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Family Plot
FILM OUT 19 MARCH CINEMAS Despite its portraits of troubled immigration, compromised American dreams, marital meltdown and inter-generational bonds, Lee Isaac Chung’s family drama is not the anguished or sentimental film you might expect. Like the pe
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Monsters’ Brawl
When Total Film catches up with Godzilla Vs. Kong director Adam Wingard in February 2021, his long-awaited crossover grudge-match movie is “100 per cent done”. All he has left to do is sign off IMAX and Dolby Vision 3D versions. This film has been a
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A League Of His Own Justice League
Not seen the theatrical cut of 2017’s Justice League yet? Don’t worry – neither has the man credited as its director. Although Zack Snyder worked on DC’s superhero team-up from its inception, he’d left the movie long before it hit cinemas. He hasn’t
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Why it was a good idea (on paper) In 1998, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin united with Toho’s godlike gecko to re-indulge Independence Day’s appetite for destruction. Supersized guilty pleasures surely beckoned. What went wrong? As Devlin later revea
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Wesley Snipes In Numbers
On-screen credits to his name. Box-office take of Snipes highest-grossing film to date, The Expendables 3. Age at which Snipes began martial-arts training. Blade’s on-screen kill count in Blade II. Films with Woody Harrelson: Wildcats, White Men Cant
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Hindsight Corner!
QUANTUM OF SOLACE NOVEMBER 2008 “Agent Fields isn’t really action-y. She’s more got the gift of gab. I think she’s quite classic in that respect. She’s very English.” DECEMBER 2020 “As I got older I realised there was so much wrong with Bond women. [
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Total Film Wingman
I can’t be the only one who feels disappointed with watching big new films from ‘the comfort’ of my own home. I’ve done my best to recreate the cinema experience in my home with comfy seats and popcorn; I even bought a projector! But still it can’t b
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Hawaiian Shirts
Cuban coke kingpin Tony Montana loves a floral chemise, never more so than when he’s battling a chainsawwielding thug in a bathroom. Good job it’s a red one, which sorta lessens the blood splat. But not by much. He’ll need the Vanish for that... The
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Don’t Look Back
FILM OUT 20 MARCH SKY CINEMA/NOW TV Between its Icarus arc and core creatives, this biopic of Creation Records co-founder Alan McGee sets out its stall between Trainspotting and 24 Hour Party People. It also sets itself up for a fall. Even with exec
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Or Is Spike Lee’s Bamboozled A Masterpiece?
When it was released in 2000, Spike Lee’s Bamboozled was a resounding flop. It made back less than a quarter of its budget back at the box office and was panned by the majority of critics; it was labelled “empty-headed and unspeakably undisciplined…
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Is your character, Maya, more closely connected to either Godzilla or Kong? I don’t know if she’s Team Kong or Team Godzilla. She’s neither. She’s Team Human. It reflects the reality of the world we’re living in a bit more. Not necessarily with monst
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Just Dance
Ruby (Brit Emilia Jones) is a ‘Child Of Deaf Adults’ and her ability to hear in a hearing-impaired family has meant growing up as a translator for her parents and brother. Which was fine as a kid, but now she’s a teen with a gift for singing and coll
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Alternative Box Office
WITH DELAY-EVOKING TITLES 01 BACK TO THE FUTURE 1985 ....................................$381.1M 02 SPIRITED AWAY 2001 ................................................$355.5M 03 LOST IN SPACE 1998 ....................................................$
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Troll Hunter
FILM OUT 12 MARCH CINEMAS, DIGITAL HD It’s just the internet, it’s not real,” says a bored copper when journalist Femke Boot (Katja Herbers) decides to report the online abuse she receives every single day. Her ‘crime’? Being a woman in the public ey
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Sam Fuller
If it’s a taut, violent drama driven by propulsive camera movement and a no-nonsense attitude, chances are you’re watching a movie by Sam Fuller (1912–97). Critics have long described the director’s distinctive style as ‘tabloid’, largely because tha
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COLLECTIBLE OUT NOW It’s rare to see Nic Cage upstaged, but in 2000’s Gone In 60 Seconds his thunder was stolen – or ‘boosted’ – by a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500, better known to her friends as Eleanor. And now, thanks to Eaglemoss’ Die-Cast Club, you can
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Inform And Substance
FILM OUT SPRING TBC CINEMAS F Gary Gray tried. Forest Whitaker tried. Despite filmmakers’ curtailed attempts to make one, Fred Hampton is long overdue the biopic treatment. After his appearance as a support player in The Trial Of The Chicago 7, the a
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Last Time is Hoodwinked A Kids’ Classic?
