government’s announcement. For acquisitions of residential property after March 27, 2021 interest will only be deductible until October 1, 2021. Interest on debt funding residential property acquired prior to March 27, 2021 wi
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Recladding 101
Builderscrack sees hundreds of recladding jobs posted per year. The primary driver for most of this work is to replace failed cladding. This is not always evident by visible deterioration of the cladding – and especially with homes built between the
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Apartments Bounce Back
It’s been more than a year since the country’s borders closed and overseas students swarmed back to their own countries in the wake of Covid-19. And the effect on Auckland’s CBD apartment market has been swift and dramatic. Almost overnight the hallm
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The Apartment Revival
Turning back the clocks to mid-2020, we saw Covid-19 and lockdown, rental freezes and experts predicting property price plummets. A year on the market is soaring, with median prices up nationwide by nearly 25% year-on-year (according to REINZ data fo
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