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A Difficult Young Dog — Or A Deaf One?
I bought two spaniels, a trained three-year-old and a one-year-old ‘semi trained’ that was described as ‘difficult’ by the trainer. I wanted him because he was the son of the older dog. My wife commented after I had bought him that the trainer’s wife
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Curlew Safari
I attended a fantastic curlew safari arranged by the Yorkshire Dales Moorland Group on 12 and 13 June, working with gamekeepers from Bolton Abbey and adjoining estates. We had sightings of curlew, green and golden plover, ring ouzel, wheatear, stonec
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Travelling Hopefully
There can be few sportsmen who do not owe much of their enthusiasm and knowledge to receiving sound guidance from a mentor when they were young. Many of us must have a clear memory of such a hero — often a grandfather, father or uncle — who, recognis
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Everything Is Coming Up Roses
Foraging for elderflowers is a familiar pursuit, but foraging for roses seems a little odd. Roses are for show, not for consumption, so why collect them? All will be revealed, but first I will tackle the questions of ‘when’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’
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Vital Kit That Is A Cut Above
The term ‘gralloch’ is derived from the Scottish word grealach and defined as “the process of removing the entrails of a dead deer”. An efficient, timely and hygienic removal of a deer’s internal organs is required to avoid any risk of food contamina
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A Hell Of A Mesh
Being born and bred on Teesside in the industrial north-east, I have an understanding of what it takes to graft for a living. A sense of gratitude, coupled with a deep appreciation of how valuable it was for these hard-working men and women to enjoy
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Père David’s Deer Or Milu (elaphurus Davidianus)
Père David’s deer is a curious-looking beast. The stag’s antlers have no forward-pointing tine, but an extremely long back tine, while the cow-like hooves, horse-like head and a tail that resembles that of a donkey give it an ungainly appearance. By
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Eagle Conservation Tag Team
Gamekeepers from the Tayside and Central Scotland Moorland Group (TCSMG) will be working with Scotland’s largest land owner, rewilding enthusiast Anders Hoch Povlsen, to tackle raptor persecution in the central Highlands. The keepers and the billiona
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Need To Know
Manufacturer Blaser Model F3 Competition Custom Sideplate Calibre 12-bore Barrels 30in Chamber 3in (76mm) Chokes Blaser Extended Multichoke by Briley Rib Vented top-rib with solid mid-rib Grip Full pistol Weight 8lb 6oz Importer Blaser Group
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SHOOTING TIMES Working together
A fortnight ago, I had the pleasure of driving around Holkham with Jake Fiennes, looking at spoonbills and lapwings. Jake is interesting. Some see him as a modernising force, but in truth there’s something charmingly old-fashioned about a man who lov
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Primal Drama In Old Starlight
Midnight in June and the river is swelling with rain from the day. The conditions are nearly perfect for a chance of a mighty sea trout in the pools below my house. Perhaps I’m over-egging the word ‘mighty’, particularly since the rod catch on the lo
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Nesting Habitats
When the gold mines were founded in the area of Welkom, there were no trees in the prairie-like landscape. The first trees came to the area with the brumbies (wild horses) from Australia. Before that, ordinary workhorses had been used in the gold min
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Danger On Quail Trail
ONE OF MY LONG- standing but unachieved ambitions is to pursue bobwhite quail on horseback with pointers and setters. This is a uniquely American type of hunting, practised principally in the southern states of Louisiana, Georgia and South Carolina.
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Sitting On A Gold Mine
In the Free State province of South Africa, there is a very dense population of pigeons and doves, so dense that it can cost farmers one-third of their possible harvest. The area is called Matjhabeng, which means ‘where nations meet’ in Zulu. The nam
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Thirteen Million Ducks ‘Shot Illegally With Lead’
A newly published scientific paper has claimed that the illegal use of lead ammunition to shoot ducks remains a serious problem in England, despite efforts to persuade shooters to use non-toxic alternatives. The paper, which was published in the Cons
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Blaser F3 Competition Custom Sideplate £20,845
The Blaser F3 is an exceptional example of German engineering, design and technology coming together to create a contemporary over-and-under competition shotgun. Its whole design is about maximising the key shooting characteristics required to give c
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The Spring From Hell
Over the past few years, I have covered scores of species that breed up here, not only in the north of England, but further north as well. What happens to many of them when we get a spring like this year’s, with severe frosts as well as unseasonal sn
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News In Brief
Shoots in England considering planting trees may be able to benefit from the new England Woodland Creation Offer. The scheme, which is being led by the Forestry Commission, provides funding to create and maintain new woodlands, with additional paymen
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Time’s Up For Terriers
Sometimes, when I go to the bank in the local town, I see a much-coiffeured white West Highland terrier being taken for his constitutional along the lane by the church. The extraordinary thing about this portly little dog is that he expresses disappr
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Stalking Diary
Summer has finally arrived in Ayrshire and the cold weather we had in early June is long forgotten. I’m never quite sure how the weather seems to be the major topic of discussion in the UK, but it always is. Along with the warmer weather come the dre
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In the closing days of May, spring finally arrived in west Wales. I had already encountered it a week earlier in Hampshire. The high point of my year — two days on the Test, by invitation. As you approach the village of Houghton, she comes to your ey
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They Said What
“Claims that you want to save the planet are admirable but slightly undermined when you look back over the years of vanity projects.” Who said it: Ex-BrewDog staff Tell me more: Former employees tear into the claims of beer company BrewDog that i
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To Catch A Fish
The Black Pennell really comes into its own on stillwaters, fished as a buzzer imitation. To represent a small midge, make sure you have this fly in small sizes, down to 18. Fish it on a floating or sink-tip line with a very slow retrieve when the fi
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Next Week In Shooting Time
The transatlantic history of the labrador. Will non-toxic ammunition change the way we stalk and control deer? In search of some of the world’s most endangered pheasants. Manners maketh the fox shooter: how to get foxing ground. ... AND MUCH MOR
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BrewDog ‘Sells Off Keepers’ Homes’ After Buying Estate
Controversial beer company BrewDog has been criticised following claims it has begun selling off the former homes of staff members, including gamekeepers, on its newly purchased estate. The 9,000-acre Kinrara Estate, near Aviemore, was previously ow
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Bosnia, Bucks And Bear Hugs
Onwards, upwards and more remote we went. The hum of Sarajevo was behind us and the Bosnian mountains rose ahead. Eventually, we arrived at a wooden house on a grassy plain — the local hunting office. Three smiling men, in wildlife ranger uniforms, e
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Try Meditation To Improve Mental Focus
There’s a common misconception that practising meditation ‘zones you out’ when, in fact, it does the opposite. Everyone knows that meditation reduces stress, but a less well-known benefit is that it trains your brain to focus. So if you want to remai
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Sporting Answers
Q I recently saw a Grand Prix trophy medal from a World Exhibition advertised for sale on a well-known online auction site. I thought that there were only three medals — gold, silver and bronze — so what was this one? A Grand Prix medals were awarde
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Roe Upon Roe Of Medal Winners
It has been a relatively quiet month on the measuring scene, with five medal-quality heads submitted through the service in June. Three Scottish medal roe go to show that Scotland is producing some of the finest-quality roe heads in the country. It
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