People love to hate this one. Sure, it’s rough around the edges, but there’s gold in there. I don’t think any other kids movie has [had] this structure to date. One of the worst films I’ve ever sat through. Glad you liked it, though. A gem of a film!
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There Will Be Blood
It’s gory. It’s brutal. There will definitely be fatalities.” Director Simon McQuoid knows what the fans want, and what they want is a Mortal Kombat movie that isn’t anything like the two that have already been made. Back in 1992, no one had ever see
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Total Film
What’s your favourite movie fight? Tell us @totalfilm #TFfight JANE CROWTHER (JC) @totalfilm_jane Kristen Wiig vs. giant cookie and chocolate fountain, Bridesmaids DEPUTY EDITOR MATT MAYTUM (MM) @
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Cristin Milioti
Best known as How I Met Your Mother’s elusive mom, Cristin Milioti has found success on stage (Once, Lazarus) and screens of all sizes (The Wolf Of Wall Street, Black Mirror) across her career. But beloved comedy Palm Springs, in which she and Andy S
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Nicolas Cage
I grew up in the ’70s watching Rock Hudson on McMillan & Wife, Dennis Weaver in McCloud, Charles Bronson in the movie of the week, Peter Falk in Columbo... I began to develop a relationship with these characters and these actors,” Nic Cage told The N
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Perfectly Executed
GAME OUT NOW | PC, PS4/5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One/Series When you’re at the top of your game, your most dangerous enemy is complacency. But IO Interactive and Agent 47 are in no mood to rest on their laurels. The third in the Danish developer’s rebo
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Accidental Hero
I If you have super strength, you should technically also have super speed, because your muscles would move faster, but that raises all kind of other questions about superhero logic...” Getting Ben Falcone to stop talking about Thunder Force isn’t ea
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Cruel Intentions
Ever wondered how aspiring dog killer Cruella de Vil got a taste for fur? The latest live-action Disney remake explains all! We open with Emma Stone giving us a look that snarls ‘ambition’. Among other things… The CG pooches, who greet Cruella with a
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1. On which planet might you encounter a Krayt dragon? 2. Men Who Hate Women is the original title of which bestseller-slash-movie? 3. The How To Train Your Dragon series is based on books by which author? 4. Which mega-dragon resides in Lonely Mount
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60 Second Screenplay
FADE IN: INT: SUMMER HOUSE, ENGLAND 1937 Successful crime author DAN STEVENS struggles to write a script while staring at pictures of his dead first wife. ISLA FISHER I say, darling husband, have you overcome your writer’s block yet? DAN STEVENS No,
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Rock Busters
Statement entrance, or what? The MCU debut’s opening is owned by the primal thump and no-nonsense swagger of Australian rockers AC/DC. This 1980 monument marked the arrival of new singer Brian Johnson after the death of former frontman Bon Scott. The
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Flight Pattern
FILM OUT 5 MARCH CINEMAS, DISNEY+ I know what you’re thinking,” says our heroine, batting off advance doubts at the outset of Disney’s Southeast Asian foray. Expectations of a Last Airbender/Moana mash-up preceded Disney’s 59th ani-movie, but while R
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It Shouldn’t Happen To A Film Journalist
THIS MONTH DANCING WITH THE STARS Do this job for as long as I have and there will come a time when you find yourself dancing with a Hollywood star. You’d perhaps think it would happen mainly at the afterparties of film premieres, but often the famou
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